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November 29, 2004


It is completely out of control.

(Thanks to Alberto Mengoni)


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I rather be LAST....

Someone could have been forced to seriously swerve.

Ralph Kramden wept.

This is obviously the harbinger of the apocalypse.

They should send the VMGCS over to heal this wasteland of crime and vice.

on the plus side, Mothra's been pretty quiet lately.

The next time you take the band on tour in the bus, for G's Sake, use the train in Japan!

So much for the Japanese tradition of honoring the elderly. THe driver must be part French.

Wouldn't it be luv-er-ly if some of the Japenese collective attitude towards the elderly rubbed off on the Americans?

Kill The Spammers!

The bus driver was fined, but Grandma took a ride with the police. Did they take her back to the bus stop where she asked to get off in the first place, directly to her destination, or did they cuff her and book her for walking on the freeway?

can you hear me now?

Are we there yet?

Don't forget, today is BE MORE FUNNY FRIDAY!

I've come up with a theme for three days of the week so far. You'll have to go back and reread my posts from each day this past week and see if you can figure out the themes.

Hell, I've even tell you that I had NO THEME yesterday!

Susan? Have I told you lately that I love you?

DAMN! I could be listening to Susan!

*wanders around*

*settles down on a tatami mat to take another half-aspirin*

*waits for history book recommendations*

Lab loves me? *snif* What did I do to manage that? And why aren't you listening?

LIVER PUDDING????????????

You have a problem with liver pudding?

Ok, I've never had it. But I do like braunswager...misspelled, and not quite the same thing...but a liver type item nonetheless.

K dub is fine Lab. Dave D was first on this thread. Better go check the First thread.

*zips in*

YAY for a new MOAT!

*rents a truck to move KibEl office*

Be More Funny Friday? This is going to be tricky, given that I'm recovering from a gun shot wound.

Please note: I was no where near Indianapolis last night.

I am now. I forgot because I'm an idiot.

MIK-sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Jeff- Sorry if my comment about the Yankees offended. I know you are not an obnoxious Yankee fan like some. Anyway I promise I will watch whoever is playing in whatever game we are down to by then in Vegas with you.

I had other things to say but I forgotted them

MiK- sorry about your grandmere.

i love 'alternate history' books, so i'll look for the K.S.Robinson...

there was a book called 'the story of language' by a man named Mario Pei, it had a lot of trivia about various languages...

Mad might be watching in baseball in Vegas, but I'll be busy watching the Bills stuff Chicago!

Well, a guy can dream, anyway.

Please remove one "in" from my previous post and use it at your discretion.

Sheesh sly, you scared me. When I clicked on your link, I thought it was MY FF Stephen Jackson.

*cranks up volume for Procol Harem*

*sways to the music*

The playlist before I forget...

Friday 10-6-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“Listen People” Herman’s Hermits
“Freebird” Lynyrd Skynyrd--Bart
“Peaceful Easy Feeling” Eagles
“You May Be Right” Billy Joel
“Crimson and Clover” Tommy James and the Shondells
“Open Arms” Journey
“Me and Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin--Eleanor
“Feel Like A Number” Bob Seger
“Shout” Isley Brothers
“Some Kind Of Wonderful” Huey Lewis and the News
“Ticket To Ride” Beatles

Mad - " I know you are not an obnoxious Yankee fan like some."
You talkin' 'bout ME? Cuz if you are, I'm gonna have ta do sumthin' 'bout it.

Now dat's more like it. If ya ain't got nuthin' nice to say, don't say nuthin', or I'll re-arrange yer face.
Have a nice freakin' day.

OK, as long as you don't blame me for this move.

When I was at summer camp after the 10th grade I won an archery medal!!

Me too, El, though I was a little younger. We shot .22 rifles and used a bow & arrow and I was good with both, though it's probably 40 years since I used either.

God, I'm really old, aren't I?

