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November 24, 2004


Notice how, being a classy blog, we are not making any jokes about "keeping you abreast."

(Thanks to Kelly)


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Is this some Microsoft SP2 security update? We now have to securely authenticate our password protected Web sites by using our breasts? (Notice I did not mention any possible instructions like "Insert your floppy's now).

Hey Dave, if we accuse you of having enhanced breasts, will you fax your ass to Congress?

If that first picture is really her, my expert opinion would be boobjob. Looks like someone's holding a magnifying glass in front of them.

*hides melon baller bra in shame*

That GIS search shows a first image that is obviously not her, and is obviuosly a very bad photo-chop job....but a pretty decent boobjob on whoever the original person is.

TheRegister is an IT (read: geek) site from the UK...this is only the second boob-story I can remember from there...and I tend to remember boob-stories.

I like saying the word 'boob'. Boob. Boob. Boob. Whee! Okay. I'm leaving now.

Jeff: nothing wrong with the Sun. Page 3 anyway, don't know about the rest.

Yeah Right!..if those are real then I am THE REAL Claire Martin!.

Dave, must admit I checked out her web site. I don't think she has that problem with the crap-cam.

Oh, and hello Claire. Nice to meet you.

Hmm...the x-ray is up. I need something for external comparison.

Oh! MKJ, thank you very much! Seriously.

Did you here about the man that mooned the copier machine at his job? Well, you won't. He is no longer there.

X-ray technitian: Right, just just bend down a tad and insert your breasts in here like this...and this...now grab onto the back of the machine with both hands. Good. Now just stay like that while I nip around the back here and....


Dave, I just wanted to say that if you were keeping us abreast for Thanksgiving, you were holding onto the wrong meat. We're a dark meat crowd.

"Methinks there is something "fishy" in Denmark!"

Do you guys need a little pouch to keep your marbles in?

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