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October 18, 2004


Where exactly is Fort Polk, again?

(Thanks to Jacki Lippman)


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I dunno, let me check.

Louisiana! (not much different from Florida btw, what with swamps and gators and tootless wonders and airboats and snakes and tigers)

and Foist! (made my day)

"A leash was found in a tree..."

Dayum, that thing's up in a tree somewhere! Fort Polk residents, LOOK TO THE SKIES.
I am trying to work in an "Eye of the Tiger" pun here, but cannot. Someone help the pun-challenged, please.

Sure, I'll volunteer to help you look for a tiger! Sounds like fun, unless we find him!

So that's where the tiger that ate Roy Horn went...

I'm not sure where it is but it's not anywhere near me! That means I don't have to worry about errant tigers roaming around my neighborhood.

Of course, I still have to worry about those damned squirrels....

Why don't they just try einy, meeny, meiny, moe?

I knew a guy who tried baiting a trap with a tuna sandwich, and that seemed to work...

The Town Talk is my husband's hometown newspaper, such as it is. He says previously his uncle was interviewed because he saw Bigfoot.
Uncle's been drinking on that story ever since.

It is unknown if the tiger escaped or was set free.

Well, if there are "Missing" posters, featuring pictures of a tiger, tacked up all over the place, that would indicate "escaped"; if a guy who used to have a tiger suddenly doesn't have a tiger anymore, then maybe "set free" is the way to look.

If the Army can't find a Tiger on their own base is it any wonder they can't find WMD? What there were no WMD? Well maybe there was no tiger? Maybe all there ever was was a leash in a tree.

I think that it wasn't a real tiger that was spotted, but rather an alien being who thought that he would be inconspicuous disguised as a tiger. Now he's safely back on the mother ship.

"Life is going back to normal" -- for us. You people on the other side of the Army grounds, however, well...don't forget to watch your back!

Vernon Parish sheriff's Chief Investigator Marvin Hilton said...

Everybody else has counties, but Louisiana has parishes. They deserve the tiger.

I was born at Fort Polk. It's 6 miles east of Texas, 60 miles NW of Shreveport and considered the asshole of the entire Army. I left when I was 3 days old and never looked back.

The Advanced Infantry Training School at Fort Polk, Louisiana's infamous "Tigerland", was the last stop before Vietnam for thousands of young men, myself included.

The hell with the tiger... where's Jacki Lippman?

tee hee... tuna fish sandwiches. I love Hobbes. But other tigers work their way into my worst nightmares.

OK, first a hyena then a tiger. Give me a break, no self-respecting tiger would be seen on a military base! Maaaa! Somebody's been paintin' the gators again. Now where'd I leave that leash...

Oh, did you say leg? Well, there might have been a leg layin' about in there.

Tiger cereal is good to eat
Even real tigers prefer it over meat

Maybe he's hiding out on his yacht in Puerto Rico.

Crunchy and tasty with ketchup, try the military!

They're Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

Let's call teh French. They probably won;t find the tiger, but maybe they'll find a large-ish striped house cat...

Reminds me of when a Draft notice was sent to B. Bunny ...
Wonder if one's been sent to T. Tiger now?

Fort Polk Tiger
anagrams ==>
got pork lifter?
tiger fork plot
forgot pelt irk
lo, frog tit perk

MOTW: frogs don't have tits

Lairbo - you listed several possiblities "It is unknown if the tiger escaped or was set free.

Well, if there are "Missing" posters, featuring pictures of a tiger, tacked up all over the place, that would indicate "escaped"; if a guy who used to have a tiger suddenly doesn't have a tiger anymore, then maybe "set free" is the way to look."

I'd like to add one more - if the guy who used to have the tiger isn't around any more, and neither is his tiger, "escaped after lunch".

MKJ - and you know this how ...?

Tom, the base is known as "Tigerland"??? Are we sure they didn't just lose their mascot and are now trying to pin the blame elsewhere?

If frogs don't have teats where does the glue come from? Huh?


That would explain that leash somebody found in a tree.

Mad - maybe the tiger's name is Osama.


Fort Polk is at the arse end of the earth! I had to go there a few weeks ago for work. By the time i got there, i was hoping the tiger would maul me to death. :)

[Imagines MKJ's "quest"--even the frogs were checked!]

drill sergeant: now the first you do, when you are being stalked by an ugly mob wielding red currants is ... release the tiger !
(courtesy Dave's pal John Cleese)

oops! make that the first thing you do...

Judging from the Cook Some Rice art show in the Blue Moon Guest House in Lafayette - and the rumored demise of certain moose and rhinoceros escapees...
I'd say that tiger is part of a delicious gumbo somewhere in the Fort Polk area.

Peter, there ARE other orifices on a frog.

Just sayin.'

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