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October 18, 2004


We had a technical problem that I won't try to explain here, because I have no idea what it was. But I would not be surprised if it involved "Windows XP Service Pack 2."


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Great news! I was beginn (404 Fatal Error)


Not first!

+tap tap + Is this thing on? Testing...1....2....3...

Hey, I resemble that remark...

Dave: This frikken thing won't let me blog!

Judi: Call tech support!

Harry: What's up, Dave?

Dave: Ever since you, ok I installed Service Pack 2 I can't frikken blog. Well, I could for a while, but now I can't! It's that damned service pack, isn't it?

Harry: Erm, Dave? That's your toaster.

Judi: I tried to tell him.

Dave: Never mind, I fixed it.

Toaster? Do I detect a "red Dwarf" reference or am I just blogged out?

Toaster? Do I detect a "red Dwarf" reference or am I just blogged out?

*blows crumbs off monitor*

THAT explains it.

The toaster! No wonder there's no place to hook up the keyboard!


How many times do I have to tell you that when you want to "reboot," you're supposed to turn the "wireless flat panel monitor" upside down and shake it until the "screen" clears. You then power it back on with the two "keys" at the bottom.


Much like a toilet, the only way to fix a computer is to tighten all the parts until they break.

See Dave, while you (and I) were off partying in Vegas Judi wanted to make sure you stopped neglecting the home front so 'accidentally' broke the blog. She just wants to feel appreciated.

Judi, we love you! And the t-shirt was a HUGE hit in Vegas. If I had them I could have sold a bunch and made enough to pay for my wife's gambling jones.

Has anyone else had SP2 just spontaneously download itself and then keep trying to install itself?

Rita, Hal says not to try and stop him or he'll have to hurt you, much as he doesn't want to.

i use a mac™

I tried to warn you Dave. SP2 is a real pain in the ass butt.

Seems that with SP2 it's either really good or really bad for your computer. My comp is allergic to it.

No SP2 problems here. Macs rule!

Macs, macs, macs, macs, what is it about mac owners? Mac camp, mac club, my friend has one and that's all she ever talks about, every time I have the slightest problems with my pc, what are they the Holy Grail??
(ducks as lighting bolt shoots from sky, exploding pc into tiny bits)

Someone call Al Gore. Heck, he invented the Internet.

rita- Treating those macs like pc's? They're not the same thing. Get someone to show you around the mac and "think different".
Otherwise, send 'em to me! I'd love to have a portable mac lab!!!

Mum: how come this toast tastes funny?

Daughter: Well I thought that you would like it, to go with the bullshit ur always feeding me!

Dad: HAHAHA U ate crap!

Mum: And guess who is sleeping on the couch tonight!

Daughter #2: HAHA dad got in trouble!

Dad: UR grounded

Daughter #1: haha U got in trouble

Mum: And guess who else just got grounded

both daughters: Mum, Dad, please stop feeding us Bullshit.

Thank you djtonyb. Sometimes, being a computer graphics artist I just, just (wipes tear from eye) feel so alone. And rita? Can I print out the first part of your response IN GOLD, AND FRAME IT AND MAKE HER HANG IN ON HER DARN WALL IN FRONT OF HER MAC! Please????

I don't own or use computers.

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