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October 04, 2004


This looks like a fun hobby.

Key Question That Has Bothered Us for Ages: What are your chances of getting a sexed pair of frogs from unsexable froglets?


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I prefer falconry, myself, but sure.

Jason Mulgrew
Internet Quasi-Celebrity

Sexed Dart Frogs wbagnfarb

-Penny (who for some unknown reason keeps getting '403 Forbidden' when trying to use her usual nick and email)

Key answer: either a slim or a fat one

Unsexable is my new favorite adjective.

Key quote: "...most dart frog froglets and juveniles are non sexable, the outcome it is really a gamble."

Kermit:I swear baby, this has never happened before! It's all that rum, and I've got a cold, and low blood pressure, and...

Froglette: Well, you didn't seem to have a problem with Ms. freaking PIGGY! *slap*

Kermit: Look baby, the article clearly stated that the outcome would be a gamble, and no I don't think it's appropriate to make a juvenile "outcome" pun here.

Froglette: You're a dart frog with a defective dart, you unsexable juvenile!

Drunk on rum and severely sexually frustrated, Kermit organizes the largest scale tactical frog invasion in history. Target: South Florda.

*ominously, the soundtrack to Frogger plays in the background*

Are these figures derived from a scientific method or study?

As in the first column: you purchase 1 froglet and get 0% chances of getting at least 1 pair! WHO'D FIGURE!? I'd bet those odds in Vegas ALL DAY!

Those frogs look like they came from the same store where Ryan Stiles buys his shoes.

#1 reason for purchasing Toxic Dart Frogs - they're NON-TOXIC! Dang! JUST the reason I'd be looking to pick a few up?

Soooo, how'd they get that name then? And IF they were toxic would you put them at the end of a dart before you shot it?



Hey, James! Much more fun than shotguns!

Roy, maybe we should be trying unsexed frogs in Vegas next year. At least they don't bite.

007, we've designed this handy little bio-gadget from unsexed Dart frogs. You just show that slutty undercover your frog and ... she'll CROAK in your hands.

What happens when an unsexable frog meets a horny toad?

I know about the 0% chance I live in this world with the dart frog. (sigh)

"Guaranteed Live Delivery Available"

Available, but not standard? I'm thinking that may be one more reason why it might be a gamble...

Tina: here's why

Unsexable frogs is to be when one cannot the sex or gender of the creature to determine because of age and maturity (its not yours, because maturity == none because you are here)

"...Unlike many other species of frogs, most poison dart frogs including D. azureus do not amplex."

I feel their pain. I do not amplex either.

"Sexed Dart Frogs" would indeed be a good name for a rock band.... However, The Unsexable Froglets would be an EXCELLENT name for a rock bank.

Rock BAND. Not rock bank. I am not sure what the Flintstones were doing in my post.

The poison is only toxic to other things, not the frogs themselves, hence they do not die while mateing. The poison also has become deluted in its toxcicity, at one point they did used to be unhandleable, but over the years of people interfearing, and breeding them in captivity, they've become less toxic...least thats what i remember seeing on the animal planet a while back ago.

That is DART frogs, without an apostrophe.

I disavow any ties to these creatures in the strongest possible terms (including but not limited to their sex habits), and deeply regret any inconvenience this unfortunate naming similarity may have caused.

Thank you.

". . .wild caught animals will lose their toxicity after some time in captivity.

Some disgruntled New Guinea tribesmen are gonna want their money back.

AAARGH! Another #)(&*%$)! server error.

#)(&*%$)!, you, stupid #)(&*%$)!-ing server! Kiss my #)(&*%$)!-ing #)(&*%$)!

Ahhh...I feel much better now.

Oh, and Disgruntled New Guinea Tribesmen wbagnfarb.

The toxins are there only because, in nature, the frogs eat rain forest bugs that have the toxins. The toxins then excrete out of the frog's skin. Since the captive-bred ones are only fed stuff like fruit flies and crickets, they aren't toxic.

So actually, keeping captive-bred poison dart frogs IS a fun hobby. The frogs are incredibly colorful, and harmless.

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