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November 24, 2004


Or at least, we were last night.

(Thanks to Punky B. for the assistance)


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Thankful, indeed.

*winks at Judi*

Lovely Judi and Punky:

You ladies left your coconut bras on our tour bus. Good thing we signed your panties instead, eh?

Alright if we keep them, then?

boys, you can have anything i've got.

I couldn't resist...sorry :)

Somebody Blogged Me, to the tune of Somebody Told me by The Killers
Breaking my PC just to load the MOAT
3000 posts and I still like this place
I'm breaking my PC just to load the MOAT
But sobriety ain't close in a place like this
Anything goes but don't blink you might miss
Cause sobriety ain't close in a place like this
I said sobriety ain't close in a place like this
Bring it back down, bring it back down tonight
Never thought I'd let a rumour ruin my moonlight

Well somebody told me
You had a booger
That looks like a booger
That I picked in February of last year
It's not confidential
I've got potential

Ready? Let's post about something new
Maybe Mrs. Brian or Mrs. Fishair's labor: is it through?
Ready? Let's post about something new
Maybe Jeff and Mr. Fishair: happy birthday to you!
Anything goes but don't blink you might miss

Cause sobriety ain't close in a place like this
I said sobriety ain't close in a place like this
Bring it back down, bring it back down tonight
Never thought I'd let humour ruin my next joke

Well somebody told me
You had a booger
That looks like a booger
That I picked in February of last year
It's not confidential
I've got potential
A postin', a postin' around

Post something channeled from me
I said maybe Wolfie please
But I just don't know how to hyperlink

Well somebody told me
You had a booger
That looks like a booger
That I picked in February of last year
It's not confidential
I've got potential
A postin', a postin' around

I liked The Killers back when they were just The Maimers.

By the way - you rock, Joshkr.

*hands Joshkr his lyrics badge, along with some extra autographed panties that were laying about*

Dang it! I burned up the "nuts" I was roasting in the oven for tonight while I was on my computer. The pumpkin pie is O.K. If it's not the squirrels, it's the "brain farts!"

Christobol...yeah, but back when they were just The Noogie-Givers they were pretty unpolished.

Cbol ... they didn't have quite the same impact when they were the Maimers.

Joshkr ... nice job on the chorus, my boy. I'll never hear that song in quite the same way again.

Nookie-Givers would be more like it, Joshie.

*winks at Judi again*

Dang, Christobol, how many autographed panties do you have? And why do they all say "Love you and your trick with the dremel and kat's burnt nuts - Cher"?

Cbol! You gave him my panties!

I like that you can watch the video on that site if you click on the "News" link

*hitting play again and cranking it*

Punky...Nookie-Givers? I was wondering why the gallery had pics of all of the band members rear ends with "Judi" tattooed on.

That should be members'...dunno what I was thinking when I typed "members"

Let's see, punky and judi have the killers, so they're thankful. And Joshkr now has punky's panties, so we all know he's thankful. Kat's thankful that her pumpkin pie is okay... it's nice to see everyone getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Joshkr, those lyrics! That was great!

Hey, Judi -- ANd I'm thankful you posted that link. Otherwise I'd have never heard them, and they're sure worth hearing! Have a great holiday.

yw, everysandwich! fyi, one of the opening acts was the zutons, which EVERYONE was raving about last night (i didn't get there til their last song and didn't get inside til the break)... and they're supposed to be on conan either tomorrow, just in case you want to hear someone else new. unless you were being sarcastic, in which case, forget this.

But let's not forget the coolest trio around

I say trio in the sense that they are not the Rock Bottom Remainders. But rather 3 people instead of...ummm...the Rock Bottom Remainders.

If you really dig The Killers, you owe it to yourself to check out The Cuddle Bunnies.

Punky...that site is torture! Every time I go back, it still says "Coming Soon" in the nude photos section.

Judi...The Killers' site also doesn't have a nude photos section up yet. As I'm sure you're aware ;)


MAN! You know! I could have sworn there were 70billionthousand posts here just a little while ago.

*wonders if server's eating well again*

I like to lose weight by chasing down spammers and giving them wedgies.

Well Joshkrs, Think we'z needs to see about getting html out of our "Email Address" blocks too. IF there's a url there, DON'T permit it to be posted. Don't even return an error page (that'll tip them off).

how do i get "dave keuning" to appear somewhere on google in conjunction with one of my posts drooling over him, so someone will notice and tell him i'm ... ahem... wait. maybe i don't actually want that.

