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November 11, 2004


Finally, a beverage specifically for guys.

(Thanks to Tracy Budgell)


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Stop that! Just stop!

Wow, it has a built-in straw, too.

"Children love to suck on Boo Bees!"

I never heard of using a straw but I guess that's England for you. Formal Boo Bee suckers.

I hear you can also get them with rings and clamps and lobsters and other accessories - Punky, help me out here.

Call me when they bring out the 40 oz Malt Liquor Boo Bee.

Seriously. Call me.

Finally a drink for guys?

Dave, clearly you need a break.


As long as I don't have to suck on a Boo Bah.

I volunteer to gather all the necesary ingrediants.

Of COURSE the Boo Bees have suckers...don't they always?


Wait... it comes out of a POD?? Don't scary things come out of pods?? Doesn't anyone watch those movies anymore?

I need an Advil...

This company (UniBev) is completely nuts: Frooters, Pencil Fruit ?

This is a REAL company ? Run by who ? Willie Wonka.

Hey - stop wonking your willie and maybe you'd get some work done, dude.

If ya' freeze your Boo Bee's?

It would be nice to suck beer out of a boo bee.

I am not sure if it would be best cold or warm

could you get cold beer out of a warm boo bee?

Is it just me, or do the stars in the middle of the o's look like they are trying to censor out the nipple?

I think that Boo Bah thing is way scarier than the Boo Bees. It looks like a furry blue uncircumsi..............

Never mind.

>>As long as I don't have to suck on a Boo Bah.

whew. i was afraid it was gonna be milk.

Check out the home page, which helpfully offers, "If you would like to be kept abreast of new developments at Unibev feel free to opt in to our mailing list for the latest new products and promotions."


" ... lunch boxes ..."

" ... playtime, hometime ..."

Was ist los?

(lunch boxes ... haar!)

Is "lunch boxes" sort of an oxymoron, or a digression in terminology, or ... ?, or is this perhaps a test marketing phrase for their next product introduction ...?

If "lunch boxes," does "sugar bowl?"

I ain't even gonna comment on the "pencil jelly." It would be way too easy.

So they serve this stuff at Hooters?
(sorry, just couldnt help it)

I dunno if "sugar bowls" (I had a girlfriend named "Sugar" once -- long ago, in another century, in another millenium) but my mother had a cedar chest.

Bending another question just a bit, "pencil jelly" -- wouldn't that be liquid graphite?

You can buy that at most auto repair stores.

Do they "still" repair autos? I thought that repair shops were obsolate now. According to present auto makers, the cost is so prohibitive that it is now cheaper just to haul your old auto to the dump and buy a new one.(it's much cheaper!)
(add paid for by the ASS.AutoMfgs.ofAm.)

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