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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*is disappointed*

I thought maybe southerngirl was chatting with a hot guy and I could enjoy it vicariously. :-)

bumble, i was! i was chattin with blue! ;)

Good point. :-)

Bumble, you, of all people at this Kilt, should be aware of this.

Ummmm....if your red hots turn blue, I say throw 'em out and buy new ones. Just sayin'.

Morning, Kilties!

*slurps coffee*

*is not caught by the spambot for saying "chats"*

Domo oragato, Mr. Roboto.

Blue~ Ah, yes. Cole Porter. The famous gay Peruvian songwriter who loved fudge from Arnold's Candy (really) and whose house was turned into a meth lab (also really).

I know his work well.

♪ Birds do it, bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it. Let’s fall in love… ♫

Followed the breadcrumbs, but am overwhelmed by the hyperactive posting...I'm taking a post-vacation day to unpack.

Well, actually I'll probably just vegetate and read, but The Workplace doesn't have to know that, right?

Monday noon felicitations to all Kilties. See you in five hours for cocktails, or possibly something just straight outta the bottle...

betsy, following breadcrumbs is fine...just look out for beer cans and rum bottles. ;)

guess what I was able to change my keyboard to a español version. lots of fun.

Asi, como esta, Afredo? :)

bien ¿y tu?

¡The question mark thing is really tough!

have we moved?

doesn't look like we moved...

i got an e-mail from sarah sayin we moved tho...

*is confused*

The email was just a followup to the move here (Attention, Chicago thread), but it's got the wrong link.

Sarah was just trying to throw you off, I think. ;-)

oh, we moved here!

so, am i the only one that followed sarah's link, and then wandered about aimless and lost, and eventually ended up right back here?

probably. ;)

yeah, that's what i was afraid of

that's ok, tho...you're here now.

wanna beer? or would ya prefer a shot of JD.

i'd send ya a link, but i've been told they don't work. ;)

how bout a shot with a beer chaser?

and i think i can find my way back here without a link (you know - just follow the trail of bread crumbs/beer cans/rum bottles/discarded kilts and other clothing-related items)

thanks anyway tho :)

i meant a link to this. ;)

see? my links do so work!

*Drinks link*

*zips in*

Isn't it interesting to see Toto here, when he said he didn't know where here was?

And men wonder why women don't believe a word they say....hmmmm...

well, they work for blue at least

didn't ya get the JD shot?!?

no. blue got it first :(

sorry. i tried. ;)

is anybody else havin problems with yahell mail?

Not really. After I sent that Anthrax in the mail they seemed to straighten up.

... they seem to like that band.

heh. A friend was living in Argentina for his mission. His mission president had to specifically tell them to not send white powdery substances in the mail. Most especially home.

*snork* at Ado!

Woo-hoo! I gots snorkage!

See kids, it pays to self-simul.

Problems with yahell? I dunno, but I got about 16 emails from a bunch of y'all, mostly all sayin' the same things ... with some added lines, on occasion ... seems to me as if they all were routed (misrouted?) thru yahell ...

No real problems, except SOME of them got tossed into my junk bin, and other (nearly identical ones, from the same people) did not ... hmmm ... gotta train my junk filter a little more, eh?

well, i know mine didn't get tossed, right? ;)

and ado, you're here early tonite, aren't ya?


Yep. I'm on the computer that doesn't track back to me, so I have internet access tonight.

Hey, I found out that they hired a new girl here where I work and they started her off making over a $1.25 more an hour than I make. I've been working here over 2 years total.

Is SCREW ME OVER written on my forehead?

Please do not be scared away by the really angry post. Please.


you didn't scare anybody -- it's just that time of night -- and I'd be angry, too

Can you italicize your boss? You're really good at that.

If she was smart enough to have a blog (heck, smart enough to know what one was) you can bet she would get a visit from RRT.

No just Take this child to the Zoo
You had a strange Mother.

ado, sorry about the job woes. been there, done that. :(

Snork @ Alfred.

And thanks for the sympathy guys. I think I'm not long for this job. Punks don't know what they're doing.

Oh wait there is something underneath that.
I do not Own a Giant Robotic Cow

I know about that one, I put it there.

It's always a good idea to deny until you're sure they know.

note to self (not Self): adonis is not a punk. ;)

hey, kay!!! how the hell are ya?

It's always a good idea to deny until you're sure they know.

words to live by.

sg - *SNORK*

I'm outta my mind putting kids to bed, that's how the hell I am, but I'll be back.


*ducks, just in case sly shows up*

*loves kay a mojito, or a tequila shot, whichever she prefers*


heck yeah! LSU is...

oh. that's not what ya meant, is it...;)

Buckeye's rule you all. Even in other sports.

