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October 22, 2004


...and a good name for a rock band.


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Oh, ANGINA...I thought it said...never mind.


Oh, ANGINA...I thought it said...never mind.

Not sure I like the idea of being squeezed from below like one of those freezer pops just to get blood up to the heart. I can think of better ways to get the circulation going (and I think Rita and Slyeyes are on to it) ;)

"Hey baby, can I buy you a drink?"

"Not if you were the LAST man on earth!"

"Well, if I was the last man on earth, there wouldn't be a bartender, and we'd drink for free, and, in that scenerio, would you be the last woman, or would I have a lot of choices?"

"Bug off."

"Come on, let me buy you a drink."

"Not if you were the last man on earth, excepting the bartender, and there was still some sort of monetary exchange for goods system working, and I was the last woman on earth, ok?"

"What if I told you I have Enhanced External Counterpulsation?"


The headline sounded alot better than it actually turned out. It's more like throbbing trousers... which could still be useful... ahem.

Sure, it may help Angina, but I think it may cause some other problems... ahem.

Sure, it may help Angina, but I think it may cause some other problems... ahem.

Sure, it may help Angina, but I think it may cause some other problems... ahem.

Sure, it may help Angina, but I think it may raise some other problems... ahem.

Sure, it may help Angina, but I think it may raise some other problems... ahem.

How's that? I didn't quite catch it, Jen!

Sorry! I'm not quite used to this yet!

Bear with me???

Jen - All threads today seem to have a severe case of multi-post syndrome. Happening to some more than others, but overall way more than usual.


Leetie sweetness,

The FedEx girl just delivered my newest pair of TrouserThrob 3000's, with the multi-function remote control and the built in thermometer! Wanna help me test drive them?

*sets Federal Duck's TrouserThrob 3000s to "Overdrive" and throws the remote over the wall*

Watch out girls, he's gonna BLOOOOWWWWW!!!

Only if you provide butter today Duck. Oh wait, that was yesterday. Hmmm. What to have today?

* can't believe no one has said this yet *

Is that your trousers vibrating, or are you just happy to see me?

* grabs helmet and ducks *
* tries to get away before this posts multiple times *

Yup! This blog is well covered with double-entendres. I don't think I can add anything here. I'll just move along...

I have got to admit I don't really know anyone who calls them "trousers". Sounds lame

Anne - you've never heard of the infamous "trouser snake"???

C'mere and I'll show you one...

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

Hang on there, Ducky! I'll come to your rescue.

*drags Higgy along for the ride*

Cracking comment, Lairbo!

I want you to Squeeze my Lemons

Squeeze my Lemons, Til the juice runs down my leg


Enhanced External Counterpulsation

Ok who let the protype out of my lab? Weasel? Joshkr? I know you guys were enjoying them, but I didn't say you could share with the brits.

"Trouser snake"? Is that like a trouser weasel?

Vibrating Angina Trousers!

Say it five times fast, but make sure the letters are in the right order.

if it inflates every heartbeat aren't the poor guy's balls being squeezed like lemons? Are you sure that's better than angina?

Yes Peri, but it hurts so good.

So, which wbagnfarb; "Vibrating Trousers" or
"Enhanced External Counterpulsation" (or EECP)?

Vibrating Angina Trousers

I Git a good one today.

The Liberals In Congress

Man the exposure for these guys would be unbelievable.


old man: Dear, why are you dressing so nice for your doctor appointment?
old woman: The doctor said I have a cute angina.

Welcome to my ranch! Do you like golf? Yes sir! And I brought my trusty rifle with me so that I could shoot some! Golf? Well, you must have a lot of Golf out there in your field, cause I keep seeing all of those little white golf balls!

As a nurse I've often wondered if we were asked to do somethings on patients just to see if we are dumb enough to do it. The first doctor that winks at me and asks me to help him put on the vibrating trousers, "Just to see if they work." is going to get clobbered by me.

One of the men at our round table discussion-coffee hour-after early service this morning at St Pete's, wore a knit sport shirt under his coat. A woman remarked that he didn't have on a tie but had a jipper instead (meaning where the tie was suppose to be) Someone said, "Well, I guess he had a face Lift!!!

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