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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*catches rum mid-lob*

*chugs from the bottle*

*feels a little queasy, just for a moment*

*realizes rum shots don't go down as well as, say, tequila shots*


oops...'scuse me...

aaahhh...better now.

sorry, sharon, for bogartin the rum.

blue, is that a little green in your pocket, or are ya just happy to see me?

and for anybody experiencin shortages, (no, not you, blue, not that i'd know anything about that), here ya go!

and a sweet sistah simul. :)

*fetches candle, sponge, good book and fluffy blue towel*

*wanders to the bathroom to draw a bath*

Alfred, Johnny Got His Gun is one of the most powerful anti-war books of all time.

Dalton Trumbo was a black listed Hollywood screenwriter who couldn't get work for years and wrote under other people's names.

Finally, I think in the 60s (google this) Francis Ford Coppola hired him under his own name and broke the blacklist.

*fetches sketch pad to help Bumble*

Trumbo weird? Don't know about that. Checkout The Hollywood 10.

I just went to confirme some info I remembered about Trumbo and there's a lot of stuff out there on him.

Weird? Nah. Writes a good stick.

(Of course, NEbuddy who'd go into writing for a living is, by definition, weird ... but other than than ... nah ...)

Ah - blogging from the couch at last - as it should be.

Speed-heinzed, did Blue say he has a little greenie?

*wraps up in fluffy blue towel*

Thanks neo. How'd yours turn out? :-)

*finishes sketch with a flourish*

Lovely! I call it "Nude in Kilt in Bath with Candle and Sponge*

Unfortunantly I knew about the Hollywood 10 before hand. Although in our time we raise them like heros. They really where idiots.
Known members of the Communist Party who where taken to an investigation. Members of Hollywood came into to support the Hollywood 10.
The investigation was over a rumour that the USSR had snuck in somebody to Hollywood to promote Commuinism from with in the American Media system itself. There where many people in the communist party. And there was some ostricising of those who didn't do as they said. This was testified to by former members.
The Hollywood 10 where the first people being investigated. When asked this question, "Where you paid to write scripts that promoted communism.?" They refused to answer. All they needed to say was, "No." They said it was against the constitution to testify against oneself. Or something like this, I can't remember exactly.
By the third day of questioning those who came to support left.
The infamous blacklist was a list of those underinvestigation. Every one in Hollywood refused to hire these people for fear they would be investigated too.
Donald Trumbo eventually came back to Hollywood after Sparticus. Kirk Douglas demanded that the credits show Trumbos name.
Around 1971 the movie for Johny Got His Gun came out. The book was reprinted and Trumbo wrote a scathing remark about Vietnam. To be honest it might have been written to make him look better to Hollywood.

He wrote in the tub most of the time. And made a script in a week.

The Hollywood 10 basically gave Hollywood a black eye that it will never really recover from.
As it turns out there was some one. He was captured and sent to jail. After the fall Russia confirmed that the person was hired to do such a thing. The funny part here is that the same government that did this also caused its own collapse by over promoting communism in its own country.

I liked the book. The author was a bit screwy but then again you have to be to work in hollywood. I have to go tommorow and discuss this book and the author. The entire class will be sitting in a cirlce discussing the book. As you can guess I am a bit nervous about it.

neo~ You forgot with book. ;-)


You'll do fine.

Yippee for laptops and couch-blogging!

And also for candles and sponges. :)

Alfred, to answer the HUAC would have been to give it credibility.

forgive my sentence structure of that post; I'm pooped.

*jumps into...onto...under...the kilt without looking*

*hopes she doesn't land on anybody*

ok, i quit.

Bumble, I intentionally left the book out of my sketch. It covered too much. ;)

(Besides, a dragon in a bath takes too much work; they take lots of scrubbing and I see we're low on sweet sand)

good try though, s'girl. :)

Alfred, it was a witch hunt and people committed suicide, couldn't work, etc.

Do some reading on the distaff side. :)

El, i just forgot to add the rest of my thought.


maybe i need a beer?

neo~ You read the Pern novels? All right! You rock even more than you already did.

Have some roast wherry and tubers, but don't hog the bubbly pies. :-)

anyone who hasn't read the pern novels?

goodnight kilties!

Well, until now I didn't know anyone who had. :-)

G'night all!

Arthur Miller's play The Crucible was an allegory for the HUAC and Joe McCarthy's only claim to fame ... Miller was somewhat ostracized in the entertainment world for his daring to criticize the "Americanism" of the Witch Hunt ... many/most of the people in the business were desperately afraid of being subpoenaed to be questioned by the committee [With good reason, as Trumbo's experiences will attest] and the entire Red Scare personified by the McCarthy era mood was also held up to ridicule by other writers and/or creative artists, (Al Capp, in L'il Abner, to name just one) ...

Another noted personage got a ton of political mileage out of the McCarthy hulabaloo ... Tricky Dicky Nixon ...

BTW, an ancestor of mine was Hanged as a Witch as a result of the Salem Witch Trials ... merely sayin' ...

