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November 17, 2004


We want your job.

(Thanks to Alanboss)


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You mean there really is a BangiCam?!?

Guys, think of the possibilities.

I have plenty of time.

Starts chant: We want a new blog topic; we want a new blog topis; we want a new blog topic; all join in; we want a new blog topic
Start wave

Ah'm a Yankee Doodle bloglit
Yankee Doodle, do or die!
A real live bloglit of my Uncle Dave
But not old, as Jeff M implied.

Ah've got a Yankee Doodle comment
I'll sing it loud and sing it well
Yankee Doodle went to London
Just to write a comment
I am that Yankee Doodle gal!

Hi, Y'all! Anything happen while I was gone?

Maybe Dave and Judi are at a corporate "off-site." (Where I work, that's what they always say when management suddenly disappears for the day.) But who cares? This thread (like others) has taken on a life of its own.

How's this Bangi?

*stumbles and spills hot coffee on self*

Oh well. i'm still stuck in Balloon face limbo.

Tina! Where ya been, gurl?

mudstuffin - nothin's hapenning except we've started a chant for a new blog topic but
sandy beach thinks that Dave and Judi may have gone off-site; I've been to that motel a time or two myself - no room service but a jacuzzi in every room - hmmmm - anyone interested? - will wear coconut bra - Punky, are you in?

Maybe they gave us this game to play with, knowing they were going to be out for awhile.

Eleanor ... hells yeah, I'm in.

You had me at "motel"

all you have to do is ask nicely, and there will be no need for x-ray lenses

Hi, y'all, please help! I'm stuck at the bong guy. Nothing happens when the key goes into the box, and I have nothing better to do until a new topic is posted.

But ... click click lick is so much better!

You're welcome, Bangi.

Tina, "I should have changed my stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second
you'd be back to bother me" :)

too cute.

and too bad he looks like the frog on the banana

i'm thinking of releasing a companion product to the orgasmotron . . . i'll call it, the Sarcasmotron.

Although not nearly as pleasurable, it can be used in conjunction with the orgasmotron.

For example:

Female Blogger w/out Sarcasmotron: "Compared to the orgasmotron, you are as pleasurable as a root canal AND open heart surgery combined"

Female Blogger w/ Sarcasmotron: "Yes dear, you are EQUALLY as satisfying as the orgasmotron"

I just read through (skimmed, really) all the posts above. (sips moatini) As a chronologically challenged bloglit myself, I was surpised to read that there was some sort of scandal involving twopuppies. must have happened while I was on vacation or attending a "business meeting" or "doing my job". (sip) Or, it could have been discussed in one of the many iterations of the MOAT. I will confess to not reading all the way through those things.

strike match on passing monkey, lights cigar)

While were waiting for new topic, how about turning up the music?

Tony? You out there?


Strange doin's in that last post there...


If you've got handcuffs . . . I'll follow you anywhere.

*sly grin*

Can I be the Alfred to your Justice League 3?

What a gig that would be.

"I'm on the highway to hell . . . the highway to hell . . . "

* laments not being in 30s anymore *
Guess I was left out of the 'Punky Does Twopuppies In' Gang.
But then, I've always had mudstuffin and brat who gallantly come to my aid.
* courtsies in their general direction *

** without farting, of course, mudstuffin **

got moatini?

*walks in bearing a silver tray w/ Butterscoth Puddin', whip cream, MOATaritas, and fuzzy handcuffs for all*

Whats this about a motel????

*pssst* Eleanor - you forgot your penguin thong!

OOOH! Bangi-cam is on!

*sits and watches with glazed look on face*


I was climbing the stairway to heaven when i met you and tina . . . that was more than enough to sway me from the straight and narrow.

*comment dripping with sarcasm (not sarcasmo)*

I was corrupt long before

(Nodding head to music)

Thanks, y'all.

(sips moatini, adjusts thong, is surprised to find that he's been sitting on a parrot, throws parrot over shoulder, falls off of bar stool, farts, makes mental note, sits back down, sips moatini)

Play that funky music, white boy!

I wanna play dress up, TOO!!!


so................how's that game going for y'all?

game ... erm ... oh, THAT!
Forget that. Music and present company are too good.

Tina ... only if they're squirrel fur!

*wonders what goes into "making" a naked outfit*

off topic (well, kind of on the original topic but not the current one):

Balloon Face has me frustrated. How do I get past the first level?

this is vitally important to the continued wasting of time at my job...

Sarcasmo, didn't you ever read The Emperor's New Clothes?

Lame ... what part are you stuck on???
And have you gotten the hanger to fall onto the wire yet?

Meanwhile, I'm still stuck at the smoking guy! The skier won't come up no matter how many times I press the red button. Is there something I'm missing?

Neo, Yep, good point.

So, only non-kinks will be able to "see" my clothes?

