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October 12, 2004


The American League championship playoffs start tonight. Let's all root in a fair and balanced manner.


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1st Base?

While as a Bostonian I must say I second the sentiment, but as a person of the female persuasion I would also like to add that Yankee or not, Derek Jeter has a very nice backside.

And I enjoyed the rampart-enhanced T-shirt on that page.

Anti-Yankee gear....... Oh my!!

Better hurry, It's half off!!

I'm taking Sox and a touchdown, with an over/under of negative archipelago.

I bet my favorite lint sculpture (with the likeness of Dave juggling the three wise men), so wish me luck!

I know it's off topic, but did anybody see the Titans ream the Green Bay Sock Sniffers last night? That was cool.

Go Red Socks! If that's who the Yanks are playing!

Since my hometown team will probably never make the World Series again (Toronto BlueJays), I am cheering for Boston. I know the Yankees haven't won a World Series Championship in, like, 4 years, but I don't care. I hate them anyway. Snobs, the whole lot of them.

Besides, Boston is a rockin' city.



That is all.

Yeah!!! I hate the Yankees. I've been a Dodger or Met fan all my life... doesnt matter if they win or lose - but mostly, the Yankees arent "entitled" to win -- or even play in -- a world series. Maybe after Steinbrenner, eh, goes away, I'll reconsider. Hate the red sox even more!! Doesnt matter this year, the Cardinals will blow away either of their crapweasel american league pretend baseball teams!!

"Steinbrenner's Yankees" anagrams to "Intense Beery Rankness"

*Rachel spews coffee onto keyboard*

That's an awesome anagram, a.f.k.a. mudstuffin

Let's all root, indeed. What do you say, Australians?

One word: 1918.

Maybe Favre needs to face facts and retire. Six turnovers (should have been 7), I mean really. It is oh so sad when a player doesn't know when to hang it up and go out with some remaining dignity.

Yeah, Yankees suck.

Folks, grow up. You hate the Yankees, fine, that's your privilege. But this pathetic loser with his website examples of "how bad the Yankees are at baseball" is just sad. Maybe the Red Sox will beat them someday, maybe even this series, but to say they "suck at baseball" is lame. Or do I have to mention again:

Last Red Sox win: 1918


I love how Major League Baseball has nothing better to do than ban "Who's Your Daddy" t-shirts with a pacifier on the front (after all, they were Pedro's words -- "The Yankees are my Daddy") but have no problem with some of the really disgusting shirts you see CHILDREN wearing at Fenway. (Example: "Jeter Sucks A-Rod")

I don't think Favre is done quite yet, but he will be if they can't run the ball for more than about 5 yards for the whole game.

What they really needed to do was put their goalie into a nickel slant and then try to get the Titans to commit their power forward when the catcher double pumped his floor routine.

That woulda been awesome.

And, since I don't care, I'm going to join Jeff in rooting for the Yankees.

Until baseball creates some real salary cap rules, the Yanks are just playing to win better than anyone else. Seems to me, rather than hating Steiny for being willing to spend whatever it takes to win, you should be hating the other owners for being satisfied to lose.

No wait, hate Martha Stewart. And spider carrying terrorists. And imitation dairy creamers.

*What they really needed to do was put their goalie into a nickel slant and then try to get the Titans to commit their power forward when the catcher double pumped his floor routine.*

That would have been awsome, true, unless the defense pulled a successful defensive trap and the line judge called the striker offside, as line judges are wont to do in such cases.

I love sports, and I don't care who plays, so long as they play passably well. And I usually root for whomever the rest of the room hates. I therefore often end up rooting for the Yankees. Plus they play pretty well.

Hey, I went to Oregon State, longest losing streak in football! Go Beavs!

Federal: "Red Socks," eh? Y'know, I like it, I really, really LIKE it.

Rachel: Yes, "1918." We know, we KNOW!

Jeff Meyerson: Let's see. Yankees fans are some of the most polite people with whom I have ever shared a stadium.

(Aw, geez. I couldn't type that without spewing coffee all over my monitor.)