Heh heh... they just said that some people "end up with more snake than they can handle" on NPR. *giggle*

And something about "three snakes in mesh bags." Sounds kinky.

Hi'ya Lab...

*starts unpacking Tarzan rope*

Hi'ya Lab...

*starts unpacking Tarzan rope*

*SLIDES in on new slipe and slide*


*and slides right on through to the next thread*

Hey, MOATies!!

Di, I was so NOT blurking. I've been actively posting disgusting things on the MB. So there. ;)

um, Di

um, Di

Something is still causing you to double post.

Something is still causing you to double post.

Whoa! Holy Sheep SH#&!!

Whoa! Holy Sheep SH#&!!

(and I can vouch for Tamara, usually hot anal sex is a good thing, but somehow Tamara managed to make it not so much) (oh, also she vomited)

Now, where were we?

Oh yes, who's ready for lunch?

I love the Killers...
Hey someone check that spam, maybe it's not spam but rather a concerned blurker correcting joshkr waaaaaaaaaay back up there.

Of course, thats probably not it.
*hopes Fishair comes back, because that would mean the slip'n'slide doesn't just slide off into oblivion*

ooooh! too quick for me.

*slides on slip and slide, but grabs tarzan rope while half way down, with the intention of then dropping gracefully into the MOAT*

Oooooops, I guess I should have waited until the rope was tied up somewheeeeeere...!

*slides off out of sight, still clutching the rope*

I really did nearly have to run to the restroom and launch a technicolor yawn. Which was strange, because I am not usually squeamish. But thinking about calves and smelly fur and what comes out of a cow's anus and what would get on your willy and the years of therapy you would be forced to endure when caught... Oh, lordy, I'm about to Mr Creosote my desk.

*trudges back, rope in tow (not toe)*

By the way, I sent an official invite to Igloo. He found the place on his own, and we need to make him feel welcome.

Y'all, I am on a high speed connection, and I swear I don't hit post more than once... I'm not sure whats going on...

*hangs head in shame*

*goes over to swing off Tarzan rope*

*doesn't realize rope is gone*

*falls into Moat oblivion*

Hi IGLOO!! *shakes her money-maker in his face*

That's my brain, people. Geez. I have a regular desk job, you know.

Thats right, her work is done on top of the desk people, get your minds outta that gutter!


*re-reads what she just wrote*

LMAO - Sorry Tamara... but we all know its true...

It's Ok Crash I used to get that alot.

But I'm better now. ;) (psst, nice set of flashers you got there, too (two, would also work here))

I forgot to position the Slipe (remember that Kibby?) and Slide to end in the pool full of whatever we have it filled with this time.


*puts out tray of everyone's best fantasies to show appreciation for moving*

I sent Jeff an e-mail giving him new spot -
I also sent judi an e-mail to ask if she could delete spam 1

*does New MOAT Happy Dance*

Sorry? You're not SORRY! And I thought you were slipped into oblivion!!

*Pulls Di up from APPARENTLY NOT OBLIVION to dance with her atop the desk.*

Be careful; it's harder than it looks. Those stacks of paperwork aren't props! If you slip on a memo and fall, you'll be right back in APPARENTLY NOT OBLIVION!

*ties rope firmly in place*

(note I didn't say where I tied it, or whom I tied with it! ;-) )

*begins unpacking glasses and booze*

Tamara - whenever money makers are being shook around here, you can bet they are not "brains"..

Not in our minds, anyway....

*installs TwisterMat-Dispens-O-Matic in the corner*

*starts shaking her assets*

*falls clumsily onto stack of paperwork, but not before grabbing Tamara's arm*

*both obtain serious papercuts on heehaws, etc..*

Okay, MOATies; I'm going home! I'm a bit queasy... but still pleased to have used my two favorite colloquialisms for "vomit" today. ;)

Gnite, y'all! *blows kisses to everyone & hugs Di*

*shakes head at Fish*
Tam, I am completely and utterly disgusted by the phrase: Technicolor Yawn.
Ugh. My stomach turned again.

*Helps neo with the glasses and herself to the booze*

OUCH! Thanks, Di! Now I finally have something that distracts from my stretch marks! Grrr!!

*Leaves doubly-pleased for incorporating some TMI into today's postings*

Tamara, now that was TMI...
G'nite bella!

*limps over to Neo with empty glass*

*begs for booze*

Here, Di. I think we could all use one!

*loves Di a drink*

*loves EVERYbody a drink*

*but loves herself two drinks*

*loves Neo for loving her a drink*

*sips on Moatini hoping the booze will help elminate the pain of her newly acquired papercuts*

*decides its taking too long, jumps in pool with Fish*

Di - you weren't expecting first aid on the MOAT, were you?