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happeeeee
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high

* takes a sip of moatarita, b-i-g smile in Jeff's direction *

terrylj - did you click on the saggy wire?

you use the hookah as the key, then click the red button. But before that you have to have clicked on the droopy wire so it goes back up to the top of the poles.

then make sure the arrow is pointing the right way...

rita, girlfriend, I'm on CST. Please save some chocotini for me, okay? Thanks!

lame-o - it may have something to do with those red and green lights. you might have to time it so you slide through the window when the light is green

Thanks, E and lame-o! Onward and upward!

(Yes, I have a govt job, why do you ask?)

rita, girlfriend, I'm on CST. Please save some chocotini for me, okay? Thanks!

thanks, E! That did it!

*happily goes back to not doing job*

lame -

I counted how long the green light was on and how long the red light was on and timed my click so ya go through the door right AS the green goes on.

yes, I have a lot of time on my hands... my job is slooowwww this week. *sigh*

whooo, time-warped double-post

Hey yeah, what ever happened to twopuppies? He was one cool dawg. Where'd he go?

So, I guess I wasn't the only bloglit-erette left out.

Punky, would you please enlighten or provide URL to the MOAT on topic of twopuppies?


motw & rachel, e-mail me.

ok, so I finally broke down and decided to play the game that this thread is nominally about. I get past the sheep/leet/geckos... and then the screen gets perpetually stuck at "loading, 36%" If I kibby, then it starts completely over. Any suggestions?

Is "kibby" the new euphemism for "refresh the page"?


That is all.

Kibby is refreshing, yes :)

KibbyF5 was Kibby's original blog name. Hence the "kibby" reference to "refreshing"

Bangi, that doesn't annoy me; in fact it's one of my favorite songs, so thanks!

Now MOTW, that's another thing, although it's no (no, I can't say it) "the Lola song."

Oh yeah??? well...


(say it - three-oh-first ... I'm trying to start a new counting system... and that doesn't really count as a "FIRST!" post.... )

umm... 305st?


Still loading, still 36%.

* wink Jeff *
See, I knew that what Bangi sang was cool (she's so young, just picked wrong era/genre), but it just teched off a spur to John 'Nature Boy' 'Might have been related to Euell Gibbons' Denver. Couldn't help myself.
I promise not to mention judi's least favorite song of all time ...

This is part of the game, right? How to get past the d@mn "Loading, 36%" level?

Whip? maybe naked wasn't such a good idea . . . then again.

*places hands over 'sensitive' parts*

I thought it was
"give him two lips like roses in clover
and tell him that his lonesome nights are over"

Re: Kibby

Yeah, I realized that after I posted. Stupid slow synapses suggest silly solutions.

Punky and C'bol - you got a room yet. Lemee know the number and I'll send you up a magnum.

Ok where the hell is Barry today??..and Judy???...no postings???...what's going on!...thankfully Jeff Meyerson is here...and where's Claire Martin??...I have not heard from her since she dropped the bags of poop at my front yard...

I'm afraid i may be in over my HEAD (not head) here . . . not that there's anything wrong with that.

.. ha ha ... that reminds me of one Margarita-soaked night at our local Cantina ...

Changing the Lyrics of bad songs to include queso created this :

"They called it queso...
It was a big bowl...
with green Chilis every where/
and gets all in your hair..."

Not quite C-bol-esque, but funny all the same when ya gots that many margaritas in ya...

Tina - umm... didn't you see the tray I brought in with me when I came? plenty of furry cuffs to go around.... no rope needed!

And thanks for the pasties! It was getting a might bit 'nipply' in here ...

"Mr. Sandman bring me, please please bring me, Mr. Sandman bring me a ....


i'm pretty intuitive, and i can recognize the signs (especially since i'm looking so hard for them [no pun intended])

cherrypie, you're (not your) both right. The first verse is.. forget it. Does this help?.

Tina, I'm not THAT old. Start in 1961 and go from there. (Though I do remember The Chordettes not only for "Mr. Sandman" but for "Lollipop" and -- I'm pretty sure -- the theme from "Zorro" believe it or not.)

Just, now CUT THAT OUT. I thought we all agreed not to go there.

umm.. oookay... that margarita post was 25 minutes late!! wtf???

Yes, I was right.

"Out of the night
When the full moon is bright
Comes the horseman known as Zorro
This bold renegade
Carves a "Z" with his blade
A "Z" that stands for Zorro."

Geezer alert!

The first Halloween I really remember, my brother and I and our best friend all dressed up as Zorro. Another friend went as a chef. Every doorbell we rang we didn't say "trick or treat" when asked who was there but rather:

"Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! and French's mustard."

That last part was a little weak.

I'm stuck on Balloon Head!!! I'm in the puzzle (3rd level?) So the puzzle looks like the one that the bird has... now what??!