Baseball fans also know how many times and when the Yankees have bought, er, WON the pennant. But what was that list supposed to accomplish? My, er, team is bigger than yours?

Yanks-suck.com did NOT say "the Yankees suck at baseball." Just the contrary, all the way down in the second paragraph:

"We don't hate the Yankees because they suck at baseball, I think it's obvious they don't..."

Whatever. It's just BASEBALL, folks. I was born in Boston and grew up going to Fenway all the time. My parents had season's tickets for years. As a kid I went to the 1967 World Serious. Thirty years later I finally got to see my hometown team, the Marlins, win it all in person.

Many of us have team alliegance. We root for who we like. Why do soooooo many people take it so seriously.

(And the Yankees still suck.)

Because if we didn't take sports seriously, Trystan, then we would have to think about REAL EVENTS THAT MATTER!! NOOOOO!!!

And the fan from St. Louis says


I've been a lifelong fan no matter how the season is going.

Gotta tell you, I'm a little nervous about Houston. We're 8 and 10 against them this year, but I know Pujols and the gang have it in them.

It would be interesting if the Cards played the Yanks in the series since Torre did coach here. But first, we have to deal with Houston.

Go Diamondbacks!

Okay, so they didn't have a great season this year, but I don't care. They're the only pro-sports team in Arizona that's worth getting all riled up about. Plus, I got to see them win the World Series in person.

That's about all I have to say about that.

Anne, I couldn't agree more, however I find that there is a tendency to elevate sports to a level where we believe that they are real events that matter. Such people bore me as much as any anal-retentive engineer, politician or Robin Williams.

I enjoy sports just like the rest of life, as a means to divert, pre-occupy and stupify myself to the point where I am relatively unaware of inevitability of death and being eaten by worms.

Yeah, Schadeboy, and you are gonna have the next debate there! Just think of the possibilites!

Announcer #1: Randy Johnson winds up. Oh, it's a curve ball! Kerry swings, and it's a miss!
Announcer #2: The count is 0-2 now! The next pitch is looking like a change up, AND IT IS!! Ooh, Kerry fouls off!
Announcer #2: Meanwhile, Kerry has claimed that the foul tip was really a bunt and went fair. The umpire disagrees. They are really arguing this one folks.
Announcer #2: The dirt is starting to fly... AND KERRY IS EJECTED FROM THE GAME!! This is INCREDIBLE!! I have NEVER seen anything like this before!
Announcer #1: This will definently go down in history!

Okay, so I took some liberties... No WAY sports announcers are ever that intelligent, but still, it is funny to think about.

And now a comment for mudstuffin from one of my favorite movies:

"Eaten by worms is good!"


All I can say is, wow.

Yes, everyone is fully aware of the fact that the last time the Red Sox won a world series game was in 1918.

Yes, everyone is fully aware of the fact that the Yankees have won the World Series more than a few times since then.

What you all seem to be overlooking is the fast-approaching comedic event that will forever be known as "The World Series meets The Big Dig".

I'm just waiting for all the stories of the immense traffic jams, the lost New Yorkers wandering around the Back Bay, the friendly and helpful Bostonians and last, but not least, the humorous riots that will occur when 250,000 people try to get into a stadium that only holds 32,000 people.

It's gonna be a laugh-a-minute....

go Twins!

What? You say they already lost?

Poll: What's more irritating? The Yankees in general or the big deal made about the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry?

Poll answer: How about the obnoxious fans who think the game revolves around them? From any team?

Poll answer: The Yankees in general. I think the rivalry is hilarious. Went to a game in Boston last summer against the Anaheim Angels, and the crowd was still chanting "Yankees Suck". Have a heart, man, it gives those Bostonians something to live for.

Zaphod and Bismuth, you're both wrong. This is all that matters in the sporting world.

SteveB - I watched curling on TV during the last winter Olympics. Although a bit slow, it is actually a fascinating sport. The point I most appreciate is there are no judges, referees, or umpires. The participants make all the calls themselves. Truly, a gentleman's (and gentlewoman's) event. Remarkably refreshing in today's egocentric sports world.

a haiku

we prefer the underdog
their welcome has been spent
yankees suck, no doubt

What do you call a Red Sox player wearing a World Series Ring?

