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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*prepares "thaw-out" device for KDF's lunchtime return*

... hum, how much rum is good?

kibby - when there's enough for all, it's good. :)

*continues pouring*

*zips in*

Keep pouring, kibby.

I'll be back in a minute with some party stuff for when Kathy returns....


Party Favors!

Birthday cake from the gang!

Happy Birthday to the Fairest of them all!

And a very special guest, dressed the way you loved him best!

And he brought you a PRESENT!

Happy birthday, KDF!!

Kibby, pour me one, too. It's 5:00 somewhere.

happy birthday, kdf!


It's 5:00 here!


Hey, I'm up for a pre-noontime libation!

(hee hee...when I first wrote that, I typed it as pre-noontime librarian...NTTwouldbeAWWT...).

Just make sure there's still some rum left when ASK gets here, Kibby. Otherwise he'll want to know why it's gone.

KDF--here's my birthday present.

*wears the hat*

Thanks for the thaw, Kibby!

What sg said about the rum. :) And on my birthday, I declare the rum never gone.

Bumble, those dang capsules are hard to shoot! The game says I'm old, but I'm really only just getting started. I caught up with sg today -- 41 (while I was at school just now, Hannah loudly shared that with everyone who would listen and even some who didn't.)

And Eleanor! You dressed Johnny in Red Sox colors... for me?? That is true friendship.

Sharon, I love the bag -- even more if we can get a matched set so all the sistahs have one.

You guys are too much.



*snurks, tortures, eat's sg's crawfish*

KDF~ Yeah, those pills were really hard to shoot. I'm old too, and I'm 19 years behind you. And yeah, 41 is just getting started; you're still a youngster, and you'll always be young at heart; the Kilt will see to that. :-)

Thanks, Bumble. :)

I know this sounds like one of those things that people say when they really mean the opposite, but trust me when I tell you that youth is truly overrated.

"If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner." -Tallulah Bankhead

I actually thought about it one day. If the life expentancy keeps going up. I will have about 150 years of mid-life and then finally 20 years of being old. After that they will stop calling me old because I have become a time traveler.
So it seems that the midlife will dominate most people. There will be a large sum of non teenage angst because Grandma did not die, the dog is quite fine, and they have some cooler thing then You-Tube. Plus there is time travel. I so want to make out with Marie Antoinette.

kay, i love that quote!

*pokes head over huge mound of graded and ungraded papers*

Amen, b-day sistah!

*hunkers back down and is lost from sight amongst the piles.

My favo(u)rite Tallulah quote is "I'm as pure as the driven slush."


Mae West may have said that, come to think of it.

sly, that's great -- hadn't heard that one before. And it did show up on Google as a Tallulah quote.

Sharon said "hunkers."

Maybe Mae stole it from her.

Heck, why not? I'm planning to steal it, too!

Alfred, I think you're going to have to settle for cake. Fortunately, it's someone's birthday.

Now I want cake.

*tosses shiny healthy applie into trash and goes in search of chocolate.*

I don't have cake, but feel free to share my cinnamon roll.

KDF said "Google"

Happy B-Day KDF!!

and don't worry about the fact that you'll always be older than me, just like i don't worry about the fact that you'll always be hotter than me :)

Here's a party favor for Alfred. Who knew?

After that they will stop calling me old because I have become a time traveler.

I so want to make out with Marie Antoinette.

Posted by: Alfred | 01:21 PM on October 25, 2006

...so Alfred plans to be the next Doctor, only with her for a companion in the Tardis? Bad choice Alfred. She's ugly, and a bad actress. You want someone else along for the ride. :-)

I promise I won't worry. And, *snork* :)

Of course you won't. You'll always look younger than Tumnus. ;-)


Wrong occasion, right attire and confection.

So, Kathy, are you doing anything special tonight? Will your kids make you a cake?

Now I want cake too...*sigh*...and I've already been to the store.

My only request was to not have to cook, so we're all going out to dinner. Good kids' menu, outstanding margaritas. Doesn't get better than that. :)

My kids aren't making me cake, but Hannah did bring me toast in bed this morning.

Have to go pick up some kids. See you later, Kilties! Thanks for all the birthday treats!

*goes huntin' for a post-noontime librarian*

pssst, still *snork*in' over that one, Sharon

Hannah did bring me toast in bed this morning.

Awwwwww! That's so sweet.

*wishes she always had a sweet little child around to cuddle*

My Engelchen had to go home today, and I won't see her or my darling nephew again until Thanksgiving. :-(

*dashes off to Cracker Barrel to drown her sorrows in a plate of pecan pancakes*

pssst, KDF...if you find one, and he's cute, lemme know!