It's too easy to buy a championship-quality team. The Yankees proved my point. They aren't the only ones trying to do it, but they were the first. And look at teams like Cincinnati and the Expos who are in small markets.

But small market teams, while at a disadvantage financially, can do quite well if they have owners and GMs who know what they are doing. Look at Oakland or Minnesota, for two.

And teams and owners with a lot of money often get nothing because they are idiots, as in Texas and Baltimore.

The way to parity - for those who want it - is the NFL way, salary cap, etc. Personally, I enjoyed the days of the Steelers (70s) and 49ers (80s) more, as a general rule.

El, thanks for the LATimes article (though I read "latimes" as "latrine" at first). It said what I was trying to say.

And I liked Kasten's remarks that smrt beats rich all the time but smart PLUS rich is better.

Mad, your comments didn't offend me. You are allowed to like or dislike any team you prefer, and my choices should have no bearing on that.

Some people hate the Yankees for a specific reason, some always have. I'm not sure why I've always disliked the Dodgers other than they were, for some years, the National League version of the Yankees, a team others considered to be "too good".

Also, they won the World Series with what I consider some of the worst teams ever to win, starting with the 1959 team.

It wasn't because they left Brooklyn, as we didn't move here until after they were gone and I was already a Yankee fan before that.

insomnia: I love 'alternate history' books too. What do you recommend along those lines?

The first book I remember reading was MacKinlay Kantor's If The South Had Won the Civil War, a theme which has become incredibly popular in recent years, with Harry Turtledove and others.

I also read some like Robert Harris's Fatherland and Len Deighton's SS-GB, where the Nazis won.

Then there was Resurrection Day by Brendon DuBois, where the Cuban Missile Crisis led to nuclear war. Depressing perhaps, but an engrossing read.

Most recently I read Philip Roth's The War Against America, where Lindbergh beats Roosevelt in 1940 and makes nice with Hitler, to the detriment of American Jews.

Sheesh, I started typing 'insom' then decided to go with 'insomniac' and left off the 'c'.


Jeff well you can see how an Orioles fan might have cause to dislike the Yankees right?

AWBH- Nah I wasn't talkin about you I was talkin about El. Just kidding El!!! I love all you yankee fans.

Higgy- I don't think I will be in Vegas when football is on TV as we will likely be driving back on Sunday.

Sarah J. got posted again.

Oh right, Mad, I forgot: the Orioles (before present ownsership) were one of the teams I liked.

Hey! I got posted! I forgot I even sent that in. YAY! for my cnn screensaver!

For fans who have been watching Kidnapped; don't.

NBC announced they're stopping production after 13 episodes. No word on whether they will clear up the case, which was supposed to run the entire season, or what.

And they say they networks don't give new shows a chance to find an audience; ha!


I have to go take a shower. Would you
puh-leeze stop playing songs I like, just for a few minutes.

Thank you. :)
30 minutes later! I forgot to push post.
*smacks forehead*
But I left and came back to
Goin' to the Chapel - YAY!!!

jeff m.- anything i can remember is probably waaay out of print, but since you live in an area with lots of bookstores...
there's a series of short stories and at least one novel by Randall Garrett which are the 'Lord Darcy' stories. they are set in a Europe dominated by a Plantagenet-ruled England/France union. the divergence occurred when Richard the Lionheart isn't killed by one of his own archers, but recovers and lives long enough to be succeeded by his nephew Arthur (in our world, Arthur is murdered by King John). but all this is ancient history when the stories take place. more to the point this is a world where magic works, people routinely cast spells and so forth. Lord Darcy (or maybe it's D'Arcy) is a detective who finds murderers and so forth. i don't know if the stories were ever collected into one book, but they should have been.

also set in an alternate England is Michael Moorcock's "Gloriana" which is more of a mirror universe than an alternate one... Gloriana is a sort-of-Elizabethan queen though less than virginal as the book hinges on the fact she can't acheive ummmm.... 'true happiness'...

