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October 25, 2004


Coming soon to a theater near you.

(Find out just how near here)


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The first?

The first?

Here's a gift idea for Mr. Dave

never heard of 'em.

but, as some famous person once said, "if you're gonna play in texas, you've gotta have a fiddle in the band."

oh, wait, their not coming to texas.

Here's a gift idea for Mr. Dave

ah, mahatma jane, mahatma jane, can't you ever post an actual comment? you're as bad as those 'first' people! ;)

(judi insults everyone who has bothered to post so far today)

whoops. except for one. hang on: "their"?! ooooooookay.

that's better.

Frank McCourt said he knew one song on the harmonica, "Love Me Do" by the Beatles, and so we learned to play "Love Me Do," which takes most bands five minutes and took us three months and 47 faxes

As a guitar player myself, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how you can learn to play a song by FAX?

And.... Bad Elvises wbagnfarb?


Zaphod: you can, but you have to play it really, really slow.

I think the band needs more cowbell.

Judi, cranky this morning? Here - have some of my coffee. And let's (not lets) see if anyone has any chocolate doughnuts out there...

And I have nothing topical to say. Except maybe 'Rock On, Dave!'

It's time for the ebay incomprehensible description of the day!

What are you waiting for, such clever person as you, please contact us as soon as possible.

Well, that does it. If he's going to compliment me, I'll have to buy it. Whatever it is.

Dave: Ok guys, all together now, let's try to play Gloria.

Amy: *lashes her whip* You will not speak unless spoken to!

Ridley: Lashes the Whip wbagnfarb.

Mitch: *obviously aroused* Since I'm speaking out of turn, do I get punished?

Stephen Even though I'm not in RBR this time around, I would like to point out that the title of Amy's book was pornographized as the Joy F&#$ Club. Also, they show me at least 4 times per game in the World Series. I'm rooting for Boston.

Dave: Can we please focus? I'm about to chuck this guitar off a cliff. That will be our best shot at actually playing Gloria in this current lifetime.

Amy: *absent-mindedly stroking her catsuit* Really? They pornographized the freaking Joy Luck Club? Do I get royalties?

Ridley: *jumps on the bandwagon* No, but you get a spanking, you naughty Asian princess, you!

Ol Chumbucket Aaaargh!

Gary: no

The fun items just go on and on! How does anybody get any work done with ebay around?

Posted by: Gary on October 25, 2004 11:21 AM

Just make sure she signs before the rohyponol kicks in.

MeganBNL: And before she puts on a tin foil cap.

Unfortunately, not close enough. I'd have liked to see Amy in her dominatrix cat suit gear too. I think Judi must be wearing it today, if you get my drift.

Here Judi, have a Mallomar.

Thanks to Federal Duck, I can now see "Rock Bottom Remainders - The Cartoon!" In fact, I can't seem to get them out of my head. An animated Dave, flinging guitars over cliffs, Animated Amy in her catsuit. Well, maybe on one of the "adult" channels....

Hey, judi just found out Dave's taking a year off and she still has to work. I don't blame her for any peevishness.

*holds out gold box.*

Godiva's, judi?

Oh, and 22nd.

I just had an alarming thought. Perhaps it's been covered elsewhere-but I'm too lazy to go look.

If Dave's taking a year or more off, does that mean NO DAVE IN RBR!?! NNNNNnnnnnnoooooo!

Seriously. Is he giving up the ultimate in writer-turned-musician gigs? Anyone know?

Oh, and fair warning, St. Louis residents. I plan on setting the city on fire the next time I'm there as punishment for being so close but yet so far.

OK, this is actually a serious question so pay attention! How much would it cost me to get the Remainders to play for my birthday? I'm going to be 45 next year on Halloween (Some say that explains some of the more interesting quirks in my personality...), and I usually try to do something special for myself. Hearing Dave and the band play live would be a really nice gift for me next year. I'll be glad to donate to charity, etc. If I can't hire them directly, could they at least arrange to play somewhere in the Baltimore area? We used to be known as "The City That Reads", that HAS to be good for something!

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