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October 23, 2004


Seen any good games lately?


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Strike one!


Who's on first?

yay, judi is an insomniac too.
Makes my day.

Man, St. Louis lost? Now my weekend's shot.

Heh, it was a good game for the yankers?

I guess because they get more vacation time...


I actually enjoy it when the ball hits the foul (not fowl) pole.

Any game with enough runs to be a football score works for me! I enjoyed the game errors and all. More tomorrow night! yay!


or is that bottom of the ninth (and don't talk about my bottom like that!)

*switches to PG 13 thoughts*

ok.. I know nothing about baseball.. just stuck my head in to say hi!! Congrats whoever.. comiserations to whoever's left...


Ka Mate! Ka Mate!
Ka Ora! Ka Ora!
Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huru
Nana nei i tiki mai

Please excuse Kat & Drifty the Gypsy folks, they are like this because rugby players have leather balls.

Elegant violence, baby...

As Warner Wolf would say: "The ball hit the fair pole. Of course it's the fair pole, it's a fair ball, right?"

And as Johnny Pesky would say, "Hey, quit hitting my pole!"

As Chico Escuela would say: "Dick Pole been bery bery good to me."

I have to admit. I'm kind of a Cardinals fan. But if they lost this World Series, I wouldn't be completely devastated.

And now if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go crouch in a closet to avoid stoning by the local Cards fans.

Local as in where? *loads gun and makes frontal assault plans*

I would answer your question by I have been relocated to a secret location by the Bad Roommates Who Cheer Against Their Roommate's Team Witness Relocation Program.

Erm, by=but.

Who you callin' butt?

Stoned Cardinals wbabbgtmnfarb !

(would be a berrrry berrry good to me name for a rock band).

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