I love you too Mad. *smooch*

And I didn't even know you meant me. I'm rooting for the Dodgers but don't tell CG. Until of course they have to lose to play the Yankees in the W.S. :)

Susan, you are on a total roll today, it's like I gave you a list of all my favorite songs!
I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then

EL!!! i'm listenin to that, too! i never could before, but i tried again just now, and voila!!!

can't wait to hear susan. :)

You'll love it, s'girl. I'm happy for you, and Susan has the smoothest radio voice.

Now you can listen to the Request Hour?

Susan has the smoothest radio voice

so i've heard. :)

and the request hour is what time? 12 est?

♫ Amy, what you wanna do? ♫


Somebody at work, stole my speakers. Damn.
I'm exhausted and annoyed.
I did a flyer for this group several weeks ago, and they JUST now come back and ask me to change it.
"what do you want me to change?"

Well why did they approve it in the first place?
Why do they want to change it? The guy FEELS like it.


insomniac: yes, of course I know the Lord Darcy books and stories. Friends have been recommending them for years, and at one time I owned one of them but just never got around to reading it. I know they have reprinted all the stories in one complete collection. Will have to look for it, maybe on the PaperBackExchange.

Susan, I was going to request "Viva Las Vegas" as we are just two weeks away. But I would have missed the all-request hour anyway, so I'm glad I didn't. I will ask for it closer to the day, and on a day I'll be able to listen between 12 and 1!

*going to check for Lord Darcy on PaperBackExchange.com*

Hey, it's Peri's bar buddy, Burton Cummings!

El- the original comment was not directed at you or anyone in particular.

I'm really sleepy. *curls up on top of all the pants on Lab's yard*

One of the many computers here is making odd noises...

I'm trying to record one of the Sunday programs in it...recording in the production room across the network directly into the main studio computer...I don't normally do that while on the air with that computer...I wait till I have the Coastal football game on.

Perhaps I should wait to do the other programs then...

*pokes head in*

*looks around*

Hi'ya! Nice new digs!

Um, who slipped Jeff the posting speed? WOWZA MAN! You're on fire!

Yes, 12 est, Monday through Friday

I do of course, have some leeway here...I can sometimes play a song for someone at other times...if I am here.

And it seems like I'm usually here...

No, it's 12:00 Eastern time. We're currently still on EDT, not EST.

Um.. Laynie.. I'm going to pull a "Lab" on you, and say EDT not EST until whenever DLS ends in your neck of the woods. Yes, I am a dork.
Also, in the last couple of weeks, there have been several threads that would now be in the Sept 06 archives that have fewer posts in them. We'd be quite safe in those. Also.. the bad kat is in the original comment trail.

I forgot that paake batter has to "sit" for a while before you can cook it. I didn't leave it as long as I was supposed to because I want some paakes. So I hope they'll turn out okay! *update* seem to be okay so far - blueberry strawberry chocolate-chippy goodness!

MiK - have you ever read The Surgeon Of Crowthorne by Simon Winchester? It's an amazing biography of one of the most prolific ontributors to the original Oxford English Dictionary, W C Minor. I couldn't put it down when I read it the first time.. just brilliant. According to that link, there's another book by the same author (I'm going to have to look for that one) with a similar theme and you can get them as a package.

Bwuaaahahah!! I typed that 10 minutes ago and forgot to push post, while I went and cleaned up after my paakes.

Lab and Kaf, that was me, not El, who said EST. she just responded in kind. :)

sorry, didn't know better. i have an "S", not a "D" in my time zone.

Well, I didn't want someone in another time zone popping up one of those handy-dandy time zone converting web pages and missing it by an hour. I know some of the world is already back in standard time. We are not, yet.

Here they're showing a Spanish telenovela (yes, from Spain, not Latin America), which stars Penélope Cruz's younger sister, Monica. She looks like she could be her twin, only younger. The resemblance is just uncanny. Kind of scary, actually. It's like they're twins born years apart.

