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October 29, 2004



(Thanks again to photographer matt carmichael)


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Is that Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO fame?



What the heck is that guy wearing on his head (over Dave's left shoulder?)

Looks like a pink wedding cake...

dave wrecked my car but could not convince my ex he was the one.

PeeJay ... I didn't take offense, sweetie.

The "mwah" was me blowing you a kiss ... not me telling you to "kiss off" :)

*pins first-blocking merit badge on Punky*

Ow! Careful with that pin, Booger(TA-F)!

Blue on blue,
Heartache on heartache,

I guess this means that Dave is reading our posts? Since we've done nothing but make fun of his blue shirt!

P.S.: On topic, I think you can see Dave's blue shirt crumpled at the feet of Pink Wedding Cake Head Guy. Obviously, earlier on in the show, he must have ripped it from his body in an effort to please his female fans, or, perhaps, scare away a bear.

Tomorrow - liked "Lifted".

I don't see a crumpled shirt anywhere, unless you count the one actually being worn by Dave. Maybe you're (not your) deranged or blinded by the blues... But if there was a shirt, I think it'd probably be a backup just in case Dave's first shirt experienced a wardrobe malfunction, by, say, Wedding Cake Guy leaning too (not to or two) far forward and puncturing the back.

My goat and I thank you, kind pogo sir.

Dave: When with the Remainders play Madison, WI? And don't say when Hell freezes over -- it started defrosting just after Keith Foulke's last pitch Wednesday night.

When "with"? I meant to type "will," obviously.

Wow. That Alzheimer's sure does kick in quickly.

Booger (T-AF),

Can I join your "anti-first" action league? Are there membership dues? Can we award prize money to non-"first" first posts? Will I be able to deduct it from my taxes?

Thank you.

Punkster, I, too, thought of Devo. *sigh* to the geezer bus!

I remember Devo on SNL. It was a WTF moment as I recall. Of course it was Saturday night after Kamikazes, beer and parfait. I seem to remember flower pots, but I could have been mistaken.

Deonto... - If thinking of a Devo member qualifies you for the geezer bus, there must be an earlier bus I can catch, like the geezer early bird?

Deontologist: Hell "Devo" was just... oh hell, everybody on the geezer bus move one seat down, us old guys don't quit cut it. Oh well BOOGER anyway.

Forgot an "e".

Where's Amy Tan???

I said, now i've got my geezer bus (too much, geezer bus)
I said, now i've got my geezer bus (too much, geezer bus)
I drive my baby every way (too much, geezer bus)
Each time i go a different way (too much, geezer bus)

I want it, i want it, i want it, i want it ...

Someone fetch me my cane...I remember plastic flower pots as well (and I wasn't a mere whippersnapper then, either).


isn't Mark Mothersbaugh from Ohio ?
*displays geezer trivia badge, gets to ride geezer bus half-price*

Yes, Mark Mothersbaugh is from Ohio, Akron to be specific. He and the old mud-stuffer went to the same High School.

Yes, I am a geezer.

The red plastic hat is called a "Devo Power Dome".

Tomorrow's man: I've missed you. I guess mebbe I should stop at your site every once in a while.

Duty Now for the Future.

I have always considered Blue Man Group a kind of Devo revisted type of thing, you know? Only Devo wasn't as cool, and they never did funny Intel commercials.

Here we are ruminating over what the band may very well be singing in these non-CrapCam images (Gloria), and it turns out their singing stuff like "Material Girl" and "Like a Virgin."

Can you just see Dave or Ridley lying all over the stage Madonna-like?

I'm a pro "First!" kinda girl. (Sorry Peri).

** Hangs head in shame **

I can't help it. I got first once..what a rush!

(You can all stop shaking your heads and muttering "get a life" now.)

Actually, considering what they have been through recently on the bus they are looking not half-bad.

To paraphrase a wise philosopher, Blue Man Group couldn't carry Devo's guitar strap.

Ha,Ha Jeff..sorry I do not swing both ways....and I don't flip flop either if you know what I mean.. :-)

*sheds a tear and hugs her fellow geezers*

Is it too late to throw panties onstage?

Sharlit, I'm sure you could throw panties onstage anytime. Although now the wrong kind people might get the message. But generally, it's (not its) never too (not to) late to throw panties.

Sharlit...I was just going to say I see a distinct lack of panties on stage. Maybe Dave is quick to scoop them up.

Hope there aren't too many geezer groupies....Depends thrown on the stage would be scary.