*isn't worried about having been a freshman in high school when TC was already in college*


damn. i'm older than kdf, sharon, tc, and of course bumble.


somebody pass me a margarita, with an extra shot of tequila, will ya?

Guess it's up to this geezer to do the honors.

Meanie the Blue, Class of '57. (birth, not graduation).

I myself will be using Bill and Ted's phone booth. Much trendier.

"Cake! I want Cake!"
"Careful dear you will lose your head over the matter."

Just read up about Marie. Poor girl didn't stand a chance.

Hey come on, who wouldn't want to go back in time and make out with all the famous women. Except maybe the ones that killed there husbands.

IT is good to know my cakes are handwarmers

I myself am of the class of 81. What numbers before that are a mystery.

sg, also ASK, Sarah J, Alfred and Adonis. Not that we're counting. :D

Oh, that's just cold, Kay.

Funny....but cold.


Alfred's older than I am, too.

So who's the youngest Kiltie? Me or Sarah? Seems like we figured this out once before, but I've forgotten.

5/25/84 is when I graced this world with my presence. ;-)

southerngirl~ At least you're not older than Uncle O. ;-)

Or Blue for that matter, and maybe not Kibby or sly either, but I don't know.

10/20/84, but I think Adonis is younger than I am.

Also, it is FAR too early for snow *shivers*

Really? I thought Ado was older than me. Huh.

And I agree; too early for snow. We just had our first freeze here last night.

*dashes off to calculus class*

*hopes tests have been graded*

*doubts it*

IT is so too early for snow that it is not in Yakima. It doesn't snow here until January. And then leaves by the 2nd.

I took my mom too see the leaves in a part of town. All those reds and oranges and gold. Beautiful. No really. The part of town is known for its beauty anyway. So it wasn't too difficult to find all this nice looking stuff in it.

If anyone is ever in Yakima. The streets between 16th and 42nd street are covered in rich beauties. Not rich as in money, but in real beauty. A very nice part of town.

Am I the oldest of the youngest?

I guess it had to happen eventually. I would play the game. But am much to busy with homework.

I think Adonis has said that he's 25, but I could be wrong.

Yes, I'm cold. However, sg and I are only a few months apart, so really we're in the same aging boat. :)


I must go get my birthday margarita(s). Later, friends!

hey kay...

eat my crawfish. ;P



so if ya come home from work, and you're expectin to have a laundry basket filled with bath towels to fold, but ya find that your MIL has folded them already, but folded them WRONG, and maybe, just maybe, you're a little bit OCD, which should actually be spelled CDO, cuz it just makes more sense that way (but i digress) then...

wait. i forgot the question.


*blames blue, cuz he provided margaritas with extra shots of tequila*

then um...oh yeah! do ya put 'em into the closet, as is? or do ya re-fold all of them first?



this is in no way an indication that i am in any way CDO...um, i mean, OCD. this was strictly for informational purposes.


psst...sharon...did i torture you enough?

*nictitates at sharon*

*medicates sg*

*borrows a towel*

I promise, I'll return it folded the right way.



OK, it would bug me, too. However, I would force myself to get over it since they are towels and I can hide them in the closet and be done with it, especially since I know my kids are likely to make a mess with them anyway, an event which will necessitate refolding and/or rewashing in the near future.

*hugs sg in an important moment of sister solidarity, not having anything to do with OCD (or CDO or DOC or DCO) which neither of us have*

I was unaware that there was more than one way to fold a towel.

Perhaps I would be well advised to have a backup ambition (my primary ambition being to become a wife and mother {at some point}). I seem to be lacking some sort of domestic folding gene.

When my OCD daughter gripes about the way I fold her t-shirts, I point out that I did it and she didn't. She generally gets over it, but I do hear the dresser drawer opening and closing several times as she resists the urge to re-do them.

I've tried to fold them her way --- I just don't understand quite what her way is. I swear I've folded them exactly as she does, but apparently there's something I'm missing.

Note to Alfred and Ado (and any other guys who have not yet made any large mistakes): Take note of the above conversation. You can't win. You don't fold the towels and you are a lazy bum. You do fold the towels, and they are wrong, and you can't do anything right.

I used to be the same way, re towels. I could only fold them the way my mother taught me because, according to her, that was the ONLY right way, and anyone who folded their towels differently was just a slob and hardly even deserved to have towels. ISIANMTU. And it was a very complicated triple-fold thingy.

But after raising kids, working, going to law school and having a do-nothing (now ex) husband, I was just glad if they found their way into the linen closet. Really.

ASK~ Since my father is a man of the lazy bum variety, I can state with certainty that my mother would not have berated him over the way he folded the laundry had he ever made the effort. Instead, she would've died of shock on the spot.

