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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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The Princess Bride is very good.. for all the reasons El said... but Casablanca tops my list every time. This movie is brilliant... has a great plot, a beautiful love story, and so many subplots you have to keep track of.... and it's funny too!! All the cliches that people find in there are only cliches because the movie made them so popular.

Also Fred & Ginger type movies are great for miserable days when you're curled on the couch and can't do anything else... just escape. I was watching Royal Wedding one night.. and I was totally immersed in the unreality .. then my text message alert went off. I literally jumped several inches in the air... almost fell off the couch. Reality is scary.

*trying to get back on track*

Kiss Me In The Car


Ride Like The Wind

Lab, why Princess Bride? Yeah, what Eleanor said. Also, Westly is so CUTE! ;-)

And I'm a hopeless romantic, and love the thought that, (approximate quotes) "This is true love. You think this happens everyday?" and "Death cannot conquer love."

It used to be the Husband's and my movie. Normal couples have a song; we had a movie. Makes me think of better times. Ok, on second thought, I don't think I like the movie anymore.

Kiss Me in the Car

Come Away with Me

Favorite movie? Memento. Weirdest darn thing I ever saw, took about 15 minutes to figure out that everything was playing backward. And if you didn't stay alert and actively think, you got lost. I love movies like that, where you have to do more than just sit back and stare.

Come Away With Me

Everywhere You Go

I had the same experience with Memento, Alex. Great movie. Have you seen "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch"? They are both Guy Ritchie movies. I loved Brad Pitt as an Irish gypsie.

My favorite movie of all time is the Godfather.

If Louisville wins the championship, then Ustick #2 will win this group's challenge.

If Illinois beats Louisville, then I win the challenge [Exception: Michigan State beats Illinois in the champtionship. Then it ends with a tie: Cbol and Higgy.]

If Louisville beats Illinois, but doesn't go on to win the championship, then Higgy wins.

If Louisville wins the championship, then Ustick #2 will win this group's challenge.

If Illinois beats Louisville, then I win the challenge [Exception: Michigan State beats Illinois in the champtionship. Then it ends with a tie: Cbol and Higgy.]

If Louisville beats Illinois, but doesn't go on to win the championship, then Higgy wins.

More than Godfather 2, Lab?

Godfather 2 is my second favorite movie.

It's my first choice, Lab, and second is The Right Stuff and third is Armageddon, which I know almost everybody thinks is crap, but I don't care!

Leavin' on a Jet Plane
Don't know when I'll be back again

*getting game back on track*

Everywhere You Go

Over The Rainbow

In honor of our very own Wolfie:

Wolf's A' Howlin'

How Marvin Eats His Breakfast

I almost watched Armageddon once. Saw just enough of it to get some good lines, but missed the ending. Okay, I wouldn't say I exactly *missed* the ending... I just didn't watch it. I found that I couldn't care less what happened. But that's a *me* thing. There are many more movies that I don't like than those I do like. I don't go to the movies for the same reasons as everybody else, just like I don't listen to music or read books for the same reasons. Heck, I don't think I even cook for the same reasons. heh heh

In my mind there is a big difference between a list of the "best" of something and your "favorite" something. We had a discussion at work one time where we were trying to come up with the best rock albums of all time. When someone made a suggestion for the list, we would talk about it and ask questions to see if they really thought it was a "good" album or just one they liked a lot. The problem, of course, is that if someone likes it a lot, then it is good to him. I guess we were trying to distill it down to qualities that make an album good from a critical sense.

I bet I don't have that list anymore. Let me check.

Good discussion, Lab - in the end it's pretty much subjective, don't you think? I guess in music though, for people who are educated in that regard, there are criteria - but even if an expert labels something "the best", if you don't enjoy it, what difference does it make?

BTW, there's a new Moat:

I went through my notes from late 1999 / early 2000 and I can't find it. I think that's when we had this discussion. Apparently I didn't find it note-worthy.

I do remember that these three albums were at the top:
"Dark Side of the Moon" - Pink Floyd
Untitled, often called "Led Zeppelin IV" - Led Zeppelin
"Back in Black" - AC/DC

"Master of Puppets," Metallica was on the list, I think. And "The Joshua Tree," U2 had to be on the list, too.

I'd add "Smile," Brian Wilson to the list today.

Oh...I see. Sounds a bit tough, b/c I thought those two things overlapped.


How Marvin Eats His Breakfast

Back in the Saddle


El - I LOVE Armageddon!!! I cried like a baby... and I have good memories of that summer and the friends I saw it with that enhance the movie for me.

