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October 25, 2004


The band is gathering in St. Louis, getting ready for the big gig tomorrow night. It turns out that something called the "World Series" is also scheduled to take place here tomorrow night, but we're sure that once we explain the situation to the people in charge of that, they will postpone it.


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My first first.....FIRST!

Rock Bottom Remainders do the National Anthem? Perhaps a wardrobe malfunction for Amy Tan?

Oh, I know St. Louis. No one will care about this "baseball" thing you speak of, especially not if the Remainders are playing. Or maybe I'm projecting.

Blue Meanie:
From what I've seen on the website, Amy Tans wardrobe has already malfuntioned. That whole dominatrix / whip thing she looks far better than any Janet Jackson nipple-enhancers.

Blue Meanie:

From what I see on the Remainders website, Amy Tans wardrobe has already malfunctioned. Although that whole dominatrix / whip thing is far more interesting than any Janet Jackson nipple-enhancer.

Whoa! What the hell happened with that post? The first attempt returned an error but it posted successfully.

SteveB - you have entered...the Blog Zone.

I agree Amy's wardrobe is definitely ready for prime time...but did you check out Ridley in the black & white photo? Enough to give Stephen King nightmares.....

I'm going with some friends of mine. When I got the tickets, one of my friends said to get a ticket for her mother. I said "Really? You sure?" She said her Mom loves Dave Barry.

Last weekend, they realized I wasn't talking about Dave's talk next April at Powell Hall, but the RBR at the Pageant. Friend's Mom said in horror "You got me a ticket to a ROCK CONCERT?!?! Your father and I went to one years ago and it was AWFUL!!"

Anyone want to buy a ticket?

By the way, my friend's mother is 82.


Loved your latest, re "Man's Eye-View," but must quibble with the Dept. of Labor about men's "leisure" time vs. women's.

Much of what the Labor droids refer to so airily as men's "leisure" time is actually spent doing chores ordered by our wives. Sure, she may be slaving over Barbie's wardrobe, but we're likely to be spending our "leisure" time on 1) mowing the lawn; 2) plumbing the toilet; 3) rewiring the basement; or 4) moving the house a few inches to the left, as ordered.

"Leisure"? Pah! Hoots! No, no.

First, Roo Roo!

Dave's just doing these for the hot groupie action

Listen, women have to ask the men to do these things, because otherwise they would not even NOTICE that the house was listing dangerously to its left. unless of course someone had a wardrobe malfunction. and rewiring the basement is not 'housework' its work in the house that is done by a resident male who assures us that they can do it without causing a citywide blackout. and besides, they are too cheap to hire an electrician.
women would indeed be happy to do all these tasks, but most of us are too busy buying groceries, watching children, doing laundry, oh yeah, and holding down a 'paying' job.
sorry guys, but you KNOW its true.

Slyeyes, I wish I could buy that ticket from you. :( *pouts* I'm "only" two and a half hours away, but it might as well be a million. *shuts eyes and wishes really hard. Opens eyes* Dang it, still can't go.

Why, sure Nipple Enhancers WBAGNFARB.

How can Stephen King be playing a gig and at the Red Sox game at the same time.

Oh, I just found out my friend's mom is going anyway!! She loves Dave so much she's willing to put up with a Rock Concert.

OK, queensbee, we'll give you the part about the electrician, the laundry, the groceries, and the kids.

But you gotta admit, when it comes to moving the house a few inches to the left, it's never really about dangerous listing. It's always something like this:

"Honey, I was thinking...."

[Alarm bells begin clanging loudly in husband's head]

"Don't you think the house would look better if we moved it a few inches to the left?"

[Husband looks around desperately for a way to knock himself unconcious or something, but it's too late....]

The only useful insight I've ever had into those situations is the following.

Guys, you know how you'll be moving something heavy around while the wife decides if it looks "good" there? First she'll say, "Let's try it over here." Then she always says, "Hmmm. I don't know. What do you think, Honey?"

Never, NEVER tell her you think it looks good there.

You're probably thinking that if you say you like it, maybe she'll stop making you move it around. WRONG! That just guarantees you'll have to move it somewhere else. You're a guy. If you say you like it, it just proves it's the wrong spot.

Instead, you must say, "I don't know, Sweetheart. I don't think it looks that good there."

You'll still have to move it around a bunch more times, of course. The difference is there's a chance she'll ultimately decide it looks "OK" in one spot. But if you've ruined that spot by telling her you like it, you're doomed to moving the thing forever.

By the way - my sons agree that this is the most important thing I ever taught them.

ask musial about his wiggle.

I am so going and am so freakin' excited. Dave, I love you and I can't wait to see you guys perform tomorrow! Baseball? What the hell is that?

Kevin, when I saw RBR in Boston, they played at 8:00 and ended promptly at 9:30. Ridley commented that as they (the band members) got older, they would soon start performing at 5:00 pm. Since I saw RBR about 6 years ago, I'd bet they're up for a 4:30 pm start by now! Plenty of time for Steve King to make the ball game.

Sly, now that was funny. I guess your friend's Mom would have enjoyed Dave's talk to the AARP event more. Tell her to wear earplugs. They may not be good but I can guarantee you they'll be LOUD.

Well even if they don't postpone it at least you'll be able to tell the difference between dedicated fans and fans who'd rather be watching the "world series".

Slyeyes, you have GOT to let us know how she liked it.

Don't worry about the World Series, Dave. It will be over tomorrow. :)

actually, the way the Cardinals played, it would have been a kindness if the RBRs had managed to get the Series postponed . . .

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