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October 29, 2004


It may be Halloween by the time it finishes loading, but come on, do you want to heave bowling balls at cats or not?

(Thanks to Laura Crook)


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Yes. you were first. good for you.

One must first read and/or play the attached article/game before claiming first. And you hollered too fast to have played the game.
penalty.. minus 1 point. First is up for grabs again.

I scored 108. Crap.

too many rules!!

I'd like to lead an effort to discourage all firsters from firsting.

You're (not your) just jealous that you didn't first first.

Ok, I'm as bad at cat bowling as I am at real bowling.

I had plenty of time to first, but chose not to without something FUNNY to say.

I did a first once. But even so, I read the attached article first. *shrugs* I'll probably be marked spam now for being (not beeing) mean.
And I can't play the game. Grrrrrrr@ filters at work.

I'm WORSE at cat bowling than I am at real bowling...

And that's not saying much...

I'm waiting for Mr Fish to post the big old score...

FYI - Leetie - you beat me and I played twice!!!

Higgy, I just know how to work pointers.

That's just twisted...

Welp. It just goes to prove that Cats are out to get me.

I can't get the fekin thing to open!

Must have something to do with this bowl I'm in.

I have been playing this for several days now - so who's first? What's on second? etc
High score 153. I play only to hear the 40 cat paws landing with each rack, it's my current favorite sound of all time.

Insert the double-entendre of your choice here at Leetie's comment...

142! With bowling, as in life, I guess it's all about how you grip the b... nope, just can't do it.


I like bowling. I like cats. I especially like doing things to cats that makes them freak out. They make funny sounds and can really get their bodies contorted into some crazy positions.

but I wanna control the arrow...!!!

Higgy, I thought I was being pretty blunt. ;)


Yes, by all means, we should limit our comments to the productive ones.

Have you ever tried "turkey bowling?" It started in a grocery store in the middle of the night when the stock persons were restocking the store. A frozen turkey slipped out of the arms of one of the stockers and went flying across the store. Whalla! A new game was born!

117! Boo yah!

Can we all email the "first" posting firsters with a witty comment (like "I knew 'first,' 'first' was a friend of mine, Lisa, you're no 'first'...and by the way, you're a moron") we could stop them from firsting "first."

When we're done with banishing the firsters who post "first" first (not to mention those who post "first" second or third), can we do something to delete "boo yah" from the English language?

well if you REALLY wanted, we could delete them. then people would ... maybe? ... quit doing it. but i don't know if you really wanna go there. i know i don't.

Nah, I'd rather harass them until they quit. There's no fun in it your way judi. Besides, doesn't Dave's campaign platform favor public flogging over censorship?

Dave Barry and (who?) in '04! Don't forget to vote on Tuesday! Together, we CAN make a difference!


99. Is that good or bad? I don't know how to score bowling.

perfect bowling score is 300

btw...168! w00t!

Oh,COME on. No more meanness to cats. I love my little familiars, I mean my little kitties. You dont want me to come over and sit on your roof in a tall black pointy hat, do you?


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