I have tooo many movies I love to play favorites, and every time I think I HAVE picked my faves, a new one comes out that adds itself to the list... the ones I can always go back to though, are:

Gone With The Wind
Princess Bride
Moulin Rouge
Sleeping Beauty
Fear and Loathing
... and Babe. :)

No offense, but I think it's kinda amusing that you'd try to come up with a list like that, despite the whole thing being based on personal tastes.

... Actually, from a musical standpoint, it IS possible. There are certain things that make the greats GREAT... in a way that even those that don't like it can acknowledge.

Its the same with anything, really. Yes, a lot of it IS subjective, but Lab was spot on with his appreciate v enjoy comment...

An easier way to look at it would be this: Ask anyone, and most people would say that Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Strauss and the like were Great ... History has been saying it... People know who they are even if they don't like Classical Music. They were musical genius', which is apparent even tot the untrained ear...
There are just so many options today when trying to decide that it seems overwhelming and impossible to try and say the __ Greatest ___ ... but time will tell. And the things that make bands like U2, Pink Floyd & Zepplin (to borrow from Lab's list) Great will rise to the top.

*wondering if this entire post makes any sense*

*confusing self*

*wandering over to Beaver Moat to try and un-confuse self*


April in Paris

*invoking Pregnancy Rule*

April in Paris

I love Paris in the Spring.

Hiya El. :)

Hiya El. :)


I love Paris in the Springtime


I stand corrected...



Gotta run... have a stupendous weekend! ;)

*Invoking the Lab& The Wench's Happy First Anniversary Rule*
This rule states that songs do not necessarily have to follow a theme (or any rules) if we are wishing our friends congratulations, good tidings or (not in this case but in case it ever comes up) commmiserations to our fellow Labbies .. So Happy Anniversary Lab and Wench. May you both live to be ancient, toothless and blissfully happy together.


When I Fall In Love

I didn't mean to scare everybody off. Sorry about that.

Next on the hit list...

When I fall in Love

Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing

Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing
Gonna End Up Alone Again

(yes it is TOO a song; I'm just not through writing it yet; CAR!)

neo, neo, where have you been??????
I missed you!

Gonna End Up Alone Again
Ain't It the Truth

Ain't It the Truth
Hope Fails

Hope Fails
So I'll Pretend

So I'll Pretend


There's an annoying *pshht* coming from my radio every few minutes this morning. grrr

Oh yeah, BASAEBALL SEASON! Woo hoo!


Maggie May

Maggie May
You Wear it Well

You Wear It Well

Lookin' for Love in All The Wrong Places

Lookin' for Love in All The Wrong Places
Search and Destroy

Yeah Yeah Yeah

There's an annoying *pshht* coming from my radio every few minutes this morning. grrr

Just a thought Lab: it might be because you're opening your beer too close to the karaoke microphone. Happens to me all the time.

Yeah Yeah Yeah
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously

How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously

You're My Inspiration

(neo, did ou get my e-mail?)

There's no crying in baseball!


You're My Inspiration

If You Think I'm Sexy

pssst - Mr. Fishair - I think it's Do You Think I'm Sexy. And the answer is yes! :)

Do you Think I'm Sexy

You Light Up My Life (sorry about that!)

Aww, Thanks Ele. That's so sweet. And yes, you caught me.

You Light Up My Life

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong ;)

Why Can't You Behave

Why Can't You Behave



Every Picture Tells a Story

Key Quote: "Don't put yourself in that position to get rear-ended. You can get yourself hurt or killed."

People, I can't stress this enough, You've got to LUBRICATE!



[random comment?]


Ok, Ok, wrong thread.

Every Picture Tells A Story

Some Might Say

Some Might Say

Say It Isn't So

(this may be my first "theme" post!)

Since I can't figure out whether to go with Eleanor's Say it Isn't So or Lab's TV (thought that wasn't strictly part of the game) I guess I could try to morph it into Say It Isn't So on the TV... or The TV Says Is Isn't So...

but I'm afraid I can't think about playing because... I'm sorry to have to be the one to break it to you... but...
the Pope died. He is Very Very Dead. And even his World Tour is over.

Now we move on to The Royal Wedding In the News.

OK.. the wedding is dead.. the Pope has joined Cher on the 538th leg of her Farewell tour (his death was just a rumour so that no one would notice him getting his groove on as one of Cher's dancing boys. Cher pays far more than the Vatican does.)

Say It Isn't So

Speak to Me

Speak to Me

Ebony and Ivory

(I've been reading old threads!)

Speak to Me

Ebony and Ivory

(I've been reading old threads!)

El ... that's soooooo wrong... Paul in weenie mode and the gloved one... still...

