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October 25, 2004


(Not "realators")

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick, who has a lot of nerve making fun of people's names)


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First? (judi, don't read this!)

I fail to see the humor.


CRS, GPI, CCPS, CIA, PEW, YUK, RBM (licensed fan)

Vulcan Award Recipient ?

I would like to give a hand to HEAD. That's not just mouth service.

*shakes HEAD in shame*

I don't get it.

Why is this worthy of posting? I mean, are we in junior high school here? What next, Dick Hertz?There are so many more important stories out there. For example, what to do with any extra condoms you have lying around the house.

It's a good thing this guy doesn't know a guy I used to work with. He'd be turning around five minutes saying "What do you want now?"

"She transforms condoms in something sensual, energetic and alive."

Seems Richard would do the same thing.

Wanker "Scratch" McCrotch- I'm glad somebody else is stumped on this one.

You guys...

His last name is HEAD. Sheesh. Get your minds in the gutter.

True story: my husband grew up with a kid named Richard Payne. Richard joined the military and became - you guessed it - Private Dick Payne. I didn't believe my husband until he showed me his yearbook.

True story: my husband grew up with a kid named Richard Payne. Richard joined the military and became - you guessed it - Private Dick Payne. I didn't believe my husband until he showed me his yearbook.

True story: once I posted twice on Dave Barry's blog, even though I swear I only meant to post once.

any parent [s] with a last name of Head who name their son Richard should be forced to repeat the 8th grade in perpetuity.

oh, and teehee.

Actually, MJK's post about the condoms is somewhat on topic....in a roundabout way. Birmingham Alabama is a steel town and has a 56' Statue of Vulcan the Roman God of Fire presiding over the town.

The condom connection? Vulcanized Rubber.

I said it was on topic in a roundabout way.....I just didn't say how roundabout.

OK, I'll go now.

You mean Jeff's random condom comment.

Ok, how's this for roundabout.

This is a questionably a non-pg13 question, but what the fish.

How are flavored comdoms ?

On a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being "tastes like Vulcanized Rubber"

and 10 being "So good I use them as an after dinner mint"

Just asking? (and trying to stay on roundabout topic)

MOTW, yes, sorry. I thought it was an e-bay item...go figure.

Mr. F: I don't know why but your question made me think immediately of Punky. Does that make me a bad person? I hope she's not wielding Amy Tan's whip today.

Punky, come home, we miss you.

He's no dickhead folks, down near the bottom of the page it's covered....
"Information provided is thought to be reliable but is not guaranteed to be accurate"............
Crapweasel Alert! Crapweasel Alert!

Anybody notice Mr. Head's 1-800 number? Sounds more like a 1-900 number.

That's just WRONG about the condom dress!! YUCK!

My husband worked with a guy that his last name was Nipples & first name... you guessed it-Harry!

What's weirder? Parents that name their (not they're) child Dick Head, or a guy named Dick Head that doesn't make a bee line to name changing court on his 18th birthday? BTW, I heard a story on the news the other day. Something tragic, a kidnapped child or something, but I couldn't get passed the fact that the father's name was Richard Hertz.

I can't believe you people making fun of this! For crying out loud. He uses the moniker Richard for a reason, not Dick. Grow up!

Richard Upyourass

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