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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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The robot doesn't like CARs? Or air? Or porn? Is the robot Al Gore?

Sharon, stop thinking. Crack that sucker open. :)

*snork* It didn't seem to mind KDF's porn.


*nictitates at her sistah*


*meanders in*

*steps on crack*


Hm, now it likes porn. Maybe the robot is a Kilt blurker, has been successfully corrupted, and is now OK with perviness.


Hee har.


*fears blog expulsion*

it's pornocracy in action!

*twirls robot's halo on one finger*

Yeah, we do have a tendency to deflower the innocent here, don't we, KDF? Erm...so to speak.

(hee hee...s-girl's on crack)

hee har...CAR???


(and i'm not on crack. you can't prove a thing)

tee hee, Sharon said finger

"Don't get on the crack, or you'll fall and break your back."

My darling niece has decided that I make a good pillow person. She sleeps very soundly if she's lying on my chest. Last night I was calling her "Engelchen" which I believed (and still believe) meant "Little Angel," because Engel means Angel in German, and chen is a suffix that indicates something is small or miniature. Today I plugged Engelchen into dictionary.com's translator just for kicks, and it translated it as "close moose." This makes no sense to me, since googling Engelchen gives you results with little kids wearing Angel wings, so I emailed my German teacher to ask her what was up with that. Dictionary.com's translator is weird.

psst...KDF is a perv...pass it on...

psst...most Kilties are...pass it on... :-)

pssst....I knew that already, but it never hurts to be reminded

(tee hee...s-girl said "thing")

And I'm still laughing at "close moose". And "hee har...CAR!" Which is good, because otherwise I'd be tearing out my hair because I know twelve year olds who can write better than the eighteen and ninteen year olds in my writing class. Sentence fragments...run on sentences...subject/verb disagreement..... GAHHHHHHHH!!

*runs screaming into the Kilt kitchen, looking for more anesthetics*

*loves Sharon the tequila, cause it looks like it's gonna be a long night, what with all the run on sentences and whatnot from the college kids' papers that have grammar problems but are scintillating examples of the intelligence of today's youth and their educationable selves, notwithstanding, of course, the creative energies and sparkling potential for knowledge for which they will have displayed...*

pssst, guys, let's torture Sharon

*gets closer to the moose*

back off, perv.

*drains tequila bottle*

*chucks empty bottle at KDF's head*

*closes the moose*

*offers the moose a beer and a smoke*

Who the heck is Chuck and how did Sharon get his bottle?

unless you've got more tequila.

ok, a simul is good enough. but i still want the beer and the smoke.

and where's that dang squirrel?

D'oh! KDF simuled with The Moose.


Didn't I drop the squirrel down Blue's pants? Maybe not...I can't remember. It must be out trying to take over the world, then.

*chucks mousse at KDF's head*

....what? It controls the frizz.

Chuck has mousse?? How very metrosexual.

FYI: Mousse doesn't work on me. Makes my hair go *FOOF*.


*forages for aspirin, grabs an ice pack*




*checks Chuck's chick's moose's mousse*

Mmm, chocolate.

*flings mojito-band8482; at bumble, just cuz*

*"FOOFS" out*

those mojito band8482;'s are all the rage, ya know.

*snork* @ ;'s

Bumble- I think my school board and dictionary.com must belong to the same society of Bovine watchers.

Hmmm...was going for FOOMS! rather than FOOFS!. Obviously I need to practice my technique.

*scratches head*



hey sistahs - i'll give y'all some of my straightness if y'all give me some of your .

no, not that.


FOOF, dammit.

I dunno, s-girl...despite all the gropes and smooches and whatnot we've shared, I'm pretty straight.


Help yourself to some FOOF! though.

*attempts to stop *snork*ing*


*slips on errant mousse*

As if the bottles to the head weren't enough! Shick.

Why is Chuck throwing botles of Mousse?

Is that anything like whipped cream? Does that have the same effect on K's hair?

I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that question...nor, really, the effect that whipped cream has on KDF's hair in the first place.

*also attempts to stop *snork*ing*

*succeeds, but is still *anork*ing*

*is shicked*

Nope, different effects.

Mousse = *FOOF*
Whipped Cream = *FOOM*

*knows Sharon is only pretending to be shicked*

*also suspects that she is, in fact, still *anork*ing*

I swear, one of these days I'm going to write a book and call it, "What really goes on under the Kilt", and it will have a glossary of terms and and titles. And of course it will have lots of sex, since we many of us are pervs. And it will have booze, and the doghouse, and Mormons. And couches. And hammocks. And pogo sticks and FOOMage and posses and puns.

And love.

*feels warm and squishy*

eeew! what was that?

Ooops. Sarah stepped in the love.

Ewwwww...now you have love on your shoes.

What up.

Ado~ Many things. The sky, birds, functional planes, the spider on my ceiling...

psst...bumble is a smartass...pass it on...

*stands FIRST in line to wait for sharon's book*

*snorks at "anorking™"*

*wonders where that came from?*

oh, and kay?

eat my crawfish.


