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October 28, 2004


So do we.

Bonus Extra Link: Check out Kid Corner

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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The Frozen Apricot Skunks wbagnfarb, no?

There have been days I've considered donating my kids to taxidermy...

After reading that they have frozen green buffalo meat, I can't get the great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher meat song out of my head.

taxidermy for kids wbagnfar album

"We have Mounted Jack-A-Lopes..."

I thought that was only legal in certain parts of Mississippi.

Q: Wow, you must really love Jack-A-Lopes.
A: If it gets cold enough.

Dagnabbit, I wanna see pictures! Can you guys see the pics or am I the only one not allowed?

Josh - I agree, and welcome back from cyberlimbo!

"Mommy! Timmy froze the cat again!"

Well, there goes my appetite....

jamester- thanks, i think, but you may have a case of mistaken joshdentity. there's another out there, JoshKR, who is not me. I only post occaisionally though, 'cause I'm just not as clever as the regulars :)

Oops. But you're still right about agnfarb.

Ooooo. I'm gonna order me up a mess o' them thar Green Badger Skulls!

Remember that guy that had 400 frozen squirrel in his freezer? I think he beat his wife to death with a few. Or was that a dream?

Anyhoo ... what exactly would one do with a frozen critter?

Well if you happen to get a bump on the noggin, you simply place a frozen critter on it to reduce the swelling. (Reducing the swelling is something you are not very good at BTW Punky, no offense ;p )

And I was doing ok until I read this

Fisher Raw, Frozen Green 6.00


Alive I'm worth a little over $2 million. My dead frozen skull, 6 lousy bucks.

Somebody Buy Me!!


At the Chez L'Expensive Connoisseur de la Animale:

Winthrop: I do say my good man, this free-range roast o'possum l'orange with capers is simply exquisite!

Thad: The splash of Waspe d'Riche Pinot Noir in my Tesicale d'Moose Flambe really complements the Whale Uvula Teriyaki.

Reginald: The two of you are positively episcopalian in your predictability. Waiter, I'd like to order a grilled flank of mastodon, lightly seasoned with duckbilled platypus feathers and a side order of dodo pancreas and truffles roasted over moon rocks.

Waiter: *without missing a beat* And to drink sir?

Reginald: Wombat urine aged in a bamboo cask.

Waiter: *calmly drags Reginald out back and beats him with an antique gravy ladle*

Baby Field Mice - Fuzzies
Baby Fox Squirrels - Pinkies
stillborn puppies, breeder's losses?


I went to the animal fair
The birds and the beasts were there
And the big baboon by the light of the moon
Was served with a cream sauce and pear

I knew you'd come through for me, Tina.

"Reginald: Wombat urine aged in a bamboo cask."

Well done Federal duck. Something about that post tells me you're an Aussie

"sticks head down under"

Well you know what I mean.

I'm beginning to think there was something funny about those mushrooms on my pizza last night, 'cause this thread can't be real.

Fed -- LOL! Strange and disturbed, but LOL

Here we go...Claire Martin again!...I swear she has the hots for Dave!

If you've ever started a taxidermy webiste for kids....

You might be a redneck.

So...are they hoping to reanimate these whole frozen animals?

*punky notices that all the men of the blog are scurrying to get their "digits" into Tina's hands as quickly as possible*

Phone digits! Just so we're clear.

I hate when I click on a link and my brain explodes.

well, duckbill platypus[es] wbagnfarb, and ewwwww otherwise. ha. rachel... timmy froze the cat again, bwaaahhhha. does road kill count?

I've googled this Claire Martin, which made her giggle.

I've deduced that she's either:

1. An antique dealer from Dallas
2. Britain's foremost female jazz vocalist
3. A deceased British nurse practitioner
4. Chief meteorologist for Global News in....Britain.

I've made an executive decision and have ruled out # 3.

Your (not you're) vote?

(and what kind of conspiracy is it that most Claire Martin's are British?)

Oh the b***tch is British????..I am so jealous!

Taking a note from Deontologist's forthcoming book 'How to be a Blog Stalker', I believe I may have found that Claire Martin is NOT British. My sleuthing has uncovered that Claire Martin is in fact a Staff Writer for the Denver Post who has won numerous journalistic awards and has collaborated on a book about nursing one's children. I have yet to find a picture of Mrs. Martin. She lives in Denver with her husband and two children, who were both breastfed. Care to unveil yourself to be this person Mrs. Martin!?

Rachel - how'd you do that?!?

Ha,Ha very funny Jeff Meyerson!....you cracked me up..but I am harmless...I just keep my swiss army knife and my 38 caliber for "personal security"

*red-faced, turns her stalking badge over to BrianB*


It looks like this:
[a href="yourlink"]text[/a]

except that instead of the brackets, use a less than sign for the left bracket and a greater than sign for the right bracket.

Serious question that I've been pondering since going to that website-has anyone actually taxidermied a human? I'd do some google-work, but I'm busy/lazy. And I'm curious.

From Jamester's Memory Files:

Working the graveyard shift at the local mental hospital, Adolescent Unit if it matters. Very late at night, just me and one other staff awake, kids all safely asleep. I'm reading the LA Times weekend magazine, starting an article about freeze-drying pets.
I can still recite the first line from memory:
"Sasha the freeze-dried Pekinese sits on a redwood-burl coffeetable in the living room."

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get past that sentance without totally losing it and getting the giggling hysterics, made all the worse because I had to avoid waking the kids...

I must admit, I am a closet Dave stalker. We met at a nudist writer's convention in Boulder, and I just couldn't stop thinking about him.
His well-sculpted adverbs, his glistening conjunctions and that enormous participle just taunt me from afar.
But since I've been here, I've developed a clandestine affair with Jeff Meyerson. Jeffy babe, you can edit my column any time you want.