"Geezer Groupies" = VERY BAD nfarb.

Maybe a hilarious song by Weird Al, though.

Nice guitar. Better hope the estate of Jerry Garcia does't find out you have it.

I'm the 51st poster!

MeganBNL -- What a great site gag! I lost some coffee to the monitor on that one. What a perfect scene for a Spinal Tap reunion movie. Or a documentary of the Remainders on the Road.

Um, am I the first loser who has to ask for a band member identification? I know the front-three-men people, but the rest?

cute hat. or is a coiled cobra that has been missing someplace? sorry i'm late. just got here.

(Hmm, guess I'll have to find a hat like that on ebay now . . . )

search using devo, maybe...
Welcome back!

pelagicsal: I'm thinkin' more birthday cake.

I got a new blog cranked up (click on Mahatma if you feel so inclined), not much on it yet though. There's no comments section, 'cause I can't figure out how to do that (yet)

Sorry Bangi, that hat must be truly OOAK
(=One Of A Kind in ebayspeak)

Oh! The cat in the hat is back!
Yes, the cat in the hat is back!
He is surely playing his sax!
Yes, he is surely playing his sax!
Oh! The cat in the hat is back! (tra-la)
The cat in the hat is back1
He knows what he knows,
From his head to his toes!
Yes, the cat in the hat is back!!!!!!! (tra-lat!)
His blue eyes doth gaze, upon the real man on the stage. Yes, the cat in the hat is back! Yeah man, right on Dave!

The design on Ridley's shirt explained.

Someone wanted names of the others....I kinda sorta maybe in a way almost remember the names. The drummer's name is something like John Kelly. They guy on sax in the towering chapeau is Erasmus Something (I think the hat looks like a Buddist Temple) and on keyboards is yummy and ripped Mitch Albom.

Can we get more pics of Mitch? Please?

Hmmmm the blog seems to not have changed its clocks last night.

Or, did I change mine the wrong way?

I hate when that happens.

Isn't that (blog clock being wrong) the topic that launched the orginal moat? Wasn't the only reason it was right due to Daylight Savings Time going into effect? WTBAGNFARB? Booger! You're (not your) going to have to pay closer attention.

I've got my blue shirt on, how about you?

Ooops. The clock controversy pre-dated my involvement with the blog. In checking back, I note that it's a touchy topic.

My bad.

And yes, wearing blue.

Pardon me.

Pardon me for being so technical, but why is Dave playing a Gibson SG and NOT dressed like Angus Young?

WTF are you leiderhosen brother?


Not to change the subject, but why not call this band 'Davo'?

They tell us that
We lost our tails
Evolving up
From little snails
I say it’s all
Just wind in trousers
Are we not guys?
We are davo!
We’re pinheads now
We are not whole
We’re pinheads all
Jocko homo
Are we not guys?
Monkey men all
In business suit
Teachers and critics
All dance the poot
Are we not guys?
We are davo!
Are we not guys?
God made guys
But he used the monkey to do it
Apes in the plan
We’re all here to prove it
I can walk like an ape
Talk like an ape
I can do what a monkey can do
God made guys
But a monkey supplied the glue
We must repeat
O.k. let’s go!


Just a few words on the TERRIFIC show in Cleveland on Friday...

The Remainders made every effort to mix n' mingle at the pre-show event. They also seemed to have enough sense to stay away from the "food" (fish nachos - what could go wrong?). Dave & Mitch even made a point to introduce themselves to some of the guests who seemed a bit shy.

The show was outstanding & turned into quite a family affair with various author-spouses showing up onstage. Roger McGuinn turned in a couple of jaw dropping sets & it was hard to tell if the band or the crowd was having more fun.

In truth, the best part of the night may have come early: there was a group of kids from the local "America Scores" program who had written some essays etc. for the evening & we had seen them _seriously_ rehearsing outside the Rock Hall earlier in the evening. When it came time for them to present, the sound system was,to put it mildly, lacking (like trying to hear somebody shout through a tennis ball can). It could have been a rather uncomfortable situation, except that not only had ALL of the Remainders come in to watch the kids, they actually moved in closer so that they wouldn't miss anything!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Remainders more than demonstrated their support for America Scores & more importantly, for the kids that night & it was very nice to see.

That & I'm afraid my wife might have scared the author of "Angela's Ashes."

Sorrry about that, Mr. McCourt...


btw, I'm proud to accept this year's award for most verb tense changes in a long-winded post.

thank you. thank you all.

Hi, Dave. Nice SG.

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