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October 14, 2004


Dang Yankers.


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Being first gets boring after a while.

I'm not American, so Yankers means to me just as much as Dlngjvasasdlksaghd

It's sweeter if they lose in the World Series

i'm with you jamester! i'm thinking st louie v stankees.

Ah, yes.... being that I lived in SFla during the conception and first world series, the joy of the second series victory was sweeter, being that I was in the midst of stankee fans here in D.C.! Love the Marlins, still, although who knows what will come with the Washington s. Let's go Astros/Cards! Beat the stankees!

Conception of the Marlins I should have put there....not THE conception...although I may be old enough to have been there...anyone see 3 wise men running around the everglades?

BTW...now that I am learning how the blog works.... the phrase insert name here, when inside carats, does not print...so after my comment 2 comments ago...please insert a name after Washington...help us name our team!

jamester, I sure hope the Cardinals can make that happen

Being that I'm from the non-Boston portion of Massachusetts (according to the wonderful people in Boston, I'm nothing more than an uneducated hillbilly who should be happy to give all of his tax dollars to the Boston part of Massachusetts), I really don't care if the Red Sox win or lose. I just want someone to make all of the Yankee fans out here to SHUT UP.

If that means that someone, anyone, anywhere, anyhow, needs to defeat them, then, being the uneducated hillbilly that I am, I shall issue a chant and an incantation to make it so.

Can't anyone stop them before they yank again?

Outside Observer:

Go with the Washington SockSniffers as a team name. If somebody would just break down and use that name, I would quit my job to work for their organization.

Thanks all...and FD... I read your comment and, oh, I don't know if it is Freudian or not, read the name SockSnifters...got to love a snifter of anything...At least it wasn't CrotchSniffers...ah...my Freudian is working again.

Ooh! Another DC bloglit!

I'm not a big Boston fan, but I hope they beat the danged Yankers. I loathe them with a passion few mortal men know.

OO: here are some suggsstions:

The Washington Pundits
the Washington Wonks
the Washington Regulators
the Washington Hair-dos
the Washington Amazing Egos
the Washington Interns

I'm not much of a baseball fan but I do get some small warm and fuzzy sensation of satisfaction whenever the Yankees beat the Red Sox. Maybe if the Sox fans stopped whining so much, NY fans (and non-fan residents) would tend to gloat less when "our" team wins.

On other matters, I think the new club in DC should be called the "Washington Monuments". Or maybe the "Incumbents" or the "Lobbyists" or the "Special Interests" or, oh, nevermind. I'm going back to naming snakes.

I don't get it. Why hate the Yankees? Aside from the fact that they are not from Arizona, and they are not the Diamondbacks?

Why hate the Yankees? Because they're there.

Same reason to hate the Redskins. And the Eagles.

I was in South Africa last year. Who's logo did I see on hats & shirts? Hmmmm it wasn't the poor beaten Red Sox (or are they the idiots now?). I was in Italy and the UK this past May, what logo did I see on hats & shirts? Hmmm it wasn't the poor beaten Red Sox. As a matter of fact I travel a lot, I see YANKEE everywhere, in every country, I see the interlocking NY symbol in YOUR cities, I see Red Sox nowhere as it unfortunately has to be. The only thing better than a Yankee sweep in the ALCS would be a win in seven. I'll be enjoying another series, what will you be watching, Three Stooger reruns because you can feel their pain??? And if St. Louis should beat the Yanks, oh well the ALCS would have been as sweet as it comes.

Oh by the way , as for naming the new DC team, How about the Washington Liars. the team logo could be a lobbiest or how about a toilet.

More DC team names:

(the) Filibusters
(the) Statesman (points for irony)
(the) Capitolists
(the) Career Bureaucrats
(the) Insiders
(the) Beltways

Okay, back to snakes.

How about The Washington Expos? It sorta fits, doesn't it?

I bet there's a lot of "exposing" going on in Washington, what with all those interns walking around just waiting to be "exposed" to the higher workings of government. Isn't that what happened to Lewinski? Or was she the "exposee"? I forget.

I guess I've got too much on my mind - like how I'm going to fit all my tax money into the envelope to send to Boston so thay can pay for the Big Dig and maybe some more improvements to Fenway Park so the Boston fans can watch Red Sox lose to the Yankees in style.

Hey, we've all got our little axe to grind...

*draws bead on mudslinger with paintball gun*

*remembers broadcasters on last night's game going on and on about how nice St. Louis fans are.*

*sighs and puts away gun, knowing Pujols, Walker, and the rest of the Cardinals Murderer's Row will do the job.*

Oh, NYmudslinger, misread your post. I thought you said "As If St. Louis could beat the Yanks."

My mistake. I think I may have gotten a little mud on my glasses.

Isn't the expression. "Here's mud in your (sly)eye?" Not on your glasses!

Now now Slyeyes in St.Louis, we don't advocate violance here in NYC, we may do it but we usually don't like it.

I actually like St.Loo (wait, is that a nickname for toilet, nahhh) and I like the Cards chances against the Bombers. Its just having worked for a beantown company for 10 years (while living in NY I'll add) and enduring Bostons hatred (yes real hatred) for anything NY I got kinda this sour taste in my mouth when it comes to the Red Sox.