El Sleyes- Sorry if it seems insulting. Hollywood will probably be my future residence if I get work. So I look at it as the beast I have to learn to deal with or lose. The majority of the actors and actress out there in Hollywood nearly die while trying to get work in the Movies, and when they do, they work so hard they go crazy. There have been several suicides over this, and drug addictions. And lets face it Tom Cruise.
So please understand. I was just giving the other side, because I know the stuff that is usually said about the matter. A lot of it is political, most people don't realize that during the 60 and 70s TV Stations and Movie studios realized they had more power over the people then the government. The Hollywood 10 are viewed in a patriotic way, the way you and I would view Abraham Lincoln.
I have several friends getting into the acting business. So I worry about them.
There is two sides to the coin, and when one side is not being told, I get nervous. So sorry if it seems that I don't know. I do! I just wanted to show the other side.
Anyway, Back to Tarea de Español.

DAMN! Been without an internet connection all night, and gawd only knows how long this one will last before it cuts out again. So: brevity.

Bumble: Pern, yes. Very much rocks.
S-girl: Hey, I'm sharon share-alike, after all. You can bogart my rum as much as you like. Just leave some for me!
Blue: Green meanie?? Nah.
ASK: *SMOOCH!* Just cuz.
KDF: We have plenty of whipped cream here, too, so if you get low....you know I can fix you up.
Sly: I shall resist my English prof urges to correct...just for you.
Neo: HEY! Glad to see you...! We need to get another pun-fest up and running someday soon.
Alfred: Sorry...I once more didn't read your long post, but everyone else is right about Trumbo.

Whew. Okay, I'm done. G'night Kilties!

*falls on couch 'o exhaustion and falls asleep*

Mornin' all. Thanks to those who headed over to the main blog for moral (imagine us, moral!) support yesterday. Actually, moral is exactly the wrong word for it, since no one is asking anyone to go anywhere near purity, only to practice their pervieness in creative, and funny, ways.

I'm still hoping that those who don't get it might yet (heh, heh, I said "get it").

MtB (& y'all) --

A declension occurred to me ... NBD, merely somewhut related to this discussion of late ...

I have eclectic interests.

You seem to be a decent sort, if a bit odd, at times.

He is perverted.

is a "declension" the same thing as a Kilt?

merely wonderin...

I think surgery is now available to take care of declensions.

You're welcome.

Sure, but it's gross when they get oozy.


*zips in*

Good morning.

*zips out*

my proctologist wanted me to stop 'declension of the buttocks'...


did all the kilties go out for pizza?

Not me. I'm munching these.

I'm waiting to eat until the gardener leaves and I can get naked and weigh myself.

*covers eyes*

Yeah, El...I always get naked before I eat, too. Makes it SO much more fun.

.......What? Why are you all looking at me like that?

must.....resist.....saying ....anything.....
about....."gardener" ....and..... "trimming bushes".

oh darn.

yeah, sly, we can see ya resisted...real hard. ;)

and *snork* at El for "gardener leaves", whether intentional or not. ;D

Sharon- We are all waiting for you to eat. :)

Wasn't it the gardener in Desperate Housewives? I don't watch TV to much so I don't know.

The conversation went ok. It seems quite a few students read up about Trumbo. I ended up defending him. Weird no.

*Hedges comments*

Who wants company for lunch?

I think I'd rather have food for lunch


I'll let someone else fertilize.

Aaah Crap!

Mind yer manures.

*snork* at sly and sg...

Not gonna say whether it was intentional or not, but if you're betting, I'd go with "not".

Tee hee...s-girl said "real hard"

*SNORK* @ Sly!!

....Oh, and I'm off to lunch now....anyone wanna join me??


what're ya havin?

never mind...i'm in!


but kay, it was really hard, wasn't it. ;)

We interrupt this innuendo for this important bulletin.

*shakes kilt*

*looks for the secret prize inside*

I'm a secret? Who knew? No one, stupid. That's what secret means.

I have a bad headache from all that nervousness. And I tried to bleach my hair yesterday. Just on a whim. and I think the fumes got to me.

Oh great, I am going to be a slave to the squirrel overlords.

Alfred, is the second part of your 7:47 comment meant for here, or for the main blog Explanation For Tom Cruise thread? If it's meant for here, then I respectfully ask that you cut down on the bleach.

Blue...if those voices start telling you to do things that make you uncomfortable, you might want to seek some professional help.

Just trying to be helpful!

hey guys!

what's shakin on this pantsless friday nite?

I did, Sharon. Quiet, fool! You gonna tell 'em everything? Huh?

*Notes importance of proper comma placement.*

Do pajama bottoms count as pants? It's too darn cold to go totally pantsless.

*is hungry and tired*

*skips downstairs to forage for pad Thai*

S-Girl, I'm guessing we needn't tell you what shakes on a pantsless night.

The last part was a reference to the main blog but meant for here.

well, blue, nothin was shakin on my end! ;)

and yes, proper comma placement is very important.

right, sharon?


TC got posted under "productivity enhancers".

why isn't that surprising?

*wanders in*

*discovers she's all alone*


*kicks off shoes and plants feet on coffee table*

we have a coffee table, right?

*cracks open am ice cold beer and waits for wayward wandering kilties*

*cranks up the music to pass the time.

