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October 24, 2004


You're not alone.


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Nice article. Good to see Jeff and Warren mentioned.

Judi, I guess Dave forgot to pack that outfit for Vegas. And I guess that disproves the blog theory that all his shirts are blue.

Actually Judi, it makes me think of my dads funeral....

It makes me think of boogers, but that's just me.

Nice legs, Dave.

That was a lovely article....almost makes Dave sound like a saint....which would be appropriate, considering that he looks like he's wearing a funky floral halo in that picture.

Bring out your (not you're) dead...

From the article: I'm sure that I'm not as important to them as they are to me.
``I think life will go on.''

Dear Dave,

Yes, life will go on, it just won't be as funny as it is when you describe it to me.

Let's see, if I ration myself to half a book each Sunday, watch "Big Trouble" regularly, and read all the archives of the blog, I should have enough Dave to get me through a whole year.

Any one else have a plan to get through a Dave Barry column free year? I'm sure I missed something.

Jeff... you took the words right out of my mouth .. (and my profuse apologies for any earwigs)

I almost didn't recognise him .. and having seen the shirt, maybe he should stick to blue... that shirt is just scary

Dave, you ARE important to us. Gives me more insight to why you have chosen to take a break. Enjoy.

Loved the article (as usual). It's always great to hear that we as fans are important to those we admire. Shows just how human they are - the quality people we admire anyway...
To hell with the rest of 'em! :-)
The shirt... hmmmm... from someone who often buys her clothes based on obnoxiousness... that shirt was hideous - beyond hideous!
Did like the halo, though...
Are there plans to release a Dave anthology? Please, please, please?!?

"...like writing more children's books."

Seeking a more mature audience, Dave?

hee hee hee heee heee
good one Jello...

A right-on column about our hero. I especially relate to the mention of Dave's column on natural childbirth. Although I'd read some of his other stuff before that one, that one cemented Dave in my mind as a premier humorist.

My wife and I were expecting our first daughter around that time and were taking LaMaze classes with about eight other couples. Just before the next-to-last session, I read Dave's natural childbirth column and nearly laughed myself to death. I passed out copies at the class for the instructor and the other couples, and we almost had about 3 slightly premature kids right on the spot due to the uncontrollable hysterics.

If I can find a link to that column, I will post it - pregnant women beware!

Thanks, Dave, for extraordinary good times, and I look forward to whatever you produce in the future.

umm, i believe that column was in 'mars and venus'... not positive but i'm pretty sure it was in one of the books.

pelagicsal: what do you mean, an anthology?

Dave has more than 2 shirts?!

i *LIKE* the shirt.

sort of like a short mumuu

Why are you thinking bout boogers, bbescuela? Have one in your nose? Just pull it out, we can't see!

crash, I think Dave has more than two shirts because he's very rich, so he probably has three!

What's an anthology, Judi, pelagicsal? Something like an ant farm? I would buy one if it's named after Dave!

I don't think I can go through a Dave Barry column free year too, lizagain, because I'll go crazy! I just hope the doctors at the hospital are nice and have alot of Suzi Q's!

Maybe Dave is just joking with us! Is he Judi?

I look forward to reading your column every week, and I'll miss it. But you certainly deserve to take a break once in a while. Enjoy!

Heather Wrigley

OK... a little research will get you this

"Father faces Life - a long overdue attack of natural childbirth" features in "Dave Barry is not making this up". This always makes me laugh, even after reading it more times than I can count. And (excepting the post 9/11 columns) this book also contains the only other DB column that makes me want to cry, "Uneasy Rider". If you've read it you know why. If you haven't ... find it.

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits contains one of my favourite columns of all time "Taking the Zip out of Zippy". I guess afterwards, they just called him "py"

I have DB's Greatest Hits as part of an anthology called "The World According to Dave Barry", which included DB turns 40, DB Talks Back, and the audio cassette (which I think my brother never gave back.. I have to call him...) of "Dave Barry Slept Here". The cover features Dave wearing a toga (white, not blue!) and a laurel wreath, spinning the Earth on his index finger like a basketball.

Also get the novels.. for something completely different, but with the same sense of the absurd that we love.. Big Trouble, the second one, the name of which escapes me right at this moment, and Naked Came the Manatee. He didn't write Naked on his own.. but it's still a great book.

Babies and Other Hazards of Sex (I think that's the title) is a great book.. I haven't read it for a while.. I'm going to have a look for it.

*waves and wanders off to browse library online*

We apologise, but currently access to the Library databases is not available.

The Christchurch City Libraries' catalogue and databases, including CINCH, Papers and Te Kereme will not be available from 4 pm on Sunday 24th October until early morning on Tuesday 25th October.

They can't do that to me!!!!! It's just wrong... even though it's almost midnight on the 25th.. I want to know nowwwwwww

awwww. and we will miss your column. yes. [wetting the keyboard with tears...]

"I'm sure that I'm not as important to them as they are to me."


LIAR liar pants on fire.


Regarding the picture:

I do not want to know what made that strategically placed flower necessary.

Hey Dave -

** THANKS ! **

There was an article Dave wrote when Rob was young and had to be in the hospital. I remember there were dinosaurs in there, how worried Dave was about whether Rob would get better. I cried over that column. And remembering it gave me strength when I stayed in the children's hospital with my daughter when she was diagnosed with type I diabetes.

I know I am in deep kimshee whenever stress piles up so high it begins to smother my sense of humor. I'll watch Fawlty Towers or MPATHG or one of the standard remedial comedies.

Dave, I can't (don't want to) think of you as a grouch. You've made the right decision to take a time-out.

Kat, everyone knows Dave's best is:

Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs

Or maybe Dave Barry Turns 40

I seem to remember in one of Dave's books, mention of how he works hard on the columns. With much clipping of toenails (please tell me I'm not making this up). Perhaps the break is just to let the toenails grow back. After 30 years, after all, he must have been somehow clipping future toenails, and now he has to give them a chance to catch up.

Although I'd volunteer mine for the clipping if it meant a shorter break from the columns.

But seriously, I do understand the need for a break.

Dave, enjoy your family.

Kat, thanks; I stupidly went there. Dumb me. A guy heard the Madonna line as "Last night I dreamed of some bagels" while I always heard it as "Last night I dreamed of lumbago."

What is even worse is "songs you hated when they were new and hate even more now" like "(She's) Having My Baby" and the like.

Two things that alarm me:

One, I didn't even know Jeff MacNelly had died. Or if I knew it, I forgot it.

Two, ROB IS 24????!!!

Well, I'm glad to hear that Dave plans to keep writing books and such. I was worried about that. What with the death of Douglas Adams a couple of years ago (the first time I ever cried over the death of someone that I didn't know personally) and the "retirement" of Stephen King (we'll see), my book buying budget is shrinking. If Carl Hiaasen quits, I may have to start watching television.

An anthology is a collection of literary, artistic, or musical pieces. Ya know - another collection of Dave's columns. One of those thick ones with the thin pages like the ones we had to carry around (and sleep on) in college. And this one would have selections we'd actually read!

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