Jeff(y babe), stop showing Claire your links and maybe Dave will start giving you some credit!

Damn! There I was stalking the internet looking for a pic of Mrs. Martin and she goes and posts the EXACT same thing as I was going to. Kind of takes the fun out of the chase. However, I am happy to report that Deon's forthcoming book does in fact work.


Any chance I can get a complimentary copy of your Nursing Mother's Problem Solver. My wife is about 35 weeks right now and she plans on breastfeeding.

Brian B - hey, congrats on the soon-to-be Little B.

YES!! We deblurked Claire!!


My skull is only worth $2??? Well, that's going to affect my overall value...

Thanks Rachel,
TCMB (The Current Mrs. B) and I can't wait to meet TLBB (The Little Baby B). Actually, The Great Blog Baby Race is on right now. We're racing against Mr. Fisher.

Hey - neato! I did see some of the ultrasounds of Lil' Fish on the *cough* Yahoo site *cough*.

Mr.Fisher - how many weeks along is your wife/girlfriend/partner?

I've got a box of Canadian Smarties for the winner of the Blog Baby Race.

Wow. Did I just say "neato"?

*checks transplant-from-the-80's-time-machine*

Dang thing malfunctioned again!

LTTG but here goes, anyway...
re Melissa's link
Coffee made from cat droppings

"The taste is exquiste but it is too expensive to really enjoy the coffee," he added.

Somehow it's not the cost that puts me off this particular brew. I can imagine Starbucks coming up with "Civet Cat Supremo," though.

Let me be the first to say, "We Don't Need No Stinking Badgers."

Thank you and goodnight.

Mr. Fisher has color ultrasound pics up, and mine is the one with 6 pics in one. They're a little earlier than us on due date, but TCMB's midwife has prognosticated that she probably won't go to full term. It's going to be close!

Awesome, I'll go take a look after work tonight (at the pictures)!

I love babies! Posted a picture of me with my niece on that site.

Won't be having any of my own for a while, though. :(

Hey Rach ... the eighties called ... they want their "catch phrase" back.

Congrats to the Daddies-to-be, Fish and Bri. They're not gonna be Daddies together, as in that 80's show "My Two Dads" ... they are seperate dads of seperate embryos ... and each knows that the baby is theirs ...

Um ... right??

Not to get too far into my past, but I don't take anything for granted anymore.

On the offchance that TCMB reads that last comment:

"Sweetie, I'm sure that TLBB is mine. That last comment was an attempt at humor at the expense of my past....wait, where are you going? Aww, come on, I was only kidding!"

Back on topic: in high school we could do taxidermy for extra credit in my Bio and Advance Field Bio classes. Lots of stuffed gophers in that room. And assorted birds. We didn't pay to get them though.

Fine, eighties, you can have your catchphrase back. All of 'em:

"All that and a bag of chips!"

Oh, and take these too:

T-Shirt Cinchers
Hair Bands

Hey, Rach ... what about ...

"gag me with a spoon"
"where's the beef?"
"I've fallen and I can't get up!"
"I'll be back!"
"I want my MTV"
"Kiss my grits!"
"Nanoo Nanoo"

Oh, and they can also have these ...

Balki from Perfect Strangers
Papa Smurf
Brooke Shield's Calvin Klien Jeans
Scarecrow AND Mrs. King
Tatoo (da plane! da plane!)
Miami Vice
Mr T and his bling
Cletus Hogg

But we'll keep:
Punky Brewster and Punky Power!

Rachel you completely forgot about leg warmers! *Shudders*
Make the eighties take those back too!

... and hyper color T shirts and rubber bracelets ...

I like that song. I like some songs from the eighties. Just not very many. My little brother had to do a paper on everything mentioned in that one. A separate paper for each thing, not one whole paper; that would have been interesting though

I don't know what half the stuff you are all talking about though; my parents didn't have television. I'd say I was all oppressed, but I wasn't. Evidently I didn't miss much

Hey no fair! Brian has someone prognosticating on his side.

And why is she on your side?

Are you wearing Velcro Brian?

Should I do that?

Damn. I'm off to find out what prognosticating means. Be right back.

(Rach, Due date is Nov.19th, I believe we are at 36 weeks, but don't quote me on that, I've been kitchen remodelling and have lots of numbers bouncing around all over the empty space between my gills)

Oh and Go Fish!

Mr.Fisher - if it's born a week early, baby and I can share a birthday! :)

And thanks Punky.

If he comes out and he don't look like a fish, and don't smell like a fish, well then, I'll be damn glad. Cuz, well, Surprise! I'm not really a Fish.

Punky can you take these back while you're going?

Totally Rad!




And if it's born 5 days late I'll be sharin (not Sharon) one.

But it's not, cuz I'm determined to win this Baby Blog Race and collect my Smarties!

Well Lookie here.

I found me a prognosticater. WOOOHOOO!

Oh wait, that's just a candy bar wrapper from earlier.

I think "all that and a bag of chips" actually belongs to the 90s. Either that or I was just way behind. The two decades can fight over it for all I care.

Claire, shh! Don't let my wife hear you.

Melissa, try djtony's (nearly) foolproof link primer: how to link.

It works!

Mr. Fisher: me too (11/24). One day later and you'll have an extra reason to be thankful.

Uhm... "Neato" was an '80's term?
And, dammit! Lairbo beat me to the "stinking badgers," line.

Thank you so much Rachel and Jeff - it's a lesson for me in creating hyperlinks... I never knew I could do this stuff!

Frozen Critters for kids? Only slightly less scary then The O'Reilly Factor for kids!

link not wokring for me..

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