By the way, I once had an e-mail from Judi saying that she is out of the office some days. Maybe that's why she hasn't posted any half-naked studs lately. Or maybe she's back stalking Hugh Jackman.

Aces, T.

That and Dave has short timer's disease, so this could go on for days.

witchiecoo: turn the bird's map one turn to the right in your head, and match that pattern. But you have to do it on the first try...

I love the 'Sandman' line about 'Give him wavy hair like Liberace'. this was back before songwriting took a nosedive...wasn't it?

Tina -

lol... I make myself useful. And I have a particular knack for turning innocent cat toys in to objects of torture.. err, I mean delight!
(note to all: cat toys are a LOT easier to explain away than a "goody drawer")

Now our next order of business: Butterscotch or Chocolate?

*takes a sip of Margarita*

oh, and Jeff... I *didn't* go there.... I was simply relating a funny (to us) experience involving queso... I could have sang "Queso.. Qeeeeeso... Queso come andme need some chips!" or "Alllll Byyyyy Myyyyy Quesooooooo" (not the best of all the songs that night, by far)

*Innocent Look*


I learn quick, but i forget easily (when i want to be disciplined) *heh-heh-heh*

Thanks Cherrypie & djtonyb...

witchie -

let me clarify - ONE TURN TO THE RIGHT means CLOCKWISE... I turned it to .. the right. And it helps to jot a quick diagram... that way you can see in front of you which ones need to change! Good Luck!

I did it! Balloon Head is no longer an airhead!

*happy dance*



Thanks for your help Just


I am totally jealous, i have tried EVERYTHING including the right turn, but still no luck.

Tina, can i borrow your whip?

Glad to see you guys posted another hundred while I was gone for only THREE HOURS!

Witchie - np. :-D

Sarcasmo - Did you turn to the right or clockwise?? I made that mistake that drove me crazy until someone turned on the lightbulb for me.... then it was easy as pie...

**mmmm... pie......**

What? oh yeah... so where are you on it?

*cracks whip and hits self in a tender place*

Better leave this to the pros

*sheepishly hands whip back to tina*

Thanks anyway tina

Sarcasmo, since you turned the map, are the squares that are black on the map that pinkish color or clear? I think you are supposed to click on everywhere BUT where the black squares are represented. Or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, try both ways.

*snicker* he said 'but.'

"We hope that during our toilet revolution people will pay more attention on how to use the toilet properly"

Welcome to todays class ladies and gentlemen, Toilet Training for Adults , or as WE call it, Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks....

...ya click where the black squares are...

Sarcasmo - Let me see if I can help you out... It's like Cherrypie said, you only have one chance to do it.

Working from the top row, left to right... then working on the next row, from left to right, and so on...
top row:
blank square, click, blank square, blank square, blank square
next row:
click, click, click, blank square, blank square
next row:
blank square, blank square, click, blank square, blank square
next row:
click, click, click, click, click, click
next row:
blank square, blank square, click, click, blank square

Click on the girl. Retract the hook... and away she flies... wheeeeee!

Thank goodness, i am no longer headless.

Thanks for all the tips everyone.

Tina, here's a naked happy dance, just for you.

The problems with games like these are that you can't be sure just how complex the solution is going to be until you look back on it and think, "Wow, that was cake!" For example, before I realized that a turn was the key, I accidentaly restarted a few times. So I never knew what solution I had already tried. You know how when the grid first appears and it does a spiral thing out from the center? Well, for a long time, I tried clicking the boxes in order from the center and spiraling outward (leaving the black boxes blank) and then the other way (only clicking black boxes) and then upside down, both ways, and then sideways, but apparently not the right way, and then a mirror image, and then doing it all again with the hook retracted...Yeah, so, how was I supposed to know?


There could be a game . . . if you want.

"Suite Judi Blue Eyes"

*cool guitar riff*
It’s getting to the point (without Judi),
The Blog’s not as fun anymore.
I am sorry.
Sometimes it hurts ,
So badly I must cry out loud;
I am lonely.
I am yours,
You are mine,
You are what you are.
You make it haaaarrd,
And you make it haaarrd.
*guitar riff*

Where are you Judi?
Help, the Blog’s fallen, and it can’t get up!

357 posts about a game?!

*looks over her shoulder to make the boss doesn't see this*

No sexual innuendo intended, I just couldn't think
of any other good alternative lyrics (I'm no C-bol)

No sexual innuendo intended, I just couldn't think
of any other good alternative lyrics (I'm no C-bol)

I'm off to class, and then home, you guys (and especially you girls) have a good night.

Don't worry, Tina, there are others!
*looks around*
Oh wait, I see your point...

Wow, we've been busy today. Over 350 posts and we're still blogging long and hard.

Heh heh, I said "busy"

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