Thanks Elvis; you made me laugh.

Christobol is right of course, though that shouldn't prevent any of you (including Yankee fans) from hating Georgie. The owners who should be hated are the ones who take the so-called revenue sharing money from the Yankees, Mets & Red Sox meant to equalize things and put it in their own pockets or their other businesses. Offenders: Minnesota, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati to name 4. You can probably add your own cheap owner to this list.

Trystan, but Christobol is right that the Yankees are playing by the rules, screwed up though they may well be, while the cheapo owners are screwing their own fans and blaming it all on the Yankees and their payroll. Hell, the Marlins did it twice: win the Series and then get rid of anyone making a decent salary. Yeah, it's the Yankees fault.

As obnoxious as Red Sox fans can be. I give all credit to fans who come up and support their team year after year, win or lose. Red Sox & Cubs obviously are at the top of that list. And sure there are totally offensive Yankee fans as well.

We saw a Yankees-Red Sox game last year where the Sox beat the crap out of David Wells. There were MANY Sox fans at the Stadium, including a couple sitting next to us, and I guarantee none of them felt in fear of their lives. In fact I had a very pleasant conversation with them. What I did find appalling was the way they were ready to jettison their best player without protest, but I guess there's no loyalty (or crying) in baseball.

We were in Boston this summer and after negotiating around The Big Dig we saw a couple of stores in the North End with pretty disgusting anti-Yankees stuff for sale. I don't happen to think that stuff is needed on either side, but I don't make the rules in this world; apparently Howard Stern fans do.

I meant to say "come out" and support

Of course, if players were limited to making a mere million dollars per years, we wouldn't even be talking about all this revenue-sharing nonsense, and players could become more focused on being a team rather than separately-valued individuals. That's why college sports are so much better than major-league, even though they lack the talent.

Plus, more people could afford to go and see the games.

Or, (to plagiarize some newspaper columnist) each run a team scores should be scaled to their payroll and the opposing team's payroll. Ex: The Yankees payroll is 4 times (made up number) that of Kansas City... each run KC scores would count 4 times as much as a Yankee run.

Not that this is a realistic solution, but it would help to bring down players' salaries. Of course, it would also increase the shadiness factor of salary negotiation.

As a rabid Mets fan, I say GO SOX! My other "favorite" team, the Braves, have made their annual post-season choke, so it is up to the Red Sox to redeem my baseball season for me. Although I must admit I am a bit nervous. I agree with Jay Leno that if the Red Sox win the World Series, the earth might stop spinning and crack open.

Bloody Yanks!

Gdogg, Good on ya mate. I'll be in that. Where does this Indeed shelia live?

Yeah Bismuth, but if the Yankees give KC $10 million in revenue sharing and none of it goes into player development or buying free agents, what then?

If Mr. Pizza spent 1% as much on the Tigers as he does on the Red Wings maybe they'd be in the playoffs (or maybe pigs would be flying).

"Through out are page you can find . . . "

I always appreciate well-written, well-thought- out commentaries.



The downside of living in St. Louis during Pennant Fever (and the ONLY downside IMHO), is that the radio stations play "The Heat is On"....which is on right now. Not a big fan of that song.

Well, gotta go put on something red, find my rally beads and get to work.

As many of you have stated, the revenue-sharing situation in baseball is screwed up - and has screwed up the sport. Since MLB does not have a "strong" commissioner, it's not likely that the inequity between big- and small-market teams will be fixed any time soon.

The Yanks and the Red Sox are one and two in payroll. BUT would George be as free-spending if he didn't have all the money that comes with a lucrative TV deal and a large stadium with a loyal fan base? Maybe not. He's a businessman, not an idiot. (Well, he IS an idiot but that's another story.)

Back on April 26, 2004, Business Week magazine ran an insightful story regarding the finances of these two teams. It was called "Breaking The Curse" and the subhead read "Can John Henry's Red Sox finally win a World Series?"

You'll have to go to BizWeek and register to read the article but for baseball fans it's worth it.

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