That having been said, there is a way to win in the situation you described. Two ways, actually. Either A) ask your wife how she wants the towels folded, and do it that way in the future or B) watch her sometime when she's doing it (or take note of what they look like before you unfold them to smear them all over yourself), and do it that way in the future. It's called going the extra mile, and it's not just a clever customer service motto. My mother has done it for my father every day of his life, as have countless other wives and mothers for their husbands and children. I know it works both ways in some families (i.e., husbands go above and beyond for wives too); I've just never seen it at work in mine, so I automatically tend to side with the women, however picky they may be. :-)

If it's done at all, I'm happy. Mom's triple fold may be programmed into my head as the "right" way, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna discourage someone from doing it a different way, if they're getting the dang things out of the dryer and into the closet/on the shelf/done.

I got far more important things to use my energy on. This ain't one of 'em. :)

Why do I believe that the phrase "high maintenance" has been used in reference to dear Bumble?

I won't argue too much - but this is not a retail situation. Generally, folding the towels is not expected of me any more than mowing the lawn is expected of her. If I choose to do it, then it is not going to involve hours of observation and practice. If you want customer service with the towels, go to a cleaner. I would say that the extra mile was gone in folding them in the first place.

Okay, maybe the extra 100 yards or so.

*medicates sg*

thanks, b'day sistah - that's all i was really goin for. ;)

*high-fives KDF*

and as for you, mr. smartASK, that was a very chauvinistic, inflammatory remark. i think you're in serious need of some tequila. or rum. or medication. or a slap upside the head. ;)

*volunteers to provide the last thing*

(you're lucky i luv ya, or you'd be in trouble right about now, and i've been told that i'm pretty damn scary, when i wanna be)

*smooches ASK, so he knows i'm just kiddin*

it was just a question asked (not ASKed) out of curiosity, cuz at one point, i'd've re-done all of 'em, cuz i couldn't have helped myself. today, i just shoved 'em in the closet, and closed the door. like kay said, they're hidden, so who cares?

i think i've come a long way, and deserve another extra-shot margarita.

just sayin.

and just so ya know? the "wrong" way is only "wrong" cuz i have a small closet, and if they ain't folded a certain way, they don't fit. otherwise, you can fold 'em any damn way ya want.

geez, you people are funny when you're tryin to be helpful. that's a good thing, btw. :)

ok, that's why i really asked...just to get y'all started. it worked, didn't it...;)

KDF, it's your birthday and we're talking towels? Have a mojito with an extra rubberband.

I'm not high maintenance; I've never tri-folded a towel in my life.

You implied that you can't please a woman no matter what you do. I was just illustrating that you usually can if you really want to, no matter how high maintenance she is. I'm not saying that's what should be done, just that it can be done. :-)

KDF ... Happy Day, again ...

Kib' ... OK, that clarifies the question ... y'all are usin' your personal ownself's vernacularisticalnessation code to ID your kids ... nothin' AT ALL worng with that ... merely had me a bit confused fer a moment ...

Yeah ... huggin' 'em is one of the better parts of the day ... even when they're as old as they are ...

Bumble - yes, not many in this venue are as old (chronologically) as I do be ... maturity, however, may be another kettle of piscatory delights ... "Maturity is overrated ..." to paraphrase ... um ... somebuddy else ...

Oddly enuf (or not, I'm usually out of the mainstream, so that makes me "odd" most of the time, I guess) I've been thinkin' lately about the past -- events, happenings, people and other such stuff -- and some of those thots go down the path of " ... I wonder whut life its ownself would be like if I had done (or not done) this or that ... or met this or that person ... "

Sorta interestin', but not really any serious regrets about where I've ended up ... I would apologize to a few more folks tho, fer some of the stuff ...

... just ... ramblin' ...

I do one better. I do my own laundry, and take care of the dog. Then organize the entire downstairs.
Anyway, big news I might be moving into an apartment with some friends. My parents say they are willing to pay to get rid of me. :) :)

*zips in*

I'm with s'girl here, ASK. I'm very surprised at your take on this. Talk to wolfie about mowing the lawn and talk to Jeff about folding the laundry.

I still love you, but that didn't sound like the ASK I know.....

I do the laundry and the cooking and all that jazz, ladies - read what I said, not what you think I said. You disappoint me in not giving me more benefit of doubt than that.

Is it time for cake yet?

*pops in long enough to vote*

Right now there are clean towels in the dryer. My philosophy is, if you want one, you're going to have to get it yourself.

*leaves to finish homework*

*pokes head back in* But I miss this place. :(

*sadly goes back to books*

Yes. By all means.

Care to do the honors, KDF? :-)

if you want one, you're going to have to get it yourself.