*jots down Kaf's and Insom's suggestions* Thanks, guys!

Sgirl... El is right, Susan has the loveliest radio voice around. The first time I listened to the Request Hour, I was going "Wow! That voice is so radiophonic!"

blueberry strawberry chocolate-chippy goodness!
Mmmm... road trip to Kaf's place?

*wishes wcre worked on my computer*

is it a mac incompatibility or something?

*winks at Lab*

Marie, i finally heard her, and yes, she has a wonderful voice!

*decides to stop talkin about susan like she's not here*

susan, you have a wonderful voice! and your music...awesome. :)

Kaf, if you meant The Professor and the Madman, I did read it and definitely recommend it to you.

I keep meaning to look for other books by Winchester since he did such a good job with that one. The book you named and this one are obviously about the same subject so I'm curious as to their differences.

No, it's 12:00 Eastern time. We're currently still on EDT, not EST.

Maybe, but It's 5:00 Somewhere.


Gentile #1: I'm thinking he looks more like a rabbi. Can't you just picture the yarmulke on his head?
Gentile #2: Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of wood.
Gentile #1: Clay!
Gentile #2: Clay? Oh, it is clay... see, that's what makes me not Jewish.
Gentile #1: Believe it or not, in Catholic school during Hanukkah they had us play dreidel games and eat latkes and stuff.
Gentile #2: That's very weird.
Gentile #1: Hey, it was better than reading the Bible.
Gentile #2: Touché.

--New School for Social Research

Great, when the beer gets there you're all set.

What time's the game?

Broadcast started at 7...game at 8.

No beer...oh wait. I have some birch beer...I can put some in the cooler. Yum!

I had to look up birch beer. I also followed a link and finally found out what's in root beer.

We had pizza for dinner tonight, too. My side had anchovies and a few mushrooms... nothing too heavy, just in case Martian Death Flu reacts badly to olives or something.

MiK, sorry I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jeff, don't take offense at anything I say about the Yankees. I appreciate the fact you're a fan. I have friends who are Dodger fans, and you can certainly understand how repulsive that thought is, but I don't hold it against them. (Right Mad?)

GO A's!

Oh my...the opposing team has only about 17 players with them...there was apparently an incident at the school...a number of students were kept out of school by their parents...and since they weren't at school they can't play.

Oh this will be interesting...

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Don't forget that in addition to it being Pantsless Fridaym tonight is also Men In Trees Night.

I've got the recorder all set up because tonight is also Jazz at the Ritz night. Therefore, I will be leaving my pants on.

Susan, sounds like it's going to be a quick game. Have you already ordered the pizza? You wouldn't want to be gone when it arrives.

First, I'm in an annoyed mood, so feel free to ignore the following.

Men in Trees lost me once and for all with the last episode. I hate when shows insult my intelligence; that one did. Anyway, it's a watered-down chick show version of Northern Exposure.

Oakland swept the Twins, which was something of a surprise, though I kind of expected them to win - just not 3 straight.

And Smith was the first new show of the year to be cancelled. And Kidnapped has been told to wrap it up in 13 episodes. Meanwhile, it's been moved to the Saturday night death slot. Does that mean Law and Order can return to where it belongs?

Biggest hits among the new shows so far: Ugly Betty and Shark (despite some critical drubbing).

/end sports and entertainment update

Over to you with the weather, Jeff.

Thanks. The high today was a very chilly 57, with a little rain this morning, lots of clouds and a very cold wind. Tomorrow should be better.

Detroit should be VERY COLD during the game tonight - like 39 degrees cold!

/end weather

Happy Friday Night to all!

I wanted to share my newest find at the liquor store this week...Yummy

I can't comment on basball because I watch the Pirates. Go Bucco's!

