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October 12, 2004


...we respond: "Oh yeah?"

Update: And let's not overlook this act. (Thanks to Elizabeth)


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Don't forget Germany's most famous Elvis imersonator...Gregor Graf:


The sound bytes are priceless. (sorry my html skills are nonexistant...)


congratulations on being first elizabeth!

can I call you liz?

Ah, yes, the immortal lyrics of Peat Loaf

I water you,
I weed you,
But there ain't no way
I'm ever gonna mow you,
But don't be sad,
'Cause two outta three ain't bad. . .

The only question I have about any Meatloaf tribute is, "Why?"

Because he's a Wild and an Untamed Thing, you silly.

It's just not "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" WHEN THE STEERING WHEEL IS ON THE WRONG SIDE!!!!

Let's not forget one of the most awe-inspiring (in the sense of ridiculous)musical acts of all time: Chelvis, the Chinese Elvis.


I didn't make it an HTML link because the page is currently down.

There are many a terrible act
In the music biz, that is a fact
I get pains in the Pelvis
When people say "Chelvis"
And barf at the sound of Cher.

Okay, so it doesn't all rhyme, but it's the truth.

Let us not forget Mexico's entry into the tribute act sweepstakes: El Vez!

Really, there is such a guy. Or used to be, anyway.

amazing how far people with NO talent can get. but its funny..

amazing how far people with NO talent can get. but its funny..

Key line: "Peat Loaf are the UK's only totally live Meat Loaf tribute band"

There are several partially dead tribute bands, apparently.

And for those of you (like Zaphod) not discerning enough to see Meat Loaf's great talents, well this Serbian farmer certainly gets it.

Too much meat loaf for Peat, obviously. With that look, I fear he won't be totally live for long.

Peat Loaf, I'd like you to Meat Moss.

amazing how far people with NO talent can get. but its funny..

was that about us?

no, i think it was about us

actually, he was referring to me

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that German Elvis impersonator is actually rather good? Seriously.

don't forget me

Peat Moss...El Vez...I wouldn't worry about those guys. But you know it'll be time to build a bunker and move underground when the Will Hung impersonators show up.

Look...I said 'Peat Moss'. Is that a Freudian slip?

Gregor Graf ..Elvis imitator.. a tribute to the man and his hit's

Someone needs to send that man his Mister Language Person's School of English Certificate


I've seen Gregor (the Elvis guy) in person and yes he's a really incredible performer. He's amazing!


Gregor doesn't speak a word of English, so that's why the spelling errors exist on his website.


Zaphod, that would certainly take care of the boars... it would kill them for sure! No one can handle that much pork!

is Peat Loaf a Vegan ?
i guess he doesn't want Mad Rockstar Disease

Insom - No. You're thinking of Peta Loaf.

So, the Middle Eastern version would be "Pita Loaf"?

His big hit being Jihad by the Dashboard Light.

re: Gregor Graf - I think this guy needs a visit from the Apostrophe Protection Society.

Not to mention he looks more like Dice Clay than Elvis.

I never could understand how the lyrics I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever going to love you. But don't feel bad. 'Cause two out of three ain't bad. was supposed to be comforting to any woman. I mean, really. Is that supposed to be serious? Or perhaps that ballad is really just some kind of satire?

Zaphod, I should have seen that one coming.

Well . . . . I did learn that 'weiter' means 'enter' in German.

Peat moss grows in a thick mat. So he should have called it the "Peat Loaf -- Mat Out of Hell Tour."

Um, or maybe not.

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