YAY!! neo!!

(and hang out here more often, will ya?) :)

ASK, did ya not get the *smooch* i sent ya? ;)


in fact, i'll prove it to ya...

you head down here, and do laundry for me, and i promise you can fold it, or not fold it, anyway ya want. :)

*luvs ASK some cake*

Having computer issues - sent that last response after only reading El's.

After reading Bumble's 9:36, it seems to me that we are on the same page anyway, so pointless to go into it anymore.

(When I was in school, "doing the laundry" was a euphamism. *grins*)

with you neo, EVERYthing is a euphemism

*heinzes for once*

*decides to lay low on this one*

*won't even comment on the comment that ASk can't make a woman happy, no matter what he does*

*not goin there*

*leers at ASK* How kind of you to notice!

*smooches all*

*forces self (not Self) back to books*

ok, one more comment, then i quit.

ASK (and bumble) you're right. ya do it cuz ya want to, if ya do, not cuz some high-maintenance chick thinks ya should.

posse, you're with me, right?

(none of us kiltie chicks are high-maintenance, so i felt it was ok to speak for the group)

OK, Tupperware, I'll go there.

ASK "does the laundry." Oh, and the colors are bright and the whites are blinding.

*grins, in a "Happy Birthday to Me" kinda way*

Yes, that has always been a problem for me. I'm just such a male chauvinist that I can't please a woman. That's it exactly.

*pounces on and hugs everybody within reach*

*goes back to watching Criminal Minds*

ASK & s-girl~ Yes, you are both right about some things. Now put some of that birthday cake in your mouths before I'm forced to tackle and sit on you both until you kiss and make up. ;-)

Coinqadinkaly, I have a warm basket load of towels to fold.

Any volunteers?


OK, i know i said i heinzed, but did i miss the part where ASK ran outa rum?

somebody pour him some, quick

Never one to beat anything to death (har!) I'm sorry if I misunderstood you ASK.

I have heard before about how white your whites are and I just forgot for a minute.

Can we have a
group hug?

Even you Toto, but ASK in the middle!

*smooches all around*

I know where my towel is. I fold it the way I want. I let others fold it the way they want. We practice towel tolerance in our household.

I'll repeat that if it sounds too complicated.

*snork* @ "FunForEverybody.com Page Not Found!"

*folds sly's towels*

*wraps one of sly's warm towels around her feet*

What? My room's freezing.

*burrows back under the blankets*

Oooh! The heat just came on.

*dashes downstairs to sprawl on the heat vents with a blankie*

What? My link didn't work? It did for me.
It was Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and all their friends in a group hug. :(

How about
this one?

And then we can all sing a number from Hair!

The bad news; Game 4 was postponed tonight due to rain.

The good news; we won't be hearing Billy Ray Cyrus sing the National Anthem. Well, not tonight at least.

And in a similar vein, Keith Hernandez is on Seinfeld tonight.

I liked that Keith Hernandez arc.

El, your link worked for me.

and i luv tiggers. they're the best. :)

and bumble, altho the kissin and makin up sounds real nice (as does your tackle) no worries here.

ASK knows i luv him, and i know he luvs me. right, ASK? ;)

oh, and sly? blue says he wants to fold your towels.

hey, he said it, not me.

*hey, B - if it means I get to kiss sg, I'll still act upset for a minute*

oh - hey - its still Kay's birthday for anuther hour or so (even longer on the left coast)

And do her laundry.

And we do love some people on the left coast (u know who u r)!

Yes, Tiggers are wonderful things!

God bless decrepit old houses. My house was built in the 1870s, and it has some glorious ancient heat vents that are enormous. Downstairs our living room and dining room are open; there isn't a wall between them, but the dining room used to be a walled off bedroom, and now there are two big vents side by side on the floor on either side of the space where the wall used to be. And I mean big: like a foot or a foot and a half square. None of those dinky little six-inch rectangles they stick in the floors nowadays. I love to stretch out on the floor on those two vents with a blanket over me and get all toasty. It's marvelous.

*snuggles back down under the blankets in her bedroom, to which the glorious heat vents were, unfortunately, never extended*

Actually, there's a vent in the wall behind my bookcase, but my parents say the pipes and ducts for the heat system don't connect to it for some reason. I don't know why. Maybe they're just trying to keep me chilly in hopes I'll move out. ;-)

the wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things.

now, jagulars, on the other hand...

happy b'day kay!

hey, if i didn't say it again now, i'd have to wait a whole year!

blue, i think you need to do some laundry yourself. ;)

*wink wink, nudge nudge*

Bumble, just scroll up any Kilt thread and you'll eventually find some nice vents. Maybe even a few you put there yourself.

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