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November 26, 2004


This blog's friend and Miami Herald colleague, Jim DeFede, is on a sacred quest.


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am I the first one?


If I want to see 10 year old cheese I'll just open my fridge.

It must be really sacred, Dave, because I have to sign up to read it, but I will later!

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, Dave, and that you ate alot of Turkey, but not the animal, because we have to save them!

My Thanks giving was good! Mom was able to celebrate it with us since they released her from jail, but she almost went back because mister Smalltree said that he's gona sue us on the phone, but he said happy Thanksgiving before he hung up, so I guess he's not all that bad, I think.

I was very thankful that mom didn't try to hurt mister Smalltree again yesterday, but there still this weekend, so dad is thinking bout hog tying her down, but I don't think we have any rope.

I hope you have a nice weekend, Dave, everybody, and don't do anything I wouldn't do, whatever that mean!

May Jim's trip be blessed. How noble and holy of him to personally drive Mary. Being as Mary travelled mostly by donkey before, this should be a new experience for her.

My big brother said "if you want to see 10 year old cheese, just look at dads feet", but I wont, because they stink!

I'm through chopping down trees. I'm not going to start on utility poles though. I still have part of my brain that is not pickled. However, Going on the wagon for 4 days will help make more neurons and I will be smarter than ever and temporarily free of "brain farts!"
At least, I KNOW about turkey temperatures and that is more than some blog cooks. Thanks, Dave!

I'm on a sacred quest, also, Fed Duck! I would like to "bring back" the wisdom of Ogden Nash.

"Behold the duck!
It does not cluck; it quacks!
And when it sups,
Its' bottoms, ups!


Wow, it's the journalistic assignment of a lifetime! Definitely Pulitzer material.

I bet he gets hungry and eats it.

Forget the Pulitzer, isn't there a video crew going along? It's the road movie for 2004!

That's an excellent idea for a reality show...On the Road with Mary...

Elle...lol! But first you have to ask yourself: would a guy really be dumb enough to eat 10 year old bread and cheese?

Ok, no bet.

Wine will help the cheese go down, Jim.
(preportedly, red wine) We're flying up to visit with Mary in several weeks. Have to see the snow at least once a year. (reverse "Snow Birds,---uh, Turkeys) Michael, my son-in-law, (the Arctic Angel)
likes to take us to all of the best restaurants in the backwoods of Minnesota. (he has a "fetish" on a Greek restaurant in Northfield. (no, that was an East Indian, one, oh, well, what ever!) We're going up there to help them celebrate Hanukkak, Christmas,and Konza. (Oh, also all of their birthdays, including my two grandsons) We just celebrate one big "thing."
It's called "Everybodies Birthday, Christmas, Hanukkak, Konza, and offical Native American Day"That about includes everyone in our family line. (geneology)

Are you now piloting for United? If so, please let me know and I will make other arrangements.
*dang! I hate to give uup parent passes!*


Joshkr, I think my mom would eat 10 year old cheese, but she's not dumb, I think.

Jim, if you eat the cheese and your stomach begins to hurt, try my moms remedy for everything, hot sauce with Sprite, but make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, and open all the windows, or you wont be able to breath, as I know!

I think its an excellent excuse to spend a week in a Cadillac. But I'm with his sister. For some reason I can't explain, the ending of Easy Rider keeps springing to mind....

I guess this could be the long-awaited sequel to Mystic Pizza.

this is stupid!

this is stupid!

this is stupid!

triple posts aren't the smartest things on the planet -
just sayin'

The disser dissed!

Disser totally dissed...Eleanor, you go grrl!

Jeff and Rockchild...I always thought Jack Daniels and Fritos was the breakfast of champions?

I can't wait for the documentary!

How are your tires,Jim? Need a new battery? Plan any trips in the future? Where can I find Skippy's Peanut Butter? Is the butter better in Brute, or in Buffalo?
Where is the best place to shop for those unmentionables? Utah or The Ussr?
Did you ever find the "Grail?" Maybe it is listed in the yellow pages.

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