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October 27, 2004



This photo shows the glamor of rock-band bus travel. Greg Iles and Ridley are in the foreground. The blob in the background is Ted Habte-Gabr. The bus was his idea. He does not dare fall asleep.


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I see bigfoot!

Thus, the name of the bus: Todaü

FYI for some of my fellow bloggers....this photo was NOT taken with my crapcam....although it sure looks like some of my pics from last night's concert.

You could always wrap Ted in "Dave Barry For President" bumper stickers and then tie him to the side of the bus. It'll make great advertising for your campaign.

greg iles is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cute. :) for the record.

judi, So's Mitch!!

judi, So's Mitch!!

Wow. That CrapCam (TM) picture is worse than previous CrapCam (TM) pictures. Did Dave upgrade to the CrapWeaselCam (TM)?

Rachel - I say it's the XP Service Pack 2.

Judi, I'm going to have to take your word on Greg being cute because of the CrapCam. But I've noted you do have incredibly good taste in men, so I will now begin lusting after the blob on the blog that is Greg.

And, by the way, did they let Judi go on the tour? Dave unchained her from her desk! Wow, it is the ending of an era.

You know me a sgod, but I'm really an Illinois State trooper named Ramon. Anyone named dave Kerry wil be fingerprinted WHILE being striped searched in broad daylight. PoliceWeb Cam operational pending.

dave, this is your mother speaking. Oh Lucy. Fred, pull in your stomach and get off of Dave head.

What's a "sgod"? Is that like a litter of puppiers for dyslexic people?

It's like a tootsie pop for happy, special people like you Miss Welch.

That's neat that the bus has a screen door built in, but did you have to take the photo from behind it?

That guy in the foreground looks just like Paul Sr. from Orange County Chopper. Except Sr. is bald and gray and built like a brick sh*thouse. And I can almost guarantee he wouldn't be caught dead in those socks.

I love Orange County Choppers.

Are you sure they're (not their) not traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express?

Actually, from the picture, I'd say that's Boo in froont and me behind him.

I don't remember being in St. Louis...

Bangi - the only thing scarier than a blob on blog is when blurkers start worshipping them - then you get into that whole Japanese horror flick territory.

I have a strange attraction to Paul, Sr.....and that really scares me.

Ted Iles(way cute)=Foreground Blob=Sr.

Got it.

Does that not look like algebra?

If X=Ted Iles divided by the sum of "way cute" then Y=Partidge Family Bus multiplied by the product of Paul Sr.

Darn it! They probably drove right outside my house! I knew I should have staged an all-night watch for the literarians! Bastages.

But, y'know, it was raining.

I'm depressed.

I'm attracted to Sr. too, Slyeyes. And what makes that even more disturbing is the fact that Sr. reminds me of my daddy. Ew! But yum. But EW!! Mmmmmm...

Ted Habte-Gabr is HOT!!! Yow, so hot he's just a blur of light and darkness. Almost as hot at the Will Truman-esque Christobol, mmmmm

Bangi and Tina, can I have some chocolate please? These hormones need a fix...

Welllll, Polly, that makes me feel slightly better. He in no way reminds me of my dad, but I can't figure out why I'm attracted to an angry guy with a go-to-hell mustache who wears wife-beater shirts.

Now Mitch Albom...THAT I understand.


Y'know, that photo makes the person in the front of the picture look sort of like the spirit of Stephen King. Maybe there's a book in this somewhere.

Mitch? Really? I'm more partial to Jr. Or Mikey, for that matter. Mikey cracks me up.

Great, there is another blob in the picture (Ted) that I now have to worship because the very tasteful ladies on the blog tell me it is the right thing to do.

Where's Judi - I'd like to lust after pictures that actually resemble men? They don't have to be naked, but it wouldn't hurt. Wasn't there some threat of a shirtless Brad Pitt in a previous thread - has he shown up yet?

Is Steve King out there (not their) with the band? If so, could someone please give him a HUGE kiss from me for finishing The Dark Tower before the Sox win the Series and the world ends?

-- Guin
all paths follow the Beam...

I think Sr. is funny, but I'm not attracted to him, and that can only be a good thing.

That show is very educational. It teaches geography. Until I saw the show, I never knew there was an Orange County in New York. So when I first started watching it, I thought they were in the LA area. This was very confusing, because sometimes they have shows that have snow - and I'm pretty sure that snow in LA would be a very odd occurance indeed.

The wavelength of the average twinkie when excited by a 200 volt Sizzling Bangi is apprimately .2 meters when oscillating at 1 GHz.

Is it me...or are there a pair of feet next to Greg's with no body attached to them?

You know, a second look at the picture doesn't give me the image of Paul Sr. for Mr. Iles. He looks more like...and this is not intended as an insult...Robin Williams.

Just sayin'.

Looks like a thinner Chic McGee.

"uh huh, uh huh...thats the way..."

Thanks for the choco, Tina! Yummy.

Bangi, I'll allow the steal... only because your sizzling, cuddling and general oddness (and references to yourself in the third person) are so amusing. I actually thought of you while I was saute'ing onions the other night. They sizzled. I said to myself, "Self, Bangi would have something amusing to say about these sizzling onions."


Thanks for the gum n' hugs, Bangi :)

Mmmmmm, piney.

uh huh, uh huh...thats the way...
And now I think Greg I looks a bit like a cleaner better fed Keifer Sullivan. But if Judi thinks he's hot, I'm commending the lusting.

That should read 'I'll commence the lusting' (stoopid keyboard)

*racking her brain for secrets*

Polly: Hmmmm... let's see. My brother has a secret crush on the ghost of John Ritter, but how could she know that... anyways I swore I'd never tell that... but still, maybe she knows that. Oh well, I'll blog it. What the hell.

Polly - you keep up with the Ewww....Mmmmmm
Ewwwww Mmmmmmm flip floping, and I'll make you a good offer for a slightly used Brat Cave.

Well....heavily used. Anyway, just saying.


I agree with you that Greg Isles is super cute...But I still think Ridley is super, super hot....

People think Ted is HOT????

Y'all shoulda been around the POTUS board a few years ago.

We all envy Ted. He is always much closer to the Candidate and having alot more fun than the rest of us. When does this guy WORK for a living???( We don't expect Dave to work)

>>as as extremely tasteful elegant blog lady, I'd like to raise the folowing motion in blog parliament.....that all man-pics be clear, unless it is of Richard Simmons.or BM

Don't forget Keith Richards!
-the Pink-Haired Girl

Umm ... was that picture taken thru a cheesecloth?

- the other pink haired girl

Actually, I believe it was a pair of support hose.
-the Pink-Haired Girl

roasted k ... Of course! Support Hose. I should have recognized it. Good thing they had the common sense to remove the cotton crotch, as that would have made for a really bad pic.

- alternate pink-haired girl

" stay away from the light" this is what happens when u get to close to it!
i warned u! lol

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