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October 25, 2004


(Thanks to Andy Dost)


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I'm holding out for France.

Hey people! Wake up!

I'm awake! Just not all here this morning. It has something to do with last night, i just don't remember what it was.....

Can't believe there's a bid on that item.

But what a bargain!

But what a bargain!

But what a bargain!

WHOOPS! Sorry! Now I know how that happens.

Being a member of the Federal Mallard Council of Just West of Peru, Indiana, I, my physical personage, and all control of such will be included in this sale. In the case of multiple bidders, my physical personage will be divided fairly into fortnight increments. Tongue Lashings and Bulge Touting will be provided. Amy Tan's dominatrix suit sold seperately. Void where prohibited. Warranty good for the life of the product, or 1 million tongue lashings, whichever comes first.

How did Mahatma miss this one?

Fed Duck: would Tongue Lashings bagnfarb?

Fed ~ Handling is obviously covered, but will the price include shipping?

Don't forget this

I've been lurking, but felt I had to come out for this. Farmington, NM., is less than an hour away from me. Am I safe?

Somebody better tell Nader because it's the only chance he's got.

I can't believe it's only up to $6.50 so far. I'm thinking of bidding, but I'm afraid I'd win!

today is the very last day! Not much time for all of you "Raiders!" signed, The Green Machine

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