Um, Adonis? By Buckeyes, would you be referring to the fine men hailing from Columbus, Ohio?

Aw yeah. Unbeatable.

Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr are your daddies. Yes, you have two daddies. But it's not like that. NTTAWWT.

The uh YVCC Yaks are amazing. Yeah!. They can do anything! Except maybe throw a freaking ball

Their name is really the Yak's? Man, if you don't have an intimidating name (like the Buckeyes) you really need to back it up.

Oh ... yeah ... OSU ... the scourge of NCAA Division I Hockey ... yeah, right ...

Kinda like ... um ... no ... that's not bein' nice ... won't say it ...

OK, they're gonna do a MAJOR number on the Yellow Rodents next Saturday ... yeah, they're good ... good enuf to end the reign of USC?

Lemme hear some Trojan fans opinions ...

(I love to watch y'all discuss college football ... it brings back memories of my own college (mis)adventures ... )

Adonis, I grew up dead center in a city of maize and blue, so I think that makes us mortal college football enemies. And I guess we'll see which unbeaten team is unbeatable in a few weeks, won't we? Hmmm?

*zips in*

*smacks KDF on behalf of sly*

Sorry UO, but Ohio State will jack up Minnesota this Saturday. As for them playing hockey, I feel conflicted. I love and respect hockey, and I love and respect OSU football. But I can tell you I have no doubt that OSU will win the NCAA football championship.

So...did we win?? I haven't been paying attention.

*hugs KDF 'cause she got smacked*

Anyone want directions to Ann Arbor?

North until you smell it, West until you step in it.

Michigan is going down like a skydiver without a parachute. By the time OSU is done with them, there'll be so many cracks in their offence and defense Michigan will have to be renamed Grand Canyon University. Deal with it.

Ado' ... that's whut I said ... the YR's barely survived to block a last-second field goal by NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY last Saturday, for a 10-9 win ... I gotta think it's gonna be somethin' like ... um ... 672 to ... um ... minus-60, in favor of the Buckeyes ... after one quarter ...

And ... OSU has the largest (17,000+ seats) collegiate hockey arena in the country ... I'm merely wonderin' when they're gonna start with their hockey program ... (OK ... so the Black Bears swept my Fighing Sioux last weekend ... but the weekend before, the Sioux split with the Defending National Champion Badgers, IN MADISON ... which is always better than a poke in the eye with a sharp Mustelidae ...

um, go Saints?

*sneaks out*

UO, I wanted to say something like Troy Smith would beat any comers even if he was playing hockey, but I have too much respect for the game to say something like that. Now, if only the Avalanche could win ...

Um, and I hugged Adonis before, why??

Cheer for your team, but don't be dissin' my hometown, boy. I'll open that can o' whoopass yet.

*prepares to open can*

*and it ain't whipped cream*

Oh ... and, NDSU is a Division I AA school ... merely sayin' ...

... and one of my grandmother's childhood playmates was Bernie Bierman ...

Now that I have done some research, I need to refine that comment about the Avs. It seems they are 8-3-3. The only games I've been able to see (due to work) they have either lost or lost in overtime. This led to a feeling that the Avs were losing everything. Not the case.

sweep sweep

okay, that didn't work. Let's try it again.

Merely intended to get a rise out of you KDF. Mission Accomplished.

They are going down hard though. You know that, right?

Sweepin' Simuls are the best kind.

Of course it's still bold on Firefox, and I can't get it to stop....I've always been a lousy housekeeper.

pssst, Adonis, I know who the better team is, but I'm obligated by birth and parental residency and the fact that Mom and Dad's next door neighbor is named "Bo" to cheer to the death for the guys in the stripey helmets

But, yes.

Sharon, my dust bunnies have names and veterinary appointments.

Well, just as long as you're not fooling yourself. I understand about team loyalty. I cheered for the Broncos during the bad years. And I mean the bad years when the only player they had was John Elway. I can dig it. But I hope you understand my need to revel in the unquestionable superiority of OSU. It also is necessary.

My dust bunnies are bigger than my cats and growl whenever my dog gets too close. They're awfully territorial, you know.

Let me try. Did that help you FireFoxy mamas?

Ado' - your latest post wuzn't there when I put that last one up ...

I dimly recall someone talkin' (long, LONG ago) about how great an athlete ... um ... Wilt Chamberlin? Lewis Alcindor/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? ... NEway, some REALLY TALL basketball player ... wuz ...

And, sayin' somethin' like that to some hockey coach ... and wonderin' how he (the super-athlete) would do on the ice (given the proper tutelage in the sport from the age of 18 months, of course) ...

