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October 20, 2004


Put your hands together and PRAY.

(Thanks to Johnny Damon, et. al.)


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Oh I like how this game is starting out!!!
Judi, thanks, I really needed a post. Gives a sense of continuity, or at least of a hamster running up your pantleg.



Whatever you do, do NOT piss off the baseball gods!

Jimmy Buffett when he played at Fenway this year claimed to have lifted the "Curse of the Bambino"

I hate the Yankees, but I would rather they win than see the apocalypse arrive if the Sox win the World Series.

I love October and baseball.....and the Cardinals!

Thank you, Jim Edmonds!!

The sox are up by EIGHT. jeez Louise!

The power of The Mullet. Go BoSox!

i love the poll on the bosox site:

Which Red Sox hairdo is the best?

Bronson Arroyo's 'rows
Johnny Damon's biblical look
Pedro Martinez's Jheri-curls
Kevin Millar's billy-goat
Manny Ramirez's rasta dreads


Cardinals fan here rooting hard for the Sox! Go Sox!

Angie...St. Louis?
"what high school did you go to?"

*snort* I, actually, am not from St. Louis. But my husband type is-he went to someplace in Webster Groves.

I laugh because we've talked many times about how funny the high school question is. He still asks it ALL the time. I make fun of him a little. :)

Dave takes a sabbatical. Red Sox beat the Yanks in the ALCS. I'm very scared. It's the end of the world as we know it...

Cristobol, can you please grace us with some lyrics?

Oh, and by the way--- Gene Weingarten, we will be expecting your humble "My Team Stunk" BTB article.

By the way, I would like to clarify that I'm not pulling for the Sox because I think they'd be easy in the World Series, should the Cards go. But rather, I think the Sox are a wicked cool team that deserves to go, finally.

Angie, does he talk about Turkey Day? We're in Kirkwood, Webster's rival at the Turkey Day game.


...interesting....CBS changed the CSI that was supposed to be on tonight. Instead of a new CSI:NY, it's a rerun of regular CSI.

Guess they figured everyone would rather watch Boston make history.

Go Yankees! Go far far away!
Actually I don't particularly care who wins/loses/ties - I like the stripey Yankee uniforms and I like the Johnny Depp / Matt Damon cross who plays for the Sox.
Of course I would prefer to root for the Orioles, Cardinals, or any other birds in baseball. Fly balls? Sure, why not.

Hey guys, no need to rub it in, OK?

Judi, I hope you're joking with those Red Sox questions. You mean who looks WORSE, right? I mean Pedro & Manny are ludicrous. Damon would be a good looking guy without all the monkey fur. At least Millar trimmed that stupid goatee. And Arroyo's braids are idiotic.

"Go yankers."
In the immortal words of Dave.

I don't know what i'm going to do now.
No more dave.
Where will my political views come from...
I'm so lost.
Well. At least i have the blog.
For today.


Ok, but only because I haven't earned a hiatus.

It's The End of The World As We Know It

Oh great, Barry makes the earth shake
two headed snakes, the BoSox
The Bloglits are now afraid. Now as we writhe in pain
listen to our stomachs churn -
World Series red bleeds, just what the nation needs. Crank it up a notch,
hit, steal yeah, score yeah. Blog destruction
giving us a fear of night,
damn right. Wire to wire, winning it in seven games now Torre will be for
hire tho it isn't right. Left us, ain't returning in a hurry now I'm furi-
out but what the heck. Team vs team reporters baffled, stumped, feathered
crap. Look at Dave's farewell! Fine then. Uh oh, don't go, populations crumble so, but it'll do. Save yourself, help yourself. We'll serve our own needs, listen while our hearts bleed. Tell me with a straight face it'll be alright - right.
I'm pretty hectic, apoplectic, damn right, cut the light, waiting to hear 'phsyche!'

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it so pass the wine.

Eight o'clock - game hour. Don't get caught in Yankee power. Crash and burn,
why return, now I'll watch Martinez churn. Lock him in uniform and arm burning,
blood boilng. Every hit escalates. Now the lead decimates. Light a candle,
light a votive. Step down, step down. Watch a lead crush, hush. Uh oh,
manager has no fear - cavalier. Renegade and steer clear! A stupid move,
a stupid move, a stupid move she cries. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives
and I decline.

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it so pass the wine.

Is this the night the Sox tripped, a monumental pitching shift. Florida hurricane.
Pedro's in pain. Dave Barry, Stephen King, and Ridley Pearson too.
Good-bye party, cheesecake, jello twister, boom! He's symbolic, patriotic,
funnier than all, right? Right.

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it so pass the wine...wine...

Jeff...it ain't over yet. NY is getting noisy. I can hear "Who's (not whose) your daddy" all the way over here (not hear).

Of course, I wouldn't if I turned off the TV.

Jeff...it ain't over yet. NY is getting noisy. I can hear "Who's (not whose) your daddy" all the way over here (not hear).

Of course, I wouldn't if I turned off the TV.

Jeff...it ain't over yet. NY is getting noisy. I can hear "Who's (not whose) your daddy" all the way over here (not hear).

Of course, I wouldn't if I turned off the TV.

I did NOT hit refresh.

Again, admirable, C-bol.


Awesome. Just awesome.

Thank you.

We needed that.

Btw-- Got blog?

I couldn't have said it better myself.
Thank you.

"Life sucks. Get a hardhat."-My Boss.

I got Blog.
And i'm proud of it.


"Who's (not whose) your Dave B?!!!"

