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October 21, 2004


It's out of control.


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I HATE snakes and now they have mutated to be twice as yucky. It's the end of the world I tell ya.

Unfortunately, the rare specimen died shortly after it was found.
...naturally? I think not.

I found a two-headed Yankees fan once. He could curse at me and tell me how much better NY was than anywhere else at the same time.

Lots of rare snakes unfortunately die shortly after being found.
cause of death: encounter with sharp edged shovel.

I bet that's why they won't let you bring shovels into Barry Manilow or Cher concerts.

Unfortunately (Wham!), it died (Wham! Wham!) shortly after (gimme a second here, Wham!), being found.
Oh, we're live?

yuck - twice.

Big Burly Guy in construction helmet "I *thwack* found a *thwack* two-headed *thwack* snake over here! *THWACK* I think he's dead though."

Ha! Jamester, if I hadn't had to stop to read "Dennis the Donkey" to my three-year-old, I could have beaten you to the punch! I'm sorry that I didn't F5 first, but I was afraid of the charges he threatened on the "Goodbye Dave" thread.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again: Two-Headed Snake WBAGNFARB.

As well as a description for some men...

"Experts estimate the two-headed snake belongs to a variety of grass snakes..."


Jessica, I can understand that Dennis the Donkey (thwack!) just has to take priority sometimes.

I think the story forgot to include, "and shortly after it died, the work gang broke for lunch."

Unfortunately the rare specimen died...

Yes, a real shame.

The two heads engaged in a battle to the death over the Sox/Yankees game.

Before panicking, Dave, maybe you should find out how long "60 centimeters" is in real American measurements. Is it 6 feet or 6 inches?

Jeff - That's 0.0003728 miles.

Yes, you're (not your) welcome.

i saw a two headed snake on discovery channel, it didn't die, it was full grown, they left it so....

you dont know metric system? holy... thats easiest system ever,
(for zaphod)

nobody posting comments, come on im Impatient, im in class and bored so i expect my bordom to go away

im going now, bye i'll be back though, sometime!

bad link...what is it?

ew a 2 headed snake i wonder what the parents of that snake thogut when they saw its offsprings faceslol

ewwwwww. just ewww.

You know, I just had a thought. It came from the two headed Yanks fan comment...

These two headed snakes should run for office! They can say something different out of head (two faced? HA HA so last election!) and, well, it's a SNAKE

We do have a two-headed snake running for office. I don't want to take sides in this blog, but he's the one has enough face for two heads

And there are actual, existing people who openly denounce stem-cell research? What is this country coming to?

I denounce it. And I think people think it is a cure-all, when in reality it is not, nor can it be. I have heard people say it can cure everything from cancer to fatness to nearsightedness. It isn't a miriacle cure, and it might not even work for degenerative mental disorders, for which it is most promising.

Doug, I'm with you, but was that a non sequiter or what?

DEnounce. Ooohhh...I thought you said PROnounce. Why aren't those words opposites, anyway?

*shakes head in disgust*

I thought this was a politics-free zone. If you really want to make snarky comments about a) a politician with enough face for two heads, or b) a politician with enough brain for half a head, I suggest you go the Ann Coulter message board on Yahoo. You will find ample playmates there.

There is one, and only one,, true candidate for president: Dave (pronounced: cocoanut bra) Barry

i wonder if this is caused by feeding them string cheese.

i actually work with a two-headed copperhead at the nature center where i work. he is really amazing and getting along great.... unfortunately for some of you snake haters, he wont ever meet the sharp edge of a shovel!

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