Also, wanted to add a programming note, for those that missed it, Gray's Anatomy is running an encore presentation right now.

I seem to have set the recorder to record Grey's as well as Men in Trees...I watched Grey's last night. Men in Trees...I never got to watch all of last weeks show, but I still have it. Maybe tomorrow...

Sly, I picked up the pizza before the broadcast started...and I'll be here a long time tonight no matter how fast this game is. We are handling the broadcast of two other games...and I won't leave til the tape delayed game finishes, probably around 1am.

MiK-A belated birthday wish! And my sympathy on your Grandmother.

Thanks for the Men in Trees reminder, Sly. If I can scare my kids away for a little while, I'm going to try to catch it.

I'm trying to remember what was intelligence insulting about it last week, Jeff, but I'm drawing a blank; I don't remember some things very well.

I know today is Friday, but I can't think of anything funny at all. Oh, wait, I was invited to a sex toy party tonight; THAT was funny. I didn't go, of course, but still being invited was humorous.

Here is my contribution to be more funny friday:

Do you know why Congressmen don't need bookmarkers?

They just bend over a page.

I know, I know poor taste and all.

They taste bad?

its a brisk 53 degrees here in detroit

Texting Congressman Foley:

Neo has a question for you.

*drinks more coffee and godiva white chocolate liqueur innocently*

tigers 3
yankees 0

The fans probably are warm from all that yelling and happy stuff, right, Trillian.....:(


I want chocolate. If you put Godiva chocolate liqueur with Bailey's Irish Cream.... dang.

*wanders off to kitchen in hopes of unearthing something alcoholic*

loves neo some yummy chocolate liqueur

*goes out to search for some bailey's to add to coffee*

so, can one do straight shots of chocolate liqueur?

just wonderin

OK, I think this was photoshopped. If he does, indeed, have all those tats, I noticed he teaches public speaking... he has an edge, though. Tattoos: the definite icebreaker?

Giant Frog is rewatching our "Day After Tomorrow" DVD in French (with English subtitles so I can follow with my hearing aid off when I look at the screen in between links). I think he takes a perverse pleasure in seeing NY buried in snow and ice.

I no longer remember where I saw this film in the cinema - Spain, probably -, but I remember hearing jeering from the spectators at the part where the crapweasel president declares that he's canceled all poor countries' foreign aid debt.

Now I remember another reason I gave up TV: children. They are always in the room. I turned off Men with Big Wooden Trees after only 5 minutes, but by then the kids were already asking questions. (They've dated a month and they are thinking about having sex? Do most people have sex after they've been dating a month?) I've made it a policy to always answer them honestly, but darn it, sometimes I wish they just wouldn't ask.

Mozart liqueur (among the flavors, chocolate is supposed to be the best). I've never tasted it, but my aunt and uncle say it's very good. A couple of years ago, I almost got some for Giant Frog's parents as a New Years' gift, before changing my mind and getting a nice bottle of cava instead.

Neo, you're right...they're supposed to put stuff like that on later at night so kids aren't watching tv...but they (programers) don't take into account that kids will wander around...

"Day After Tomorrow"...horrible weather, worldwide weather chaos? I saw it...walked out of the theater near sunset...off in the distance...horrible dark clouds...lightning...freaked me out.

Start of 4th...Braves up 42 to 0. (At the start of the second half they were up already 35-0. Clock has just kept running.)

Determined to solve TCK's quandry! *runs out to kitchen and tries a straight shot of chocolate liqueur*

Yep. The trick is tippin, tyyppin, ritin, keebording answering TCK after.

Neo, it's a good thing that you turned off Men with BWT, because they've been nothing but turned on this whole show. I count 3 s*xual encounters so far, with at least 2 more possiblites on the way. Ahhh, network soft porn....great ABC family entertainment!

Susan - arent the braves a baseball team?

and Lucy - chocolate liqueur - in a straght shot

does it taste like chocolate? or liqueur?

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