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November 24, 2004


The Jaycees.

(Thanks to Gil Graybill)


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And for this, I'm first? Happy Thanksgiving Judi!

Second? Wow, why isn't anyone posting anything on this one?


Must... tear... eyes... away... Look... for... post... button...

Don't look guys! It's a trap!

I always, always blog from my dorm room where no one cares what I look at. So of course the one time I'm home for the holidays and I'm on my parents' computer is the one time that judi doesn't give us a DO NOT OPEN AT WORK OIFDWYMTTY(NY)G warning. Granted my M already knows I'm G, but still to open that page on her computer...

Errrrk! I clicked on the link before I saw bbescuela's warning.

Thanks Judi. Now everyone at work thinks I'm some sort of pervert, AND my ego's taken a beating, AND I've been struck blind.

Where's the "Not Suitable For Guys To Read At Work Unless You Want Your (Not You're) Workmates To Think You're (Not Your) Gay" warning?

From now on, please annotate all such posts with:


*gets out white cane*


with her standing there, of course...

yea! Judi!!!
I wouldn't mind being in the swimming pool with those guys!

Yeah, I agree that that should have been annotated with something like: Beefcake Alert, Ribald Firemen (BARF).

I've told you all once, I've told you all twice, when clicking on one of judi's posts, you must be prepared for the possible winky waggle that may be behind that mouse arrow.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone but you, buttfunkhang, buttmyazinhanging....or what ever the hell your name is.........

You are not welcome here.

Winky waggle.............ahahahahaha

Just wait til the MotM calendar comes out!

Judi will be drooli...ok, maybe giggling.

Yeah Baby!...Judy you are the bomb!...

One time I found a $20 bill at the Rose Parade.

Josh, Judi is always drooling. It's probably genetic, and, to her credit, she's found a way to make it sexy.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Wow, mostly thanks to Judi for a great way to start the day - Joshkr, now you have a standard for the MOAT calendar!

new wallpaper for my computer!

julietine - keep your eye on the turkey!

sorry i forgot the warning, guys. and happy thanksgiving to all.... and to all, a good calendar. i'll be on the lookout for stupid beefcake calendars for the next month or so, to actually use, so please don't hesitate to send em in. i've always got a beefcake calendar here in my study; my favorite one was the sexy scientists (they weren't) and my current one is sexy construction workers (one guy is holding a strategically-placed flaming 2-by-8 to cover up his naughty bits; of course a 2-by-4 wouldn't have covered him, right?) but it's a brit calendar and so confuses me.

Thanks for taking those spam comments off, judi.

If someone reads my previous comment and goes, "Huh?", there was spam posted in this comment section.

But, then again, most people read my comments and go "Huh?", anyways.

and, I just have to say, "flaming" ?....ouch

It being a Brit beefcake calendar, they must measure their "wood" (and, no doubt, their naughty bits) according to the metric system. This accounts for any 2-by-8 confusion. The "flaming" part is truly alarming, though.

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if "beefcake" in Britain were some sort of alleged foodstuff made from leftover bits (naughty or otherwise) of cattle, once the portions necessary to create steak and kidney pie had been extracted.

Hey Graz, good to see you here. Happy Thansgiving, and thanks again Judi for teh recognition. I'll be on the lookout for stupid beefcake calendars for you.

I'd blame too much turkey for typing 'teh' instead of 'the' but I haven't had any turkey yet and I always make that mistake.

Oh, yummy. I must get one of those calendars. In the meantime, I'm plenty hot now... could someone send a fireman over?

*puts on lipstick and pouts...*

spam on Thanksgiving - AAAAARRRRRRGH!
I prefer turkey, thank you -

Heeheee, "naughty bits".

...what? I'm allowed to giggle, too!

*wants one of those calendars for her walls now*

Did you say that Santa was coming down the chimney in his "buff?" (naked clause)
Well, I guess Judi will have to start off the new year on Dec. 1 instead of Jan 1. Do you think that he will bring one of the naked gnomes with him this year to help navigate?
* personaly I don't think either one of them would be very good candidates for Judi's calendar.*
How about bringing back the Jaycees.

The Salmon Wellington was delicious! But the blasted thing split open like a ruptured "duck." No one noticed because they had so many glasses of wine before I could finally pull the Thanksgiving fish out of he oven. I will never be able to hold a candle to My grandmother's culinary skills, however. That was pure genius when she brought in that bird with his lower extremity in full view. (his pitard) Well, the cranberries and the pumpkin pie seamed to make a hit! Right now, the Cowbays are tied with duh Bears. What could be better? Oh, this cup of Austin blend coffee, that's what!

kat - the game's over - Dallas won - yay!
Come over to the MOAT and say hi to Joshkr - he's bored -

Post-Thanksgiving dinner organizer -

Hi, Joshkr!!!!

According to the blog clock, it's Nov. 26th, but it's still Nov. 25th in Texas.(11:00PM) I guess I'm either late or early for the Post Game Party.
We are still celebrating down here because of the Dallas Cowboys. Yea, Cowboooys!
Hi, Eleanor


Hi, Jeff!

It's still your birthday even though the Blog clock says otherwise. You can have as many of them as you want to. Frankly, I started going back the other way when I reached the year of the "Jubilee" according to the tradition established by the Israelites after the forty-ninth year in the Promised Land.

You mean the Cowboys remembered how to play football again?

Well, I'm rootin' for the Chargers. They're the only California team worth more than a bucket of squid doots.

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