Ebony and Ivory

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

I can't find anything about the Very Very Dead Pope in the news!! How am I supposed to know what's happened??

You Ain't Seen Nothin' yet

Time After Time

Time Again

Neo .. until further notice, The Very Very Dead Pope (who now goes by his Yahoo ID "PosthumousPope05") is working as a stockboy (ahem... the PC police tell me that the correct word is stockperson or shelf stacker) at a Walmart in Kenosha. His knees couldn't take all the step-kick work it took to be a dancing boy for Cher.

Time Again

Never Again



Spank Thru

(Neo- Behaving's just not in my Jeans, I have too much in there already I suppose)


Spank thru

Up, Up and Away

(Mr. Fishair, we wouldn't want you to "behave" - Moatettes think you're behavin' just fine!)

Up Up & Away

You Raise Me Up

Please Baby

This is a good place to come and hide from the world.

*puts on Beethoven's 7th symphany*


*grabs pen and journal*
*titles page "What I like about me"*


1. Seldom has B.O.

2. Is invisible to bees.

*adds to Lab's list*

2. Great sense of humor
3. Ability to think up good games

Please Baby

(dedicated to Lab*
You Light Up My Life

Awww. Eleanor is so sweet!

4. Has refined taste in beer

You Light up my Life

and (drum roll please, while I go for the Obvious Award)

Light My Fire

Did I get it? Did I? I'm so excited!!!

oh.. and
5.) spectacular buns.

and while that last attribute may not seem like a character reference, it points to his dedication to achieving perfection. If nothing else, the view of those buns bisected by a penguin thong .................. huh? I'm sorry.. were you saying something? I was a tad.. ummm... distracted. Yeah, that's it. Distracted.

Flame in My Heart

*takes a Tums*

Just imagine one of the Moatettes being bisected. That should help.

T & P Combo

Only You

*side note and totally unrelated to this song choice.. there's a song by Ronan Keating that I HATE WITH A PASSION. It's so grammatically incorrect that I just want to cry... I think I've mentioned it before, but it bears mentioning again*
Specific example...
Girl I'm on a mission
To cure my condition
Cos' without your kissin'
My heart's just a prison

Two totally unconnected thoughts. And he has a condition. I hope he took something for it. Neil Diamond would be proud of this sort of songwriting.

Only You

Until It Sleeps

(b/c I can't)

Until It Sleeps

Sleep Now in the Fire

(at least ya won't be needing a blanket)

Boogers all around! For everybody!

Sleep Now In The Fire

Eternal Flame.

I also found a song that if you ever need it, feel free to use it. I may not be here when it comes into play, and it's a song for all Moaties really... so if you ever have the opportunity to use "South Street Rampart Parade", you really should. Fun fact.. it's #24 of the Top 40 Mardi Gras Songs.. it comes in 8 above "Ain't no Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day".

Eternal Flame

Fire at Midnight

Fire at Midnight

More Than a Feeling

More Than a Feeling

Fire on the Mountain

Mountin' of Love

oops, I mean Mountain of Love, of course

Mountin' of Love


oooh, I mean Eruption ,of course

No Doubt ;)

Danger At My Door

Road to Nowhere

Next to Nothing

oooh.... spam!!!

*gets out skeet shooter*

*loads in viagra guy (you just know it's not a woman doing this!)*



*gets back on track*

Nothing Compares To You

In "honor" of our uninvited spammish guest:

You Dirty Dog

Oh, c'mon guys! I was calling the spam a dirty dog, not you! Come back and play!

Don't Go Away Mad!

The reason I haven't been posting here is because - for me, at least - it's almost impossible to think of a song while listening to the music on Susan's station!

*posted in case my absence was noted*

But I check in every day!

Don't Go Away Mad

Don't let the Sun go Down on Me

*takes a bow*
*not listening to radio at this time*

Hee hee hee! I just realized, with Lab gone for a week, we now have free reign over the Lab Moat!!

*breaks out the beer and cranks up the tunes!*

*uses all of Lab's things while he is gone*


Me & My Shadow

*looks around*

Niiiiice, Just! Excellent choice on the redecorating! I was thinking toilet paping everything, but I must say, I think your way is better!

Lab, there've been a few changes here
Since You've Been Gone

*sneaks in to use Lab's phone*

Does anybody know Marie's phone #? And Kaf's? Wysi's? Blogchik's? Bangi's? Kibby's? Oh, and we could check on Rhealist in Milan and Brian B. as he travels, too!

Excellent! This is shaping up to be a nice long day!

Yeah, wouldn't you know I can't get through. Somebody help me figure out how these 900 numbers work, instead?

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