*zips in*

Is an *anork* and amoral *snork*?


*zips out to watch Weeds*

did someone say anorak?

Or maybe adork?

or maybe Adonis?

el, "anork", i believe, was originally a typo.

but i like your definition way better. :)

sg -

Yeah, Jack Dempsey, in Madison Square Garden ... isn't that whut I said?

Whoo-hoo. When KDF gets back and sees my last post, man there gonna be fireworks.

BTW, thanks for the pic sg. Although I still like pic I have on the Kylt. Although, did you know I own my own business?

Go ahead and book a reservation. That is, if you can figure out where it is ...

i never saw your pic on the kilt!

and no, i didn't know ya had your own business.

all kilties stay free, right? and mojitos are complimentary, right?

Absotively sg. And as for the pic, well...

It's more of an advertisement or logo than a picture.

Adonis, I believe you're located in the heart of the Swiss Alps -- my disgustingly well-traveled brother has been to Zermatt.

No fireworks here. The lady hasn't sung yet. :)

Oh, Chad will sing alright. Or isn't that the "fat lady" you meant?

southerngirl~ Yes, I suppose my a$$ is smart. Just like the rest of me. ;-)

Adonis--smack talk will get you smacked. And NOT in the fun, happy way.

(and pssst....there is no such word as "alright"...just sayin')

english teachers

they just gotta correct

*makes sure he is wearing his OSU-themed cup*

Hey, I speak the truth about NCAA football.

Thanks ssa. I'd like to say that I don't care and I'll spell how I feel like, but the truth is that it does bother me when I make those kind of mistakes. My grandmother was a proofreader at a newspaper for many years, after all. We've kind of kept up good grammar in my family.

We have ink for blood, you know. Red ink. For correctin'.

Yup. Yes we do.

alot alot alot.

what? we're not still torturing sharon?

sharon, it was kay's idea


i meant to say

alright alright alright.

i know, i made alot of mistakes today, but deal with it, alright?


All worng ... right, ssa?

I my self have no idea where Adonis is. Though I can fully understand having a place named after you. I have a village and a Scottish clan.

Aw, how cute! They're playing "make the English prof blow a gasket!"

(hee hee, I said "blow")

It only works when it's unintentional, folks. Sorry.

*SNURK* at sg for the teacher-torture

note to sharon: "snurk" is apparently a new word for you to include in your "kiltie" book.

for which, in case anybody has forgotten, i am FIRST in line to acquire.


just cuz.

What will be your entry for Robotic Cow?

And how about *anork*?
(see above)

Shick and snurk and anork you all.


Just cuz.

hehehe...sharon's bein pervy again.

you were bein pervy, weren't ya?

Alfred, i don't have anything for ya on the robotic cow, sorry. ;)

pssst....s-girl....of course!

english teachers

they just gotta be pervy

psst...sharon...just checkin...

Is that anork in your pocket, or are you just happy to see the moose up close?

No but the knork is hot and ready to go.

Yeah, it's....um....pervie ink that flows through our veins. That's right.

Yup. Yes, it is.

very difficult with chocolate milk.

*snork* at Blue!

Happy Birthday Kay!


Aw shucks. :)


see, i knew she could sing

Hey, somebody give that southerngirl a microphone!


Aw shucks. :)

yes, you two are soooo easily embarrassed

We're extremely demure, right, sg?

quick, hide the mousse

demure means what, again?

*demure look*


Demure...? Huh....hold on....

*checks a dictionary*



You'll find none 'o that there stuff here. Nope.

*wanders through in the wee-morning kilt-hours using up as many '-'s as-possible*

Seem's I've been invited to a Y! group so when I get a chance I'll sign-up. Werks \\shudder// been pretty intense lately - sorry, that kept me from returning yesterday.


Kibby's GM1 (Grand Male 1, grandson) at 6 days old is doing well and at home with Mom (F22). Settling into a routine and all.



From: The Kilt

*sniff, sniff*

You guys are awesome. Thank you!

Kibby, I forgot to welcome you properly. We're very happy to have you here! :) Wish I could have a cuddle with GM1.

I'm outta here to help out on the Native American Trail at school this morning (my theory of course is that if I freeze myself, I won't get any older) but will be back around lunchtime.

*isn't really all that demure*

*hauls out birthday hat*

Don't you hate that elastic thing that goes under your chin? Do I really have to wear this?

ya have to wear it, ya have to like it, and ya have to take pictures and share them with us. :)

Happy B'day, sistah!


Let's get something straight. You wear the hat, or you get this.

Your call.

KDF - Have a happy celebration of the anniversary of your birth.

Kibby - F22!??!!?

Dunno how appropriate this is (how old are you, KDF?), but it's kinda fun. Aim well. ;-)

Happy Birthday!

Kibby - F22!??!!?

... she's really 24 now, that was a couple years ago. It's the handle I use for my oldest daughter.

I've an F24 (son) and F2.4 (daughter which got named when she was 2 and she's now 4), short hand she's F2.

*wishes he could cuddle with GM1 too*

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