Your murders row may actually do the trick against NY, probably not, but maybe. We all know that they would however literally crush the Sox who are folding faster than an accordian. Then you guys could also chant "WHO'S YOUR DADDY".

i kinda like the Washington Capitolists. yeah. and the only team i hate more than the stankees is the red sux - and both of them because they act like they are ENTITLED to play in the playoffs and WS. neener. Besides which, they are both in the baby American League, which can't let its pitchers hit, oh, boohoo! The Mets WILL rise again!!

Maybe we could solve a lot of dilemmas by naming the new DC team the Washington Mexican Milksnakes. It makes about as much sense as any other moniker.

I once helped out on a book about the minor leagues and a story in wide circulation (I've never been sure it was true) was that a farm club of the Houston Astros in Kissimmee, Florida was going to be called -- wait for it -- the Kissimmee Astros. Then somebody noticed that this might be a problem. I, for one, think it would have been a great team name and that they missed a chance at greatness and some terrific stadium chanting.

think about it.

the yankers are those who do the yanking.
the yankees are those who have that which is being yanked.

if i were male, i would not wish to be the one being yanked. so perhaps the name is appropriate after all.

the marlins (or anybody) can be the yankers and the yankees can be the, well, yankees.

Ummmmmm SJ,
If you were male, yes you would "wish to be the one being yanked".

Dear Queensbee, as a fellow New Yorker, who drives though your ummmm lovely borough every day, let me be the first to burst your bubble. The Mets traded their best hope for the next two years, Kaz. Franco is finishedo, Piazza should be traded to an AL team to DH, Glavin pitched wonderful this year and I wouldn't be surprised to see Mo Vaughn make a come back in Queens. Its too painful to go on...

I'm sorry, Boston's playing who again at the moment?

Leave Piazza alone. he will be a great manager someday. he maybe almost done playing. i hope we NEVER see mo vaughn back in a met uniform. franco needs to retire. Floyd should take a hike. but the mets need a kickass manager. and sadly, i am out of my element, only my family of origin still lives in queens - i'm in albany. so i can only love them from afar. i never said they didnt make mistakes. but they can rise from this year's ashes. remember, this is the doofy team that traded Seaver, back in the day, and Nolan Ryan - because he was too "wild". Met fans all know the litany of stupidity. But that doesnt mean anything. Our hardworkin guys mean well. and even if Wilpon is stupid - which he may be - atleast we dont have to put up with Stein******, who has added to that team's ruination. Dont get me started!!! Bring back Bobby Vee!

*getting out map*

How did you get to St. Louis, Angie?

I've heard that the dreaded Yanks have given Willie Randolph the okay to discuss the managing position with the Mets.

are there any hockey fans here?

I usually don't get too excited about that until football season is over...but things don't look too good for hockey right now. I heard the lockout could last for over a year.


muddy, i bow to your superior knowledge of being yanked. sounds a little too enthusiastic, but as you say, what do i know.

learn something new from this site all the time

yeah, Lairbo - they're gonna interview randolph next week. tomorrow - rudy jaramillo. just remember - joe torre was once the met manager. and stengel managed both. and berra, and.... randolph is a good baseball guy. i wouldnt mind. he could teach the mets how to kick stankeee butt. and that will happen.

What I find most amusing when I read all of these comments is the fact that if any of your favorite/home teams had the money and pizzazz that the Yankees have to put together the best team, you'd all be very happy and see nothing wrong with it. In fact, you'd probably be complaining how the rest of us are a bunch of big, jealous whiners!

C'mon, admit it.

i have no hometown team, and i've hated the yankees since 4th grade which is when i first became aware of baseball.

your thesis is flawed, lmd :)

My daughter comes home for fall break tonight and wants to go see a movie. I pointed out that the Cards are playing tonight. She pointed out she really wants to see the movie -- Friday Night Lights. (which I would like to see...but not tonight.)

*sigh* She takes after her father, the Cubs fan...for whom there usually is no post season.

*checks website for movie times, gets earphones for radio*

Slyeyes, I am mourning the loss of the opening night of hockey right here in rural GA. The Thrashers were hopefully going to make a push for at least mediocrity this year and perhaps just a low-seed playoff berth. At least I have minor-league hockey down here.

I think the Washington team should be the "Washington Yankee Haters." They would unofficially be known as "America's Team."

I don't get all the anti-Yankee sentiment, either. I mean, I'm a Yankee fan -- I hate the Sox 'cause they hate us so much, but other than that, I'm pretty indifferent to all of the other teams. So why do they all hate us so much? What have we ever done to them, except be good?

Incidentally, I'm with a couple of you folks -- it really wouldn't bother me if the Yankees lost in the Series. The important thing is getting there. I'd kinda like to see 'Stros/Yanks, myself, and if either side won, that'd be fine by me.

Just for kicks, I like to read the Boston Globe sports section on the net, it does my Yankee heart some good. Its amazing what a little losing will do to a "Nation" . All of a sudden it's "arrogant (and why shouldn't they be?)" and "tonight will define if the Sox are frauds" and "Martinez threw his team mates under a bus" and here is the best, Aroyo is tied for the most hit battsmen in baseball. "Jeter doesn't want to get hit with a 90 mile an hour fast ball, so he'll get out of the way..."

Even if the Sux come back and win 4 straight games and send the Yanks to play golf next week, NY will still celebrate a great season. The Sox, by many accounts had a much better season than the Yanks, but it " will be for nothing if the road to the World Series doesn't go through the Bronx"

Alrightythen, and you people hate the Yankees.

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