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November 11, 2004


Now the bastards are using vitamins.

(Thanks to Fred)


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First! time I heard about vitamins being bad for you

*boogying around the room*

I did it, I did it.
Oh yeah, I did it, I did it.
Once more: I did it, I did it.

Now I can die happy.

Ironically, it was actually the second time I heard about this story, as it was on the news here earlier this evening.

Was that a commercial I had to watch before seeing the article?

Don't believe everything you hear or read.

That is all. Except you might want to ease back on the caffeine, w.

Anything can be bad for you in excess. Especially lobsters.

"I have never distinguished between the amounts of 200 IUs, 400 IUs or even 800 IUs, but in the future I will."

That guy needs to take Math 050, Addition for Dummies.

In a world where vitamins are bad for you...does that mean cigarettes are good?

Didn't think so.

This is really bad news for 6% of the people who take 8-13 multivitamins every day.


My question has always been... Why can't cigarettes be fortified with vitamins? Flouride? I mean with all the carcinogens you seem to be able to hide in the damn things, shouldn't we be able to sneak in some vitamins?

Vitamins E,A, D and K all have to be taken in moderation, as they are fat soluble, and can accumulate in our usually fat bodies. Your brain has alot of fat in it. Maybe this is why so many people voted Republican this year...

Hey wysiwyg.....I just don't get you! Never having SEEN you that is......

Couldn't resist......been thinking about it for a while and finally gave in to corn-ball temptation.

John Hathcock, the council's vice president for scientific and international affairs, added, "After reviewing an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, I think we can all agree that my name is funny. Also, Annals. Hehe."

all i got was the commercial. when i clicked off, i came back here. BOO.

This is really bad news for 6% of the people who take 8-13 multivitamins every day.

CommonSenseMan: uhoh, that's me.

The fat cells store not only the excess vitamins, but the toxins that you take into your body. I guess that they go to war with each other in some sort of revolutionary way like the different factions in Iraq. I think Dick Chaney was responsible for this. He misled us about the vitamins and said that we needed to send them into the fat cells via the liver inorder to attack the toxic waste that were already in the cells and just waiting to destroy us. Well, we are waiting for the President to send in the Squids. They are the advanced guard of the Navy Seals. Ha ha.

Kat, snork!

I have my snorkle on and I am ready for action!

John Hathcock ... Responsible Nutrition ... International affairs ...


(Yes Fed, you beat me to it, but I read the article before I saw your contribution ... so, does that still count?)

John Hathcock.

Can you imagine the emotional trauma he faced every day in school ... on second thought ... who needs a pickup line, with a name like that? Truly a case of "a man who needs no introduction."

Oh, those silly, trusing health nut types! Serves them right! They just bore me to tears. Time for another cigarette.

brat: that's the reason I picked the handle - because you can't see me, don't expect to get anything from me. But I'm thinking of changing it because Slyeyes reckons I'm too vowel-challenged with it as it is.

Perhaps I'll just shorten it to just wiz or wizzy.

Perhaps I'll blossum into somthing completely different. Maybe a pseudo support animal like Fed Duck or Mr Fish. Crapweasel? Nahhh, too long. Or perhaps to something anatomically descriptive, like Slyeye's name. Big Nose? Nah, been done, and anyway I don't have a big nose.

Maybe something from a book like "Bootle-Bum-Trinket", the name of James Herriot's boat.

Maybe something dramatic like "Crash-N-Burn".

Or romantic and Italian-sounding like "Meriphistimo".

Or another acronym like "LTTG", which I've seen used, but the meaning of which escapes me completely.

Decisions. Decisions.

In the meantime I just let the system automatically post if for me so I don't get embarrassed by my lips moving as I sub-vocalise What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get.

LTTG = Late to the Gate

(I had to ask too)

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