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November 19, 2004


Have we got some material for you.

(Thanks to Brian McMahon)


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"It's weird behavior that hasn't been recognized before on Uranus," Sromovsky said. "We don't know what makes it keep coming back to its starting point."

They already said it: the atmosphere is slippery.

Uranian Storms wbagnfarb? Nah.

all Uranus belong to us

Hehe, he said Uranus

"There is very little temperature contrast and very little energy to drive the weather in Uranus," says Sromovsky. "Whatever is happening has to be well lubricated; it has to be a low-friction environment."

Captain! There's a gasious cloud surrounding Uranus!

-Star Trek

"The large, longer-lived cloud features of Uranus may be underpinned by giant hurricane-like vortices, as we've seen on Neptune," says Sromovsky, "but it's unlikely that they are as violent as the hurricanes that routinely batter Florida, for example."

Florida being compared to Uranus... why does that sound so familiar? hmmm....


Any Klingons in the vicinity?

what a cool job, I wish i could get paid to look at uranus with a telescope.

Dammit Jim, I'm not a gastroenterologist!
Bones McCoy

Fascinating ...
Mr. Spok

* spraying Oust *
Gaaa! Cap'n, I'm giving it all she's got! The crew won't stand fer much more!

Briam B,

You beat me to the "well lubricated" line. It reminds me of a song from (the late, great) Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage"; Keeping it Greezey So It Goes Down Easy.

If I have just given you an ear-worm, you are a latent Zappa-phile: anyone who refuses to admit his or her self that musical satisfaction can only be acheived through polytonal guitar solos and inverted rhythms.

See you in the white zone.

Middle Schoolers? Screw the middle schoolers, this is great fodder for all of us!

It's weird behavior that hasn't been recognized before on Uranus," Sromovsky said. "It's similar to what's been seen on Neptune, although there the oscillation is much more rapid.

Rapid Uranus Oscillation is not only a great name for a band, it's also a great name for a porn movie.

"Whatever is happening has to be well lubricated; it has to be a low-friction environment.

Well, duh. That's what I said to my proctologist! And speaking of which, I'm pretty displeased with the electorate. They should have voted in Dave for President since one of his campaign promises is to change the way they are checking the prostrate.

Dog - Yellow Snow!

One would suppose that a posting like this
would be, to me, unadulterated bliss

Gas clouds on Uranus, and hurricane winds!
So many fart jokes, it makes the mind spin!

So hear I sit, my hand on my chin
with such fertile material, where to begin?

Oh the dilemna, and oh the vexation!
damn all the fates, who gave me this station!

I know I will live out my years, cynical and jaded
because Dave's Uranus posting left me constipated.


sorry - that was judi's uranus posting

Spock: Captain, I recommend we send a probe to Uranus.

excellent, as usual, mudstuffin.


oh, and slyeyes: there you go. nudge nudge wink wink.

I wonder if there are beavers on Uranus?


The beavers are NEAR Uranus, separated by the taint asteroid belt.

p.s. in response to your question in the most recent MOAT, I live in M'boro, and work in Cool Springs.


as mentioned by mudstuffin..."but it's unlikely that they are as violent as the hurricanes that routinely batter Florida, for example."

how great is it that Florida is now the Galaxy-Wide standard for horrible weather? I'm so proud.

Sarcasmo- Most of my friends live in the Boro because they're (not beaver) still in school. Are you a blue raider too?

Fed - I am, going for my MBA, i've been a blue raider (not boob rater [although i do that in my spare time]) since '95.

"Whatever is happening has to be well lubricated; it has to be a low-friction environment."

I want to see Dr.Sromovsky say that with a straight face. I'd be SOOO cracking up.

But I'm just perverted that way.

....although, if I were one of those researchers studying those cloud formations, I'd probably say something as profound as "I see a ducky and a bunny."

Mud, *wink*


Yeah - no one on THIS blog would be immature enough to laugh at the word "uranus".

Sarcasmo- We've almost certainly met then. I've spilled beer on every person in the boro at least once.

*hides in shadows with Tina*


Many great discoveries have started with a Keck to Uranus.

Rhealist, I discovered once that a tailbone hurts like hell with a Keck to Uranus.

Also did somebody say boobies?

*deserting workstation for an immediate ooggle*

narf & Brian B - Guilty as charged . . .

It's been a while since i've had beer spilled on me, but if that was you, thanks.

Hmmm, Brian B. That gives me an idea for the farewell card. Seeing as everyone is afraid to send their voice in, perhaps they would be more comfortable sending in photos of their breasts? I'm game.

Which unfortunately drags me straight to one of those jokes that are eternally lurking back there in the shadows ready to squirt out:

A hunter was walking through the forest one day when he suddenly came upon a naked woman stretched out luxuriously before him.

"Hi big boy", she murmured huskily, "if you want we could fool around some, I'm game".

So he shot her.

Gotta love hunters - they can get highly focussed out in the wilderness....

I guess he "shot" her with his WD-40

I guess he "shot" her with his WD-40 (no friction)

Brian: nice boobs

"Damn it Jim, I'm a surgeon, not Uranus!"

beat me to it, MOTW.

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