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October 14, 2004


Now the bastards are using Mexican milk snakes in Tameside.

Key Quote: The unnamed snake is now being cared for at the centre and will be used for training or re-housed.

Rehoused? ReHOUSED??


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Not that I run around biting people, of course...as far as you know...

Before I get myself all excited, you're a girl, right Mew?


*nibbles neophyte playfully and hope he/she comes back*

It is AWESOME to make new friends!

And another thing:
I also read mexican milk shake.

And i want one of those.
With more ice.

Beyond this:
I wish i would get pinned down and bitten in real life.
No such luck tho.
So keep up the good work Tina.

To paraphrase Homer Simpson:
No pot and no beer make homer go afhaBAGAVZXGfdgfaGYAAAAaaaaaaa
(That word means crazy, look up)


Keep sharing and caring, Tina.

I have to say if i didn't have this blog, i would be profoundly lonely.
Except for the voices in my own head, anywayz...

"Pardon me while i burst into flames"-Incubus

So sue me, i'm getting off on a rant again.

By the way, is anyone actually on the moat?
When i go there, i never find anything useful.

heh, heh, Bangi said combusts, heh, heh

Firstly, Tina- I can spank you for free 8>
2) I live in florida(But we can still work something out. The weather here is sooooo much nicer)
3) HOW IN THE F'DUHK do you work in an emergency room in seattle. The most depressing job in the country in the most depressing city in the country. JEEZ, and i thought my job was fucn stupid.

Also, i must make a download to a NON low-flow toilet. Much love to the bloggettes.

Hope to see you all when i finish downloading.

(Oh, and i know, That was TMI)

Heh Heh, PETER, heh heh....
He said "busts", heh heh.

'Me bunghole goes prraaa pa pa pa POOP!"-Beavis


Psst. Bangi, we're still on the main blog. teehee. If we act like normal, they'll all run away.

*Puts on Trench coat, but nothing else*

*Goes around flashing innocent victims*

*Waits with much excitement, for punishment from Bangi the Sizzlin Security Enforcer*

Fed. Duck, yes, I'm female. Wanna pet the cute kitty? :)

Well, the blog looks like an interesting place this afternoon...

*pulls up lawn chair and large bowl of popcorn*

physician over intercom: "paging tina! paging tina! you are needed immediately in ER!"

tina over intercom: "call someone else, I'm busy right now!"

physician over intercom: "paging tina! the patient is dying! we need you here immediately!"

tina over intercom: "I guess you didn't here me the first time doc - you need an audiologist, or what? - I SAID I AM BUSY RIGHT NOW BLOGGING! FIND SOMEONE ELSE!"

physician over intercom: "cancel page tina. patient is deceased."

tina over intercom: "okay!"

*Gets ZAPPED by pg-13 Thingy*

Ow, alright. Saaaaaawwwwreeee..


"Rehoused" is just another word for "brutally killed with either a hacksaw or another type of saw."

Tina, the sweet sweet newbies are fresh today!

Joe, be careful with her; she's feisty when provoked.

Mew, wanna grab some catnip and meet me by the scratching post?

to return to a completely digressed-from undigression:

(yes, i'm sloooow)

desert, if that's what you call yourself... so who hasn't exaggerated the length of a snake once or twice? this is what we get by taking the snake's word on its own size instead of hiring an impartial bystander to get measurements.

i would have volunteered to bystand, too, it's been a long time since i've handled snakes. and now i'm all nostalgic. ::sniffle::

So, we have nurses playing doctor with psychos and cats at the scratching post doing catnip? Something tells me y'all are particularly bored at work, today.

*pulls out the Duck tape* Come out, come out, wherever you are!

*peers around corner*

Is it safe?

Ok, way back around noonish, I wrote that everything I typed had to be deleted because it sounded dirty. I went away for a little while, and now, for SOME reason, everything I READ is sounding dirty. I must be worse than I thought!

Oddly enough, it can be that way sometimes! But things aren't always as they seem...

pervette... perhaps you should lie down? *wheels in queen-sized bed with plushy down duvet*

*saucy smile* It's only dirty if you read it that way. ;)

Quite frankly, I don't much care about the Libertarian party. And I have pretty much stopped caring about all the election stuff too. And I still have a week and a half til I can vote and shut them up...

Stoopid election year. Been avoiding the ads for a year and a half now.

Okay, so I messed up my dates... I voted today. I wrote in Dave Barry.

J.Kerry was "Arbonnized" several weeks ago before he spoke at (?) Pittsburg. I think Bush needs "blinders". They put them on horses to keep them from looking sideways. (blink, blink, blink!--- Blink, blink!)

Take note, Dave.

(Heard in Starbucks)
I'd like a Mexican Milksnake Latte with extra cinnamon please.

Oh, and a Peruvian Milksnake to go, thanks, hold the chocolate sprinkles. It's in training.

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