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November 24, 2004


Yeah, that's the ticket.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, birthday boy)


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Well, that explains everything!

Thanks a lot, mom and dad, for making me lazy!


Yeah, Jeff!

See, they're not ignoring you, sweetie.

Happy Birthday!

YAY! Jeff Meyerson FINALLY gets credit, where credit is so richly deserved.

*sniff* It's just such a beautiful moment.

Happy Birthday!

Oh, and where was this research when I was trying to get out of gym class?

Great birthday present, Jeff!

I'd protest those remarks in that article, but I'd have to get up.

Happy Birthday, jeff!

Happy Birthday, Jeffy Poo,
Mrs. Meyerson's baby boy!
We're so glad you're (not Your) on your couch, today,
And it's really not just a ploy.

Mr. Fisher you don't have to feel left out,
Your birthday, is important, too.
We want to wish you every joy,
Every joy and real perloo!

Oh, Guys, please don't light all those candles,
We really don't want to start a fire.
The cows won't like it either,
Because you might invade their byre!!!

Oh sure... give JEFF all the credit...

(just kidding)

"Some people are not interested in being physically active and some people reap considerably greater benefits from an active lifestyle"

Another scientific breakthrough. And it only took 12 years to figure that out!

Some years ago, and I am NOT making this up, right in the middle of a spike in crime rates arising from cut backs in police overtime (due to a budget overrun caused by there having been an unusually large number of international VIPs that needed protecting being invited to visit Canberra), our whacky local government (motto: we know that nobody likes us, but we're here anyway, so neener! neener!) decided to award a $200,000 research grant to some creative prat, who must have had some remarkable business-case writing skills.

The money was to be used to undertake research and develop a report describing the impact on local native species of plonking the nation's capital down here in the middle of the countryside 100 years ago.

Well derr! The impact on the animals was that they had to find somewhere else live, didn't they? And they are all fairly likely to be dead by now anyway. And its not that we are likely to move the city somewhere else, now is it?

Up there with some of the most compelling reasons to spend taxpayer money I've ever witnessed.

But, to his credit, the researcher was only proposing to spend 12 months to do the work - which is only about 31,536,000 times longer than my 7-year old would have taken to figure out the same thing.

*realises he has been ranting*

Well what do you expect? There you all are, commencing what will undoubtedly be a 4-day holiday consisting largely of an orgy of eating, drinking and lying about, and all I've got to look forward to is a Friday deadline to complete this festering project plan!


Or perhaps, knowing the company I keep here, that should read "consisting largely of an orgy, eating, drinking and lying about..."

Words fail me!


Happy Birthday Jeff!

Julietine (AKA Claire Martin)..not really...

The funny thing is, Jeff didn't even send this one in.

*Marlin Perkins in the wilds of my livingroom, seeing me passed out on the couch with half a turkey leg in my hand*

"I think we may have found one of those genetically lazy ones, Jim!"

"Well, don't waste a dart on him, just roll him over and tag him, he won't move."

Happy B-Day, Jeff!

Hapy B-day, Jeff - now that you've been posted, I have something to live for!

*in a moment of energy, moves from couch in living room to couch in den*

*whew, now I'm exhausted*

Me too, Eleanor. I'd say more but that would mean getting up off the couch. I need a nap before dinnertime.

Well, this newly discovered gene is me fer sure. And think of all the uneccessary gym memberships I avoided, being rejected by Jock Dudes, etc. My life as a bookworm has a purpose and meaning!!!

As if I didn't know that already. And Happy Bday to this Jeff person.....

(I only post as long as I have a laptop, so I can lie and bed and post at the same time.....)

I only post as long as I have a laptop, so I can lie and bed and post at the same time.....)

EB, it sounds like you fit right in with this group...

Is there some gene that makes me watch non-stop cable movies? There must be some explaination for it.

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