"Who's (not whose) your Dave B?!!!"

"Who's (not whose) your Dave B?!!!"

don't you mean
'Where's your (not you're) Dave B?'



Absolutely. You are correct, sir (*Ed McMahon laugh*)

*Group Blog Chant*

Where's your (not you're) Dave B?!!
Where's your (not you're) Dave B?!!
Where's your (not you're) Dave B?!!

Chris- That was just beautiful.. You know it is really hard to type with all your finger crossed. come on Bo-Soxs!!!!..... And um Judi, I vote for Johnny Dream Boat Damon... *thinks dirty thoughts*

(momentary lapse of humor on my part)

I wonder what the blog will be like without dave.

All pictures of scantily clad men?

Or will judi remember the male fans.

I'll just have to wait.

And see.


I'm glad dave thinks about us.
It makes me feel special.
I want him to know.
I grew up on his columns.
And My like will never be the same without them.

Thank you.

We're either experiencing a visitation by judi or Dave...or someone is using their internet addie.

I'm going with a visitation.

I second that notion.

'I see retired columnists'

'All the time'


And Booger.

Well, i have this to say.
I'll have to start reading books again if dave
actually kills his column.
Oh well.

History has been made. History.

Oh, and the Sox won, too.




(Who are the red sox?)

Seems to me the RedSox are rubbing it in. When the Yankees watch the locker room scene, they'll be shaking their heads saying -

"Damn! We got beat by a bunch of guys who don't even know how to drink champaigne! Lookit! They're spilling all of it!"

Hopefully, it will be Cardinals v Red Sox in the Series.

Congrats BoSox!!


always with the inciteful commentary, chris.

I hope i find you ownin in the future.

That is because they are drinkig "Crystal", and not "Christobol".

'I love you the most when you're being social
lubricant, Duckman.'-Bernice

Peace and love.

Hope the blog is here tomorro. G'night.

"Teenagers have been hiding their pot plants in chicken coops. Now there will be a little pot in every chicken."-Dick Martin

thank you.

Moe: "Does anyone know a Lou Bricant?"
Bar: "Yea, moe, ASTROGLIDE"

Thank you Lou Bricant.
I can prank call bars again.

BoSox Rock !!!


now we'll have to hear ben afleck gloat for ten years about this

This is almost like a religious event!!! The SOX coming back and knocking off the all mighty Yankees.

I could barely contain myself from calling my favorite Yankee fan buddy to offer sincere comfort in his time of need.

Can hardly wait for work...

Hey, Judi!

Did you take the job as an exotic dancer?

What's that anyways? Is it dancing with fruit?

I wonder what the Homeland Security folk think of last night's baseball game - suppose the Yankees are yanking some strings to get it declared a threat to democracy and call for a do-over?

Yankees suck

Definitely suck

As a native NYer who married into a New England sports family and lived in Boston for three years, I just got one thing to say:


YAY BoSox! :)

I really hope they win the Series, just so sports writers can finally shut up about the curse and find something else to write about.

There will still be the Cubbies to feel sorry for. :)

Okay, Sox fans, you won. Now, stop whining. Next time you lose, you'll have to come up with some new excuse for it.

Stop "whining"?! How 'bout a little class and sportsmanship and just say "Congratulations"?

*Removes knitting needles from Johnny Damon doll*

Congratulations. There. I said it.

Let's face it Yankee fans. There's a lot more (well-earned) abuse coming - better get used to the idea and adjust accordingly, lest we get a Maria Alquilar-scale backlash.

CNN article states "who has poked fun at life's more bizarre aspects for 20 years" whereas everything else (knowledgeable) states 30 years - what did CNN do with those 10 years? Give them to Larry King or Wolf Blitzer (heaven forbid)?

The BoSox win - so incredibly awesome! Having been raised in Philadelphia (and accustomed to disappointment) hating the Yankees was an art - it is wonderful to be fulfilled in one's art. At least Curt Schilling got a win SOMEWHERE!

Hey Judi, here's a great costume you could wear for your exotic dance routine

hate the skankees. hate the sox. hope the sox lose to the national league. neither of these teams is 'entitled' to be in the WS. Bah!

This victory, hard-fought between two skilled and respected rivals, won on the field of battle, reminds me of a quote from the great statesman and orator Winston Churchill:

"Nanny nanny boo boo!! neener neener neener!!!"

That will be all. Thank you.

queensbee, spoken as a true classy Mets fan. ;)

I hope everyone who prayed for this is ready to face the future. You've Reaped the Whirlwind and I hope you're (not your) girded and braced for the Coming Apocalypse (which wbagnfarb).

Wow... did you see how fast C-Bol did that???


*and flicks a booger on C-Bol for causing me to read the rest of the comments in that same crazed song rhythm*

i'm going to become an exotic dancer for the red sox. (it couldn't be any stupider than those damn marlins mermaids, could it?)

judi, what would your outfit be? A pair of red socks? I think you would be very successful ;)

"Angie, does he talk about Turkey Day? We're in Kirkwood, Webster's rival at the Turkey Day game."

Oh good lord, yes. ALL the time. He played football for Webster Groves. That was HUGE for him. We were just in Webster on Monday and Tuesday and he mentioned it then, too.

If I'm remembering correctly, one of his best friends from college went to Kirkwood. I'll have to ask.

No more biblical look for Johnny Damon! The hair comes off, according to George.

We here in Beantown are very sad, by the way. At least we received an answer to the question, What would Johnny do? Follow the money trail, of course!

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