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November 23, 2004


...a blow is struck for civil rights.

(Thanks to Ashby)


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'Attorney Bill Pope said it was "ridiculous" for the city to talk about male dancers wearing pasties.'

Pasties? Ohfergodssakes, who's brilliant idea was that?

Aren't pasties the things you wear on your top ahem, secondary sexual characteristics? The point here would be what?

Yes, Lynn, that is what they wanted. The law says that you can't have strip shows and serve alcohol at your bar. We have that law in my county in Ohio, too. The undercover officers stopped the Chippendale show 10 minutes before it was over, I think they were enjoying it too much to stop it. What do you think? ;o)

The officers shut the show down 30 mins. early? In a room full of drunk, horny women? They deserve a commendation for bravery... right before they're fired for extreme stupidity for wasting taxpayer dollars on such pointless charges.

no, no, let the officers keep their jobs if they can promise us that the regulation pasties will have little tassels hanging from them. with matching penis cravats. possibly sequinned spike-heeled shoes. THAT would be a show worth watching... the regular guy-strip ones aren't quite absurd enough to be truly amusing.

When I was a young punk, a couple of buddies and I would hang out at clubs that were having the Chippendales dancers for "Ladies Night" and be first in line when the show was over and they let guys back in. Woohoo!


Am I the only one that finds the judge's name to be significant? heh heh

those dancers have skipped the country, too. Where was Homeland Security ?

Were you refering to Judge Roy Bean, Lab?
Or to Russell Crowe?
What did the prosecuting attorney Pope mean when he said that they "get down dirty?" Do they get down on the floor and then get dirty because the floor isn't clean? Or did they get their "feathers ruffled" when they were arrested, and the down just stuck to their well oiled tushes?

Pardon me gals
This is the Chattanogga strip show - yeah yeah
We sort of mime - then show our cutesy behind
There's gonna be - pasties - tes-tos-ter-one
Chattanogga strip show - leave all taste at home
All aboard.....WooooHoooo

There is a law that you can NOT serve alcohol where adult oriented shows are performed? What's the thinking here?

"Ok, so, are we going to allow strip shows, groping, full frontal nudity, and occasional farm sex as entertainment?"

"Absolutely, but no alcohol."

"No alcohol anywhere?"

"No, just at the sex shows."

"Oh, right, of course. But some of these performers, they're only possible to watch when you're very drunk."

"Is that so?"

"So I've heard."

"Well, then people will need to either get good and drunk beforehand, or sneak hooch in."

"Right. Now, as for children's plays?"

"Good lord man, serve as much alcohol as possible."


"One of the undercover officers made a tape of the show, but it was blurry and difficult to see"

That can happen when you're being straddled by a dancer wearing skimpy underwear

Not that I'd know, of course

::dons shades, hat and overcoat and heads for exit::

MKJ — Let us know when the "blurry and difficult to see" tape is offered on eBay.

male dancers wearing pasties = sad

male dancers wearing pastries = funny

Most people who want to go to a strip show definitely want to drink, but if you drink beforehand and drive to the show, you are breaking the law. If the establishment serves you alcohol at the show, they are breaking a law. I'm thinking if you open a bar next door to a strip club...best of both worlds. There are millions of drunken and ogling dollars to be made.

Jessica, the law is but my plaything. I always have my ESA drive.

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