No, no... we're just like cats here - we LICK our wounds...

C'mere with your wounds...I'll lick 'em for ya!

Higgy, I wouldn't mind that one bit.. Josh sent me a copy of both calendars, and I must say that all you boys are hubba, hubba, finger lickin' good!

Thanks again Josh! You made my day month with those. If you ever need anything, you just let me know... that goes for all of you Bloglits..

Now Higgy, where were we?

Well, since Joshkr already made your day with the calendars, there's not a whole lot left to do here...

At least, while you're still clothed....

Speaking of which - I need my penguin thong back!

*hiding brown paper bag of penguin thongs behind her back*

If you give up that Spanish sarong dealy, I'll be sure to fetch your penguin thong... It's just over at the other Moat, shouldn't take but a few minutes or so to get.

*offers Higgy an empty brown paper bag to deposit Penguin thongy into*

*does the I-Picked-The-New-Moat Dance*


Hey, did you know that Crash can be verbified?

And since you brought it up...

Inga: Hallo. Vould you like a roll in ze hay?
Inga: It's fun.
Inga: Roll, roll, roll in ze hay.

Hey, I think I got quoted.

I'll be back in a little while...
Look out for that Abby Normal.

I interupt this MOAT for a brief RL posting, if you care not to read about the stupid I've run into today, then please skip - otherwise, proceed with caution.

My brother in law is a great guy. Charismatic, and intelligent, as well as decent looking. He is however quite machismo when he wants to be. The sister has been begging him to get a dog, and he fed her the excuse of possible allergies to a dog, instead of growing a pair and telling her flat out he did not want a 4 legged creature in their new pad. Now, he has also claimed to be allergic to cats (I own a cat that has to be locked up when he comes by), cig smoke (my sister smokes outside, not even in their garage with the door open), and also anything else he doesnt like he plays the card of having an allergy.

With the encouragement of yours truly, the sister then asked said brother in law, to go get an allergy test done, so that they would know what he is in fact allergic to.

The results are in...

Drum roll please...

The man is allergic to cockroaches and mold.

I love playing with stupid people. It makes me feel so much better about myself.

End of RL babbling


That was TOO FUNNY!!!...

Sheesh, I barely finished unpacking in the last MOAT... remember when a MOAT lasted a month or so? Yep, them were the days... *reclines in rocking chair*


*falls over backwards onto Jell-o festooned slip 'n slide*


Thanks Julietine... its all true. Nice world I live in aye? I think so, never a dull moment anyway. :)


Good night y'all. Don't have too much fun while I spend 2 hours driving home since its snowing and once again people have forgotten what its like to drive in snow.

*grabs leftover Moatini and downs it before packing up for the evening*

That should make for a more interesting drive home...

bye, Di

*surrepticiously helps herself to another couple of MOATaritas*

Dang, I wish MOAT alcohol had an intoxifying effect in RL!

*drops back in to hand Neo a RL flask*

*swooshes out into the night*

*tackles Weasel and wrestles with him in the jello*
Stop your complaining Life is full of change.


Just had to say that! This is just a driveby--got home this afternoon YIPPEE! Will catch up eventually but working on a work deadline at the moment.

Thanks for the breadcrumbs!

Di - Who isn't allergic to moldy cockroaches?

Lots of people are allergic to 'dust' . Good luck with that!

Insomniac - I guess I just never thought that one could be allergic to one self. ;)

..as if I could complain in this situation! Wheee!

*blows kisses to the moat*
night all!

Does anyone have any experience cooking Chilean sea bass?

[Watches as Leetie "ta-ta's" by on the Tarzan rope]

Now my train of thought just derailed, but I think I was going to thought-beam Joshkr well-wishes for his birthday. You do plan to call your mom to thank her for those 94 hours of labor back in the "enlightened" era of natural child-birth, right?

Since we've migrated twice now with short notice, perhaps we should have an inventory of MOATie assets to make sure the gang's all here? May I offer a challenge to also include a display of assets in the form of predicting whether you will "pay" or get a "refund" on your taxes this year.

[gets out ledger tablet and puts on green visor]

Role call!

Deon: "Here"
Taxes: "gonna pay a bit more"

[hopes the MOATie asset inventory doesn't get derailed by Leetie's Ta-tas]


Chilean Sea Bass, aye?? Hmmm...

