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October 29, 2004


We're on our way to Cleveland today aboard the submarine/bus. Our show tonight is at the Rock And Of Course Roll Hall o' Fame. We had a fine show last night in Chicago. Here's a picture of me with a fan who perfectly fits our musical demographic.



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First! And, Dave, you're (not your) awesome next to the dinosaur.

YaY! I thought Dave ran out of blue shirts.

AH! I was so close...

So THAT'S what killed the dinosaurs. All this time they thought it was a meteor. It was literacy-promoting music!

That looks too clear for a CrapCam pic...and yes, once again the shirt is blue.

Dave, do you own shirts of another color?

Perhaps we were BOTH first - we have the same posting time... ?

fifth? sixth? washed that blue shirt didja dave? back to the bus for you....

That looks too clear for a CrapCam pic...and yes, once again the shirt is blue.

Dave, do you own shirts of another color?

Also, Dave, the self-deprecation is endearing, but you are not a dinosaur. You're a National Treasure.


Dave, got milk?


I didn't expect to really BE first, it was an excited yelp of hope to be first. But I think we tied... it must be alphabetical, that's all. :)

Can't we just have ONE day where nobody simply posts "first?" Enough already!

The alpha and the omega!

I wouldn't say boneuhfied, exactly, Fish... I'd say maybe more like... in a westerly direction.

I second that motion Booger.

That was pretty damned good! I'd say!!!

Dave ... your "fan" doesn't look all that pleased and those teeth look really unforgiving. Maybe you should change your set list.
Just a thought.

Kat- I'd say

tiky taky, tiky taky , oy oy oy!

But OktoberFest was last week, so I won't.

Leetie- Exactly.

The kat in the hat comes back and takes it all back!.........reverse directions, hard-a-lee. ready to come about? Ready! My Captain!

I was first once - that's all I wanted - to be first once. So you won't have to worry about me posting "first" anymore. I had to do it to get it out of my system.
and yes Kat - that was good.

*Takes LSD tabs away from Kat*

No, no, Kat. That is not candy.

ha, ha, ha! Leetie!

T-REX - LOOK OUT! There's a DAVE right in front of you!!!!

*runs screaming from the room*

Wow...I can't believe Dave ran into Cher! She looks pretty good.

This does not necessarily apply to Melissa or Melt'n, but some folks lead rather mundane lives, so being First may be the highlight of an otherwise humdrum day.

Not me of course. Even though I did have 6 Firsts last week. But who's (not whose) counting?

And lastly, does anyone else think "Dave and the T-Rex" wbagnfarb?

Does Dave mean that the T-Rex is his demographic, (us, by the way), or that weird looking lurker/stalker in the background? Or maybe that's Ridley?

NOT farb, but perhaps for a new book ...

MeganBNL: gasp choke LOL!

Trust me Zaphod - the comment applies... but I'm completely ok with living a mundane, humdrum life and this is the highlight of my week, not just my day.
I take whatever excitement I can get. If that means hitting the refresh button continuously, well so be it. It's all I have in this world. Well, that and work, but this is WAY more fun.

yay melissa! you're first! very good.

it's fun to be first, but for the antifirst contingent, let's pick a day and have everybody work the word first into their comment.

but first....

let melissa enjoy hers

No. I won't let Melissa enjoy hers. Stop enjoying it, Melissa. Right now! Stop it, I say!

This is the guy who purportedly wanted to spend more time with his family??

Well, first he wanted to visit the Rolling stones.

(Note the strategic use of the word "first")

I bet that was the first time Dave has ever had a T-Rex try to bite his head.

Dinosaurs may be fans of Dave, but I bet Dave's not a fan of dinosaurs. Especially when they try to bite his head off.

Rachel Apparently not your first attempt at HTML

sneaky, Rachel ... very sneaky.

Cheater. :-D

Punky - how long did that take you to type???

I've been on this blog all day long. Time to do some work!

16.3 seconds ... give or take a milisecond.


LoL Punky and Rachel!

Fridays are great if you ask my opinion. It's always really quiet in the office on Fridays ... so I can really just blog all day long!

Damn! I forgot the "i" in squid. Squd? What the hell is a "squd"?


Um ... pooeh is some sort of idiot combination of Pooey and Pooh!

I need a time out.

Punky - Don't worry - their (not they're) ink doesn't spray excessively far. Perhaps we didn't wake them...

I understood what you meant, punky. We'll let it slide...

Geez... I've been trying to get one word together in bold and JUST CAN'T GET IT TO WORK,DANGIT!

Thanks, Rach. I hate when I screw up. My mind is clearly thinking about puttin' back some margaritas, not how to spell ... ya know?

Yeah, I know. Sometimes our priorities are backwards. Wait, what am I saying?

That was a riddle, by the way... kind of like your basic Herald Hunt riddle, only much easier, and using reverse psychology.

Here, Rach .. have a margarita ... that should quench it.

I really have no luck solving riddles.

Thanks Punky! *takes margarita and drinks the whole thing in one chug* Pass the whole pitcher, will ya'? Thank goodness Friday is here!

Jeff - I liked the original version better. :) Just teasing!

Neo - ah, you're on to me. Here, have some of this pitcher of margaritas.

*salting glass* ahhh.... margarita time.... Thanks, Rachel, don't mind if I do.

Punky and Rachel, that will be enough from the two of you, go directly to your rooms. Punky, haven't you been warned?

Sublingual advertising at it's finest! Thanks Ladies and Graz :-)

Is it just my crummy darkened monitor, or does it look to everyone else like that dinosaur has eaten part of Dave's head?

It's All Saints Eve. Please don't be peeved. But I've a riddle for you, and it's all too true.

Please fill in the blanks:

E-----l L--e = f---t u-------l l-w
f-----m = f-----m f--m o-------n
e------y = e---l b------s f-r a-l m-----d
b---------d = t-e c----n b--d b-----n a-l
j-y = T-e r---t of e----y o-e in t-e u------e to
a------t a d e---y l-----g h-------s!

Dont make those fans wait outside so long! It appears to cause death.

Eternal life is first universal law.
Freedom is freedom from oppresion.
Equality is equal benefits for all humanity.
Brotherhood is the common bond between all humanity.
Joy is the right of every one in the universe to a-------t and enjoy lasting happiness.

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