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October 29, 2004



(Thanks to actual photographer matt carmichael)


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in the top 5 for sure!

what has this blog done to me? i consider arriving first on the scene to be the most productive thing i've accomplished all day...

i'm wondering why the performer in the middle (ridley maybe? i've never seen a non-crapcam shot of ridley) seems so repulsed. is dave that bad of a singer? is this related to residual book tour frustration?

and it must be observed that Dave's shirt is blue yet again...

Can someone please ask Ridley to unplug his shirt?

Looks like Ridley just got a whiff of what Dave had for lunch if you catch my drift.

Do they only have guitars in that band?

And what's up with those two giant millipedes crawling on the wall behind them?

wow, looks like someone found a real camera. Great picture guys!

you rock dave!

I see Roger McGuinn is hiding his face under a hat, obviously not wanting to be photographed with the Remainders.

Dave - please take note. The guy on your right is wearing what we call a "NON-BLUE" shirt. While we don't necessarily endorse this particular shirt, this is what OTHER colors look like. You might want to pick yourself up some.

Just saying, that's all...

Those of us who are nowhere near any of the cities on the tour (read: Midwest) would love a soundbyte of the Remainders.

FYI: according to the Cosmic Flow of Color (good name for a rock band??), Dave's blue shirt habit says this about his personality:

"a person wearing blue is usually calm, subdued, spiritual, devoted to something or someone, very curious, acceptable to all people but perhaps trying to hide within the crowd"

Probably bunk, but I am looking for any answer to the Mystery of the Blue Shirt.

You just know that they're singing "Louie Louie".

Hey stop talking about Ridley...He's a BABE!

We have an anti-aging product (Arbonne) that actually reverses the visual effects of intrinsic and actinic aging! No, joke. J.K. is not so dumb, Dickie Poo! It would do you good to try it! Just E-mail me. Signed the Kat in the Hat

I'm really starting to like that blue shirt, actually. It's like a touchstone in a world gone mad. There will always be Dave in his blue shirt to fall back on. It's sort of like Linus' security blanket... which was ALSO blue. Hmmm...

G-L-O-R-I-A Gloooooo-ria! G-L-O-R-I-A Glooooo-ria!
If you sing it in your head off-key, it's almost like you're there!

T minus 4 hours til the meet-n-greet reception in Cleveland...

hey, it even stopped raining!

The pic may not have come from the CrapCam, but Ridley is definitely wearing the CrapShirt.

Look! They're all doing the whiteman's overbite at the same time!

Okay, so they're not really, but something compelled me to say it. Sorry. You can go about your business. Move along, move along.

An orthodontist might help, Schade Boy

Ridley's shirt might cause a fatality if tossed in a bathtub, through either electrocution or lethal levels of dye absorption. Dave's shirt would, on the other hand,be completely invisible.

The Whiteman's Overbite was a dance step originated by a dancer with Paul Whiteman and the Pennsylvanians, one of the popular bands during the Big Band era.

That is a fine photo, congrats to the photog. Now some may say that Dave's choice of stagewear is a tad, maybe even a skosh, conservative when compared with the Phil Lesh look on Ridley and McGuinn's understated folk-rock elegance. But such critics wouldn't know nuanced counterpoint if you beat them over the head with it.

And without segue, here's a song request in case RBR ever comes to Atlanta -- Zevon's "Ain't that Pretty at All." It has the following things going for it: It was written by Warren Zevon, it rocks, it's funny, and this is critical here, it's only two chords. Plus you could work in a verse about that shirt and its likely stunt doubles.

Note how Ridley is craning his neck forward to sing into the microphone. It's because he wants to keep that shirt away from it in order to prevent feedback.

Correction: It was "Paul Whiteman's Orchestra", which I confused with "Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians". (Actually I wouldn't know either one if they came up and bit me.)

In reference to SteveB's post above, the OTHERS may be singing 'Louie, Louie', but I'll bet our fearless leader (booger?) is singing 'Blouie, Blouie, oh oh oh my shirt's gotta go'.

Maybe even?

Second thought... "Blouie, Blouie, oh, oh, oh, Ripley's shirt gotta go..."


Booger! Wabbit Season! I'm wacked!

thank you bangi. i didn't wanna get tough with her ;)

Dang! my fingers failed me. I got an upside down d in Ridley's name!!! shoot... me.... now....make... me...listen....to.....Barry....Manilow...I...repent...

Bangi - it the Whiteman Turner Overdrive that will getcha.

rock on dave, but i think the lighting makes that shirt look non-blue.

WoW! Daves sporting an SG AND playing an A minor bar chord! Nice form,but do it again..and this time with FEELING!

WHiteman's Overbite (for those not in the know) - The procedure whereby a white man sucks his lower lip under his front teeth while dancing, or at least what he might call dancing. The term was made popular by Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) in the movie When Harry Met Sally....

Schadeboy be dissin us whiteboys!

Schadeboy be dissin us whiteboys!

Schadeboy be dissin us whiteboys!

Dave plays an SG? Woooo! Excellent taste! (My SG is, probably, the greatest purchase I have ever made.)

Ah! My first triple!

"Dance like nobody's watching". You gotta do something if your hips don't move.

Nice "hat trick", pogo.

To every season turn, turn, turn...

Lookin' good, Dave.

A fan who has committed no sin other than living a few uneccessary extra years..

Lookin' good, Dave.

A fan who has committed no sin other than living a few uneccessary extra years..

...and became a computer idiot...sorry about the echo.....


Hey, what happened to pretty-in-pink Dave???

(wonder if I am the only one who likes the crapcam pictures better, for some weird reason)

"turn back the clock! Yes, turn back the clock, it's time to rock. Yes, it's time to rock. Put your stick in high gear, and move to the rear! The years are going in arrears!!!!!!!

It did this for me, and now I'm 23! (not really, just 13, but of course that doesn't rhyme) At my age you don't even have time to P-e." (tra-lee)

Alright, I just got here, but I have to notice:
Three guitars...
Sure as hell looks like 3 different chords...

Actually, I see 4 guitars. Reminds me of that bit in Mighty Wind with the stage full of folksingers, all with guitars.


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