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November 20, 2004


Saucy German Miniatures

(Thanks to gecko)


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That, philinTX, is one heckuva link. You, sir, have cost me a laptop computer and a Co-Cola.

This Radio Astronomy Dish mentioned in the article about freeing the Gnomes in American gardens, is it a vegetarian dish? Are there any mushrooms in it? As far as sending the dish out in space, are there provisions for proper table service where it is going? Is it going to Uranus or possibly Mercury?

My Christmas tree (gnome) wants to know where to go. Recently I have freed him and have given him his papers so that he is free to travel about. (however, it would be imperative that he traveled during the night to keep from being abducted by ugly American gardners.) He would like to know the cost of a ticket on the next space flight. Do they take gold coins? An uncle in Ireland left him a pot of gold when he translated into the Netherworld. Please advise.


And Sly, it occurred to me overnight that one way to prevent getting overexcited while sitting at home blogging and doing the washing ...

*???what did I say?***

*picks up laundry basket, glass of wine and heads to laundry room*

Don't expect to see me for awhile.

CST 10:22PM

Anyone else notice wysiwyg's link is an unattributed Dave Barry article ?
just reread DB'sGtG's last night and that is in it.

Maybe there's a lonely knome out there that just needed company.

Sorry Waterboy... just shining a bright light into dark places..sort of like your thai penile removal link

I've always been partial to the "active modifier" + "descriptive modifier"+"nonsequitir subject" method of naming rock bands

possible examples:

Rotating Chocolate Enema
Flying Neon Douchebags
Flatulating Purple Backhoes
Whimpering Lutheran Orgasmatron

tryi ..it's fun!

Fee, I like it. I'll have to rig up a auto-name generator using that idea.

Time to promote Dave's Farewell Card some more. With apologies to those that have already contributed:

Dave’s Weekly Column Tribute and Farewell Card

Have YOU signed the card yet?

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