*skips off to find recipe books from culinary school*

Sly, I have a recipe for a pan seared Chilean Sea Bass.. if you'd like it, I'd be happy to share. Its made with peppers and corn, and its fairly simple and not very time consuming either. I think totaly prep and cooking is only about 45 minutes or so.

Deons roll call:

Eleanor: Here
Taxes: Getting things ready for tax man - ask again later!

Leetie: I bought an Ionic Breeze - when Cute Guy painted my bedroom he didn't want my smoking to mess up his paint job, so he talked me into buying one - I got the same deal - and they relaly work and are totally silent - it's a miracle -they're fabulous!! And super easy to clean -any questions, just e-mail me!

RE: Deons roll call:

Di: Present
Taxes: I work in public accounting = I have plenty of time!

Roll call:

slyeyes: Yo
taxes: reply hazy, try again later.

Di, re sea bass, yes. Sounds good. We have a recipe database in the Y!Group; or you can e-mail it to me.

I just fixed my first sea bass for dinner tonight. I tried to find some recipes on the internet and ended up winging it. I must say...

DA-Y-U-U-U-U-M, I'm good!

I baked it at 450 in parchment paper. I lightly painted it with crushed garlic, poured a bit of olive oil and chardonnay over it, sprinkled it with paprika and My House Salt I also fixed myself some flash-fried spinach, sprinkled with lemon juice and dusted with grated parmesan cheese.


Note: My House Salt is WONDERFUL!!! If you can't get it at your local store, I highly encourage ordering it. I also do a flash-fried asparagus in garlic, olive oil and My House Salt and the reviews from my guests are outstanding.

By the way, sea bass is not a cheap meal. $16.00 a pound!!! The filet I fixed for myself ended up being slightly under half a pound, but still!! Whew!

I wonder if I'm going to expect myself to "put out" later. We'll have to see how the evening goes or if I turn into a total cad.

OK, found you guys!

Happy b-day, Joshkr!

Re: where babies come from -- My parents just showed me the PBS special (I was smart for a 3-year-old and actually understood the science talk), and scarred me for life with graphic exterior AND interior views of a fetus' development and birth, then gave the "sex talk" in one simple sentence: wait 'till marriage. Life would be so much easier if people had the balls to do what my dad did with me.

Re: controlling others -- my dad's more worried about my college performance than I am. It's just a part of life sometimes, and coming to grips with reality in this particular case is rather difficult.

Re: allergies -- I actually am allergic to all of that stuff. But I got the formal testing to prove it. There's a cockroach allergy? That one I do not have.

Chilean Sea Bass wbagnfarb. That is all I know about that.

Di -- It actually is possible to be allergic to oneself (an allergy to water, as humans are 68% water), but I fortunately do not have this problem.

I really don't understand the MOAT migration phenomenon because I have a cable connection combined with Firefox, which kicks serious butt. Oh, well.

I officially have the worst immune system for a non-AIDS sufferer in recorded history. Three days of the flu, followed by a 2-week sinus infection, followed by a cold -- all in a row -- in the last month. What fun.

Leetie (or anyone else who knows about this) -- Does that "Ionic Breeze" thing really work? I've seen the infomercial a dozen times, and it still looks like a load of bullsh!t, if you ask me.

MOAT alcohol doesn't intoxicate in RL, but cold medicine sure does a nice job.


Forget about the Ionic Breeze!..I want to know about "cute guy"....

Alex, the maternal side of me has been fighting to keep from asking you if you had gone to the doctor or anything 'cause it had seemed as though you had that cold for quite some time. But it sounds as though you've been taking care of that. Sorry you are feeling so lousy.

Re the Ionic Breeze; my parents have one and it's wonderful. Mom is allergic to nearly every airborne particle known to man. Since they got one she's been much happier. So has Dad; cause you know...if momma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

Alex D. - see my post above - they really work - and I''m a smoker - when you take the grid out to clean it and it's black, it's obvious that it's working, and my walls that were painted 18 months ago are still yellow - not yellow tinged with brown smoke! It has something to do with ions - whatever they are - anyway, they're well worth the money, if you're a smoker, have children or allergies - maybe even better than some other things for asthma!

Checking out for the night!

sly - hold out for dessert before you "put out"!

Quick story about me and cold medicine.

A few years back, it was my daughter's birthday and I had planned a big meal, complete with the traditional 3 layer chocolate cake I make for birthdays. Trouble was, I got nailed with a really bad cold. Jenni was just getting over one, so I asked her to get me the daytime Theraflu she'd been using to get me through the rest of the day.

