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October 18, 2004


(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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He's wickedly sexy with the glasses!

She's alive!! She's really alive...nice to have you back judi

He thinks he has a weird job... he should exchange places with Tina for a week...
or Dave, now that I think about it...

He just "has a weird job"?! What the heck is eating Gilbert Grape, man? I've got a weird job too, but...

Depp in Don Juan DeMarco....sexy.

Depp in glasses??? To me, not so much.

But I'm picky that way.

Maybe if he got a decent haircut?

"Choc-a-lot, choc-a-lot,"
"He's so hot, yes, sooo hot!"
"Heck! I forgot to put choc,
IN the Hot Choc-a-lot!!!

He did a nice HST. Name a betterchoice?

a weird job for a weird guy.

How did Thad Humphries confuse Depp regarding women?

queensbee: Precicely!!! Joshkr, are you listening?

I was going to write something intelligent about Johnny Depp, but I drooled all over the keyboard.

You people want to dog Johnny Depp b/c he's not the mainstream hollywood star. He does what he wants and other than a few comrades dying of drug overdoses, he doesn't harm anyone. Christ, I would love to live in France, the only thing holding me back really is all the French that live there. If it were not for them I'd be French.

You know, all morning long you people bitch, moan, and complain that there is nothing new to blog about. You get something new and where are you. Oh, I guess that stupid job that pays the mortgage and car payments is more important than this? Don't worry regular bloggers, I'm on vacation this week and afterwards will only drop in to see what's up sporadically. So blog dammit blog. By the way Booger!!!!!!

we're not blogging, we're just commenting. And my comment is that Johnny Depp is gross...

Thank you Tina. Love your font.

if you gals think johnny depp is cute, I guess that makes me some kind of beefcake or cupcake or something.

*Blushes* Yeah, shucks, that's just me.

It goes without saying (which is why I'm saying it) that Johnny Depp is slated to play Dave in Finding the Starcatchers. Ridley will be played by Woody Allen. (Kidding, Ridley)

Johnny Depp is at least good looking, I think we can all agree (except maybe the guys. Ooooor maybe not...). Anyway, since when is acting NOT a weird job? A person has to be an ideal body type of some sort or another, pretend to be someone/thing the actor/ess isn't, and then deal with people like us complaining about various things in their lives. Glad I am not an actress. Or at lease, not one who gets paid...

Oh, and for the record, I have no opinion on his hotness. Sometimes he is hot to me, and sometimes not. Those two even out to nothing. Look back at pre-Algebra if you don't know what I am talking about.

Yeah, Johnny, those women don't find you attractive at all. They just have SCTPO disease--that is, Screaming-Crying-Then-Passing-Out disease. It's not you.

Nope. Definently not. And they all seem to be affected by it when he's around. You think he is a carrier?

Once, just ONCE I'd like to see a star admit that they really do want that damned Oscar!!

An actor can't get their (not weir) actor's equity card unless they are certifiably weird. (There's a secret org. that handles all that certifying.) Johnny got a gold one! And that's a good thing...

I am highly suspicious of actors/actresses who say they don't dig the chicks/guys digging them. Can I really believe that the motivation of making a major motion picture it isn't about having millions of people admiring them?

And I'm with Anne on the hottness thing, except lately he's in danger of having his hotness on the positive side.

Is all this just a rationalization for my stalking JD from afar? Ummmm...

I would have been upset I didn't get to kiss him at least once.
Kate Winslet is in denial.

Slideshow of Johnny Depp
worth it

Christina, he can type on my keys, anytime.

This is flagrantly off of topic, but all persons wishing to have a hearty laugh should click my name. Some, no doubt, have been here before. If you have not, then by all means click. You will not be sorry.

If you could care less, than that would mean that you did in fact care.

Forget it, what was I thinking, this is a post on a blog site. Just forget I was here.

He looks like Harry Potter in that outfit.

Whoa! Me, you're right! Geez! He could get away with playing an older Harry Potter, if Jo Rowling ever wrote stuff about him after the 7th book.

October 18, 2004

men that understand women want other men.. so I didn't expect him to understand

And I'll probably get flogged somewhere for this, but JD does nothing for me whatsoever.. when I was a young thing and he was in 21 Jump Street yes yes yes, but that was almost 20 years ago.. gimme George Clooney any day .. please.. I'm serious

and now...
*steals JD when Judi's not looking*

Thanks Bangi.. you're an angel

Depp has always been very selfish & selective about his choice of role, very generous & dedicated once he's made his decision. From way back when - it's neither contrived nor a recent affection for the sake of good publicity. He pays attention to his center and works honestly. That ability to keep true to himself while working so hard in his field is nice.
His good looks are good enough, but it's his guts that make him better.
~a very long time admirer

.:checks heart:.

Well, it's throbbing. So much for his bright theories.

No one understands women, why should Johnny Depp be any different.

You know what's not fair? Men can be heartthrobs well into middle age, and even close to death, at Depp's age. But WOMEN, women, once they turn 23, they become old news.

I think it's time we organize an association for the equality treatment of women celebrities, specifically Roseanne Barr. WHO'S WITH ME?


Okay then. Never mind.

Doug, you are right, except for the Roseanne Barr part. Although at least one older Hollywood actress has snagged a younger boyfriend in RL. It never happens in the movies though.

Depp is not close to death. Now Harrison Ford...ah, sad to say, he is an ex-heartthrob as far as I'm concerned. He looks sort of moth-eaten lately.

Johnny Depp is a hottie. Of course, I got an 'actor-crush' on him back when he was on 21 Jump Street and have continued thinking he was hot ever since...

And unlike Keanu Reeves (who is also eye candy, YUM), he can actually ACT...

I absolutely agree with crash - Winslet has lost a screw somewhere!
And I'm sure he can type - (mind goes blank with pictures of Johnny Depp in the pirate costume and as Don Juan DeMarco).......

every movie...sexy
I love Depp

Brilliant~ The man is brilliant in his craft. Whatever he does...now, the fact that not only can one sit back and admire his work along with how absolutely beautiful he is...well,a HUGE bonus.

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