The coach asked (not ASKED) how tall he (it must've been Kareem) was ... when he was told, "7' 2" ..." the coach said somethin' like ... "He'd never play hockey. With the length limit on the stick, his wouldn't be long enough to reach the ice ..."

I dunno whut that useless trivia might illustrate, except perhaps that it's risky to trade sports with athletes ... unless you're talkin' about the talents of guys like Jim Thorpe, Jim Buasch, Harold Osborn, Glenn Morris, Bob Mathias, Rafer Johnson, Bruce Jenner, Milt Campbell, Bill Toomey, Dan O'Brien ... (I'm keepin' the conversational concept to USA athletes ... merely sayin' ...)

hey ado, ya know why john elway couldn't get home the nite they got their asses kicked in the superbowl?

cuz somebody put an end zone in front of his house.

From now on I will concede any and all sports-related discussions to UO. As you all can see from his last paragraph, he knows more about sports than I ever will.

but I'm obligated by birth and parental residency

as i said...go saints?

That was cold sg. Plus, he overcame that problem. Didn't he score once himself on his first Superbowl win? Or don't you remember the helocopter spin where he got hit by two defenders at the same time and still made first down? The old man wanted a win something terrible.

Yep, Green Bay never has recovered.

Oh, Heavens, NO!

I'm a mere amateur, when compared to some of the sportswriter-type persons (of both genders) that I know from past occupational duties ...

I do know, however, the name of the only football player to be named MVP in the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and of a NFL Championship team ...

And the name of the only man to ever be runner-up for the Heisman, TWICE, but never won it ...

And the name of the team that Notre Dame played in its FIRST EVER sports conference alliance athletic contest ...

BTW ... scores on those emails I mentioned earlier, as arrivin' most of the day, now stand at:

TCK - 6
SG - 6
El -2
Others - a scattering of several, with one each

whoo hoo!

i'm tied for first place! ;)

and i know who holds the record for the longest field goal ever, and where same occurred.

just sayin.


Merely received another from TCK ... sorry, sg ... all/most of these are indicated as havin' been mailed approximately eight hours ago ... give or take a bit, for various exchanges amongst your ownselfs ... and several are duplicates of others from the same person ...

Which all brings to mind a question (or six) ... how much coffee (and/or other stimulants) have y'all ingested today?

not nearly enough, U.O, not nearly enough...;)

and all that means is ya might get another from me, in an hour or several.

merely hypothesizin...

Yeah, Whathisname "Square Foot" Dempsey ... at LSU or somewhere around your neighborhood, weren't it?

The yaks where originally called the Indians and where represented by one of the Yakama Cheifs -Yakima is on a reservation- but some idiot said it was insulting. So we had it changed to the Yaks. Even the Dean thought it was stupid.
A friend of mine wants to redub our school, "Sharks with frickin Lazers on there foreheads."
I thought it was the coolest idea ever, before I even found out it was from a movie.

I am a big Senators fan. But getting info is tough once again. I guess I could check out there website and stuff. But I am much to busy on the kilt

Is it safe now? .... OK, good. Good morning, then.

Sorry I missed the Wide World of Sports there, but it was a busy night. Parent-teacher meetings, daughter with sore throat, doctor visit, drug store visit, TLC application. Dinner? Yeah, 10:30.

And ... go Cards. Any team that can be as unfazed as they were after being robbed of a certain 2-run homer by a superhuman gravity-defying over-the-wall catch that was turned into a double play in a Game 7 gets the nod from me.

O. the U, it was tom dempsey, in tulane stadium. :)

mornin kilties!

*wanders in and plays a game of "spin the empty beer can"*

Must go home and check to see if the dust bunnies are responsible for the missing cat.


I know, not appropriate here but a good test for TypeTard.

hey, look! it's kibby!

*waves to kibby*

*wonders why type tard doesn't like "CAR"*

No one knows, s'girl. It's just one of the mysteries of modern life.

For a while it didn't like "air" either.

*waves hi to kibby in a new location*

*wanders in*

Ummm...why is this empty beer can pointing at me?


*joins the welcoming committee*

*goes off to grade*

I'll be sure to let you all know if there are any truly hilarious offerings in this batch of papers.

Amazing! I came back here, hit F5, and there was Kibby!

Welcome to Kiltville, sir. Do join often, and bring your CAR anytime.

Ahhh, the magic of Blue. He can conjure a Kibby.


hey sharon, how goes the grading?

*.....groan* Best not to ask (not ASK--ASKing is just fine!).

I'm seriously thinking of cracking open the cider early as an anesthetic.

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