Abby had her opening performance of The Pirates of Penzance tonight, which totally rocked. The kids just finally settled down within the last half hour.

I am making beef stew right now, for some unknown reason other than the fact that a beef stew alarm sounded in my head today and I didn't have time to finish making it earlier. Anybody want some? I got good bread, too.

I know, it's 10:30.

But I'm hungry, dammit.

*zips in*

I thought I heard Highway to Hell!

How's it goin', sg?

I'm keeping an eye on the World Series but I wish it would be over. I'm rooting for the Cards to support sly, since my beloved Yankees *sobs* tanked.

Beer and beef stew at the coffee table with sg. Yep, that'll work!


And Eleanor! YAYYY!!!

Bet you've never heard a tuba and tap dancer rendition of Highway To Hell.

Or have you?

And Kathy! Yay!

An ad hoc posse meeting!

With food! And beer! What could be better!

i knew if i sat back and cranked up the music (and put my feet on the table, and threw a towel on the floor...um...never mind...) you guys would show up!

hey El, swing by and pick me up, will ya?

we're goin on a ROAD TRIP to kay's!!

we're gonna have to slow down in front of sharon's house, tho, so she can jump in, too.

Stew? Music? Beer? Wait up, wait up!

neo too!

And we'll probably see sly flying through the air because the Cards are 3 outs away, as they say!


*grabs neo and pulls her into the car*

geez, El, ya coulda slowed down just a little more!

A road trip! Just like Kermit and Fozzie. *starts singing "Moving Right Along" in counterpoint to "Highway to Hell"*

Hey guys, I heard the funniest thing today. It made me HEE HAR...


*leaps into car as it slows in front of my house*

Cool! Posse and stew at my sistah's house! Woo HOO!

um, sharon?

ya can't just leave us hangin...(so to speak, blue)...

what did ya hear?

oh, wait...did ya mean CAR???

*hee har anork*


uh oh...kay's gonna bring out the meds again...


Yeah...I meant CAR!!! Sorry...just setting up the joke. I'm SUCH a doofus.

*nictitates @ KDF* Right, sistah??

*waits eagerly for meds*

No meds. I love you all just the way you are. :)

Let's hear it for the Hairflippin' Doofuses!

I need to sleep. I'll keep the soup warm 'til you get here!


*pops in*



Geez, you scared the bejeezus out of me, Sarah! I gots no bejeezuses left, now.

*hands sharon a bejeezus*

now you've got an extra. ;D

sarah, you're not gonna be passin around some of your special chocolate play-doh treats, are ya?

*hands springs through Kilt*


I am frightened! Or ¡Yo tengo miedo!

The Tuba thing was actually pretty cool.

Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!

It's SLY!


Congrats, sly! Your boys deserved it!

Um, Sharon? I think Mal-Wart is having a pre-holiday sale on bejeezi, in case you're looking to stock up.

*commences the coffee hunt*

*zips in*

Good morning and Hooray for sly's Cards!!! It was a great ending. I loved the fireworks and the hugging and the new baseball caps - and everything.

Zen-type question of the day: Why does Starbucks have such excellent coffee and such horrible food? I'm eating what purports to be a pumpkin cream cheese muffin, not good, but I'm keepin' on keepin' on....Why?

*still on post-victory high; with a little headache and raspy voice*

We couldn't stop watching the celebration last night. I just loved the players with their kids; Edmonds holding his baby son, Pujols and Taguchi with their little ones on their shoulders dressed in their dads' jerseys. Pujols' son, AJ, kept touching his dad's face during the interview and laying his head against his dad's cheek.

Over an hour after the game, some of the players went out on the field for victory laps; fans were still there, celebrating and waiting to see their heros. Taguchi was throwing batting gloves to the crowd.

We were *thisclose* to going downtown to join in; but our butts were already dragging from the lack of sleep. I'm going to the parade tomorrow, though. Jenni and Tim may drive in for it, too.

I'm heading out to Kaldi's for breakfast -- El, since they opened here, I go there more than Starbucks because the food is much better.

mornin all. congrats, sly! :)

El - cuz it's there?

kay, when ya find the coffee, send some my way, will ya?

and um, what time should we show up for stew? ;)

*loves sg some coffee*

*loves El a decent pumpkin cream cheese muffin*

And sg, the soup's hot and ready to eat whenever you can get here!

Thanks Kathy, but I ate the whole thing, so now I can't have another one, and I'm into the self-loathing frame of mind.

But I'm looking forward to soup/stew later in the day. How's the weather there? It's supposed to get up to 80F today here.

Sometimes Dilbert just says it all.

El - that dilbert is kinda scary - that's exactly how i ended up hangin around here :)

Oh, El...self-loathing is so overrated. Besides, pumpkin is good for you. And so is cream cheese. Really. Why don't you try self-lathering instead? Or maybe self-leathering? MUCH better for you.

Wow...I'm so clueless that until someone mentioned the "Cards" I had NO idea what all the celebration was about. But congrats Sly!!

KDF---Bejeezi? SNORK!!!

El, i think that dilbert strip is appropriate for all of us. :)

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