After finishing the meal and setting the table, I was lighting the taper candles on the table and was watching the interesting path the flame was making from the match to the wick. Right about that time, Jenni came running into the room to tell me she gave me the NIGHTTIME Theraflu.

I am highly sensitive to the "night time meds". They are like knock out drops to me.

I made it through dinner, the kids did the dishes and I went upstairs to bed. THe Oscars were on that night and I do remember turning it on, but don't remember anything else.

THe next morning at breakfast, I was telling the girls about the really strange dreams the medicine had given me. I dreamed there was a large black feathered bird, and a strange man running around on the tops of chairs babbling some strange language I could almost understand.

As I was telling the story, the Today Show was on and they were doing a wrap-up of the Oscars....I saw the big black feathered bird -- Whoopee Goldberg in a really strange feathered outfit....and the strange man running around on the tops of chairs was Roberto Bernini who had won for Life is Beautiful. If anyone remembers, when his name was announced, he jumped up on the backs of the seats and started shouting in Italian.

*makes note to attempt flash-frying the asparagus that's sitting in the fridge*

Sly, is a flash-fry kinda like a quick, hot sautee'?

I just uploaded a potato soup recipe to the Y!
& I may upload another recipe tonight... if I don't fall asleep first....zzzzzz...

sly -- I saw the doctor, and I was told to just go home, get some rest, and drink plenty of fluids (in short, he can't do crap for it). Thanks for the concern, though.

I'm actually getting better. Downgraded from Vicodin to NyQuil, and I can retain consciousness.

Thanks, guys! I may need to invest in one of those things later on, given my dust allergy. So maybe some of those wacky infomercial demos that I spend sleepless nights mocking is actually right...makes the game of spotting the fake more fun. :-)

Leetie, for the asparagus, I fry it in a pan. I get the olive oil really hot, add some crushed garlic and the salt. Then I add the asparagus and count to 45 while moving it around with a spatula. I will say that holding up a fry screen over the pan does help. I've cut the asparagus in one inche pieces and left them whole and it's about the same. Just depends on personal preference.

For spinach, I have a deep fryer and fry it for 30 seconds in peanut oil. YUM

sly -- That's funny.

But I do that in RL all the time without medication. My brain stores dreams and distant memories in the same place, and I sometimes tell stories as dreams and dreams as stories. Weird.

re the quick story about me and the cold meds....sorry. Not so quick after all.

I love "Life Is Beautiful." Roberto Benigni did the most unbelievable job on that movie. *sniffle!!* I wish I had the guts to watch it more often; I always feel like my life is so awesome afterwards. ("See how bad life could be, Self?")

Alex, I've heard alot about the ionic breeze so I'm trying it out. My only concern is the amount of ozone it puts out. They say that it is low, but we'll see. If I smell ozone, it's going back. I removed an electrostatic air cleaner in our furnace and replaced it with a good "media" air cleaner (HEPA-like particle filter) because it always smelled like ozone. We already have a small true HEPA filtration unit in our bedroom because JU has tons of allergies. I know it cleans the air because the pre-filter, which we replace every few months, is always caked with dust. And now the little one is wheezing at night, so I'm hopeful that this will be helpful.

And Alex, if you have allergies, I highly recommend running a HEPA filter in your bedroom 24/7. You can get one at Home Depot

Thanks sly! I'll do the asparagus tomorrow.

arrrggh! I am frustrated. I tried to send out a mass mailing to people of the MOAT who hadn't made it over to MOAT XVI, to send them the link and encourage them to come. Old timers too, like Boo and slowlayne and waxwing. The letter wouldn't send! (I still don't understand this new computer.) So I tried to send the letter out to each individual. And the frackigblastedagatanfricketc. thing wouldn't go. Well, change that. Some went. Some came back as invalid email addresses. And I also got some error message about an interrupted server, and I should go back and resend the mesages... but not all of them. So, I now have no idea which letters were actually sent, and which just pretended to go.

If you end up with a letter from me, sorry. If you end up NOT getting a letter from me, sorry.

And if you get the time, everybody might want to take a moment to make sure their address on the Y! group is correct, both under "members" and in the data base, "group contacts" section.

*wishes for a real margarita instead of the MOATaritas that she is chugging incessantly*

Alex, glad you're getting better.

And I did not notice with what with it being Josh's birthday....but it is also Public Sleeping Day.

And here I stayed awake all day at work.

Neo, I got an e-mail from you several hours ago. It worked for me. Thanks for doing that.

Although, I was confused who "Milton" was.

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