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November 24, 2004


Pack fuel.

(Thanks to Steve Tabet)


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I have a mental image of a bunch of airport employees walking along the side of the road carrying gas jugs and thumbing for a lift.

That's why I always travel by giant squid.

I'll be sure to have a few extra bean burritos. Just doing my part, I suggest everyone do the same.

Im just plane agassed at this development.

Mad, you *are* leaving out of Dulles right?

Relatively cold actually (for southern cal) but I haven't heard of any precipitation in the forecasts.

Americans need to go a really BIG DIET!
Then the airlines wouldn't have such a fuel problem. Several years ago, I went to Portugal for 10 days. When I returned, I couldn't believe the size of the average American! Everyone looked "humongous" to me. Now it's even worse.

In the future, all the airlines will have to do is to inflate the passengers with helium and give them directions to LA or Chicago. (Maybe Miami or NY,also)

Jamester - I am flying through Detroit on Sat. night and then into OC. So maybe, but if you are flying on Friday then no.
Have a safe flight.

I was once flying out of a small airport and the pilot turned the small commuter plane around and went back to the gate because he had forgotten to get fuel. It's always best to discover those things before taking off.

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