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November 08, 2004


It was fun.

(Sorry, you have to register.)


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Hey judi, got any of those goat testicles left for those of us that couldn't make the hunt?

If I come next year, can I get an
Honorary Hey This Girl's a Faithful Blogit Award?

or something, goat testicles would be fine.

Judi, love --

Insomnia, perhaps?

-- Trystan


It may not be as good as first or second, but at least its in the top five!

So it turns out the hand WAS giving Dave a hand after all. And they don't dance badly either.

I wonder if one fell over in a forest where there was nobody to hear, whether that would be the sound of one hand clapping?

Which is a better joke that the one that originally occurred to me about what you would get if two of them went to a singles bar, got drunk and spent the night together....


I'm no good at this even when I'm awake and virtually nobody else is.

I'm awake.

But why is Judi awake?

Maybe she's an insomniac, dyslexic agnostic, staying up all night to ponder if there really IS a dog?

s'tahw gnorw htiw gniveileb ni doG?


Wow. That looks dumber and cornier each time I look at it. Maybe I shoud sleep more.

Sleeping is overrated. Last I heard they gave it an 'R', when it usually only deserves a 'G'.

i'm always up til 12:35 to (usually) watch the musical guests on leno or letterman and (always) see what musical guests are going to be on conan and the-show-formerly-known-as-craiggers. then i set a tape if they're any good, and go to bed. i know, i could just check rockontv, but it's a tradition.

Morn'n Judi!

Ok - when you said "you'll have to register" I was thinking you meant with the Miami Herald or some such, not with "Judi's Army of Semi-Naked Mansluts". Still, thanks for the patch.

Also, I don't think you should worry at all that you may be becoming compulsive in your behavior just because you stay up until exactly 12:35am (Eastern Standard Goat Testicle Whacka Whacka Whack-A-Mole Time) to see if you should set a tape to record televised lip-synched performances, finally going to bed after straightening the carpet fibers. Everybody does that.

How about the RBR as musical guests on one of those shows?

I don't know about you, Lynn, but my sleeping would RARELY earn a "G" rating.

Or is that too much information?

Shannon, I vote for "not nearly enough"

Shannon- The vote has been secondedededed. We have at least a PG-13 rating here on the MainBlog (so I've been told, but rarely abide)

So, feel free to share Shannon. (Whoever is keeping her)

I know Jamester and I are all ears. Well, Fish don't exactly have ears, so how about, I'm all scales. Jamester you can be all ears.

Or better yet, I'm all Air.

Gee, Fish, because the comment about sharing Shannon didn't clue all of us in that you are all air or anything.

(not sarcasm. sometimes people miss that)

that was supposed to be note sarcasm.... Nothing like a typo to completely change the meaning

Psst - Mr. FishAir, sing her this:


You wake my lust, cut blood flow to my brain
Your ‘bedtime’ story’s causin’ me some pain
So, if you will, give me a thrill
Forget Chivalry, set me on fire!

{ blog band joins }

I’m usually here to read stuff that is funny
You posted girl, and you moved me honey
You’ve piqued my mind, which is just fine
Groovin’ Hamsters, make me perspire!

You teased me baby, woo.....it felt good
Please me baby, girl just tell me tales like my mistress would
I’m lyin’, d’you mind
If I tell this world that you’re mine mine mine-ine

I hear your tales and my mind’s goin’ numb
Imagination never seemed such fun
Come on baby, drive me crazy
Sonorous Enchantress shed your attire!

{ kazoo solo }

Well oil me baby, woo-oooooo....it feels good
Hold on baby
I want to love you like a lover should
You're fine, so kind
To bad I beat you to the finish line line line-ine!

So do your nails and a twiddle your thumbs
In thirty minutes we can have more fun
Patience baby, I’ll be amazing
Stupid blue pills aren’t s’posed to expire!

{ pan-flute solo }

{ juice-harp solo }

{ pan-flute and juice-harp jam }

Christobol, I can't decide whether to be amazed or intimidated by the way your mind works. Ok, I'm going with "amazed," as in, you are amazing.

Jeff- sign me up for Intellectual Impotence. I'll play tamborine and sing (note - you may want to provide a silent tamborine).

Neophyte - jury is still out on my mind 'working'.

Thanks Cbol, and if that doesn't work, should I try plan B, Which is as everyone knows when trying to ply a womans plying off, is to set yourself on Fire?

No. Really. Ok.

Well, then make room on stage for me at our next gig, cuz I play a the Kazoo like mutha truckin riot.

*Whips out my Kazoo*

If I could really do that I'd just stay home.

You call yours a kazoo Mr. Fishair?

Well, yeah. Today anyway, It's either that or Air Horn, oooh, or I always did like Mr.Wisenhut.

Just sayin...
Just sayin.

Ok, ok, We are all dying here, so tell us already, Whatdaya call yours JS?

I don't have one to name. Unless you count temporary possesion by umm.. squatters rights maybe? Depending on.. ermm.. nm.

I just want to thank Dave and Judy and everyone else who showed up for such a wonderful party! It was great to see my brother Mike, our friend Amanda Hugginkiss, and former Congressman and Ambassador Dick Swett at this event!

Thanks again guys!

-Harold Hunt

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