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November 30, 2004


Some of us'll never get a date again.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The Wonderful Mrs. Specimen (Insolent Wench) wants a breath-alyzer afixed to her son's cell phone so that he can't call us at 2:30 and say, "What are you doin'?" Sheesh.

I am not first, I am not last, but I surely wish that they had that service here in the good ol' U.S.A...... many a night has the barley and hops made my fingers dial a number I wished I had long forgotten...

Sadly, counting myself in that 95% range. Even going so far as calling her parents at 3am to ask if they had her new number...

Long, long time ago....

Congrats Jeff (Guess Claire is on vacation)

I had a friend who, after her third glass of wine, would start calling her old boyfriend. We just started hiding the handsets to her phones when she started to pour her third glass.

One time, we left her house and forgot to put them back.


This doesn't help me ... If I can't drink and dial I'll just resort to inebriated emailing.

I had a friend who, after her third glass of wine, would start calling her old boyfriend. We just started hiding the handsets to her phones when she started to pour her third glass.

One time, we left her house and forgot to put them back.


Ok I need that service to be available in the US pronto!...I am tired of apologizing the next day, of feeling like a loser, or having to make up a really convoluted story of why I was in such a drunken stupor and what came over me to make the call in the first place...I need to go call Sprint to see when the hell I can expect this to be in place!...Thanks Jeff!


Ok punky.... my email address is...

I'm the ninth, Tim!

I mean 11th!

How bout last poster, I think.

The only thing I drink is Hi-C, so I guess I'm ok, I hope!

Maybe you should just don't drink so much, julietine, because it's not good for you as I know! I always have to make sure that my big brother does not flush himself down the toilet after he makes his calls and gets sick!

Punky - you need to keep drinking until you can't type anymore. It's a fine line, but one you should force yourself to cross...

Of course, passing out on your keyboard gives you a bad case of QWERTYitis the next day...



Does Tom Ridge know about this? Oh, wait... nevermind.


It is not that I drink that much..after 3 glasses of wine I am done!...pass me the phone!!!!

*After 4 drinks*

Hey. Just thought I'd write to wish you a Merry Christmas. It was great to bump into you the other night at the bar ... Beth seems like a really nice girl. Take care of yourself. Punky

*After 6 drinks*

Hey. Me again. Just wanted to add that you looked really good and I miss you. If you ever want to get together for dinner for drinks, call me. I'd love to catch up ... Punkster

*After 8 drinks*

And when I say you loked goood, I mean I wanted to jump you right then and there. Member that time in the bar bathroom!! ;) I realy think we shuld be togeter ... don't yiu? Please call me!! I stil llove you!

*after 10 drinks*

And by 'sweet" I ment that Beth is a skanky ho! I need yoiu/ don"t yoi lovce me anuympre?

*after 13 drinks*

Scvrews yoiu fore noti caklling m,e backl when I caled yu lasdt yeaer! i hatre ypou[

*after 15 drinks*
qwrty yuiop$^&%%&*^@(*&@O ...../////....//////

. o O (Yes, but you should see the size of the glass!)

Must... stop... giggling!
You rock, Punky!

try saying "inebriated e-mailing" ten times fasht and you'll git tang tonguled.
LOL, punky!

Ah, Tina? Could I give you my number for the next time?

.... just a thought.

Yep, Oral sex. Only get to talk about it.

See the thing about drunk emailing... I've found by the time I try THAT... all that usually comes out is:

sphrx -

s/htg '/;awhitwsg/ k{ PAWi35' 9bg,mdx?:Fljo /.gSDOg'djg/mn,. '?>jkdsfl



... so that you can easily claim it was a virus, or that its just encoded and they need a secret decoder ring, or umm... SOMETHING... but when drunk DIALING... there ain't no way in heaven or hell to explain THAT away... especially when ya have no clue what ya said or what language you were trying to speak....

I guess Wysiwyg has made one too many incoherent late-night phone calls.

I will never forget the night (I am not making this up!) when I called my boyfriend and told him in my drunken stupor that if he did not get on a plane to come see me right away I would have sex with someone else, record the audio and send it to him..needless to say i have been asking forgiveness ever since....Good times...

Old geezer - you better hope Punky doesn't take you up on that. You're computer will turn into a glass lake.

Geek suggestion for drunk e-mail:

Create Draft e-mail of all the things you'd secretly like to say. Be honest here, dig deep. Except you punky....just scratch the surface
Keep e-mail displayed on 'puter while drinking.
Last thing before lights out (yours), click send

brat, belatedly realizing what he said and to whom (punky) runs away like a scalded duck (not Fed) in a hail storm.

Please punky, I just meant that you are so honest and forthright, you wouldn't have to dig as deep as the rest of us.

Ducks as shoulder fired missle streaks overhead.

I'm ottta here..........

punky that was ...perfection.

Thanks, Judi. ;)

Ted ... saw it last week. Loved it.

Tina! Classic! I'd send you Christmas cards too!

One night my GF & I returned to her apartment quite, well, you know. I dashed up the stairs to get the elevator before it got to her and went up. Stripped everything off and took it down to get her. Lucky for me no one else had showed up.

Jeff, I just wanted to congratulate you on this milestone!

Punky - that was kinda funny. You know, like Godzilla is kinda destructive and bigfoot has a kinda difficult time getting good seats in a french restaurant.

cbol ... have I told you lately that I love you?

welcome back.


Thanks, Punky.

Here's hoping you have no troubles to ease.

That Richard Branson! What an innovator!

And drunk e-mailing is wayyyyy worse than drunk dialing. There's (not theirs) written proof of it that may never go away!

Punky, as for drunk emailing, I have actually done this. I sent one to my parents of all people! It made no sense.

I have also drunk called, but only on my friend's phone. I told her boyfriend I approved of him. As if that mattered worth a hill of beans!

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