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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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You mean an environmentally friendly cad!!!


so, would that be c.a.d.?

as in, hmmmmm

cute awesome dude?

No...that would be cad!, as in

callous alcohol desperado.

And yes...I seriously thought about using something more inflammatory for the "a" word, but decided against it. I hope you appreciate the effort!



cool :)

IBM again.

*chucks an empty bud can over his shoulder*

*picks up empty beer can*

*chucks empty beer can at TC's head*

oh, great! now how's daisymae sposed to find us?

if she gets baked and served up for dinner, it'll be all your fault!

oh, and you throw like a girl

just sayin

Empty beer cans?? No.

C.A.D. = Caffeine Addicted Derelict?

No wait, that's all of us.

Dayum...Daisy better not be gettin' baked without sharing.

And if "throw like a girl" means "has a powerhouse of force behind that throwing arm" then yes! You're right!

*chucks empty rum bottle at TC's head*

*and high-fives my sistah*

Yeah...I high-five like a girl, too. And damn proud of it!

Being a girl rocks.

oh sure - you're all tough now that ya got back-up



DAMN, Sharon, I just came back to chuck the rum bottle!


*snork!* Of course, KDF!

So TC...how was I not being tough before?? Hmmmm??

And TC simuled with himself.


*spikes a can on the ground, just cuz*

self-simuling is how i prepare for battle - it's a guy thing

as for your alleged toughness prior to the arrival of back-up, well, there's a difference...

and if you don't know what the difference is, well, i'm sure not gonna tell ya

*high-fives kay and sharon, also just cuz*


and ya also got a simul with me.

that one was just for fun

why yes it was. ;)

Computer Aided Drafting? Why is that bad, all the architects are doing it now!
Get up and sing a national anthem of your choice. The Russians have particularly patriotic ones.

and if you don't know what the difference is, well, i'm sure not gonna tell ya. Ah-HAH!! The swan-song of ANY argument...the "I don't actually know the answer so I'm gonna try to make you feel as if YOU don't know to keep the upper hand!"

Seen it a million times before. I'm so disappointed in you, TC.

But I'll forgive you this time, since you were so obviously distracted by my southern sistah's charms.

Thats what the "If you don't know" schpiel is about? Oh man now I am understanding so much.


note to self: don't attempt chick tricks whilst dealin with smart chicks

private message to Toto: sharon is the wrong person to try to beat at word games. She will best you every time. Yes,she will.

yeah, that's what i just said (although much less eloquently than you)

on the other hand, it's no fun if it ain't hard

also, on the up side, Alfred has learned an important lesson

I was going to say that you argue like a girl, TC, but...my sistahs and I don't use such weak-a$$ argumentation styles as that.


pssst...El...I think he got it!

I didn't know you said that because we had a simul!

Meet me out in back for a smoke? ;)

on the other hand, it's no fun if it ain't hard

Oh...I couldn't agree with you more!

pssst, sharon, he finally said something smart AND correct

You got that right, Toto!

*ducks out back with El to the evil smoker's section - us bein evil smokers*

looks like we better have 2 while we're out there

*joins the simul-smokers*

Hey...I can smoke on the Kilt! It doesn't count as being bad!

sharon, i agree too, ya just beat me to the comment. ;)

can i join the evil smokers outside?

and i almost gotcha there, sistah. ;)

Oh, you had me at "just cuz".


hehehe...i had sharon...

Who needs breadcrumbs? The trail of blood is very easy to follow.

I've been had!!

hee hee...and it was fun, too.

*pounces on the kilt to shake it up*

*goes back to staring at the gorgeous niece in the house*

*musters emergency Bumble Backup™*


*shakes Kilt for good measure*

*is shaken*

*Is rattled*

*is relieved*

Sorry to hear that. What for?

*is reinvigorated*

*is reminded, then re-forgets*

*is shaked, rattled and rolled*

*falls dizzily on couch*

*pulls nearest kiltie down with her*

That would be me.


*enjoys, and sips oj/rum beverage*

*Declares that the plural of "Kiltie" is "Kiltie"*
*Decides not to interpret "nearest" literally*
*Finds couch*

oj and rum?

hmmmm...interesting...got any more? and more importantly, are ya willin' to share?

*wonders who, literally, the nearest kiltie would be*

*pulls blue onto the couch whilst pondering*

ya couldn't find it, blue? is your eye still givin ya trouble? ;)

*finds herself flung onto the couch by some invisible, inexorable force*

Hmm...s-girls has a powerful pull on her, doesn't she?

I am habing somm trobel ceing.

*Swiches too tuch moad*


sg, always willing to share, silly!

Poor Blue. You want us to see about getting you a seeing Kilt dog? They're trained in spell-check and beverage-locating.

sharon - yes. i do.


btw, thanks for the drink, kay!

and ooooh...blue's in touch mode...

that can only be good. ;)

Moving without telling me again - just like mom and dad did.

This is actually just....er, thiis is actuly jusst fin, KDG. I cann deel withe it.

*grabs ASK and pulls him onto the couch*

hey blue, move over, will ya? and watch your hands!

so now that ASK is here, and KDF, and Blue, and...

*looks around*

hey, where's sharon?

is it time to party?

that might be enough - but you and kay really put way the tequila, so we might need some reserves

I washed them a little while ago, S-Gir....oh, watch them.... why? Do you think they're likely to do something interesting? Besides, it's *click* dark in here.

hey! that was supposed to be a secret!

*wonders why it's suddenly dark in here*

*feels around for light switch*

oops...wrong switch...

ASK, nice barrels!

Yes, please.

Man, are you guys trying to fill up the blog in a week? You guys sure were posting a lot.

Oh, shick. sg brought the barrels. But we're good about the sharing, so, pbbbblllt. Sorry.

Boy! It sure is dark in here!

kay, 3 of those glasses were empty. did ya chug 'em before ya got here?

*luvs ado the drink of his choice*

O. the U, it's ok, i just flipped the switch.

.....and just look what happened! (Go ahead, flick it again).

um, you did indeed turn something on, but i don't think it lights up

sg, damn! But it was four for one night, so what was I supposed to do?

*wide-eyed tipsy look*

*saunters in*

*trips over empty glass in the dark*

*stumbles, arms wildly windmilling*

*falls in someone's lap*

ummmmmm...hiya. who's got the booze?

If it does light up (or, glow in the dark), I'd suggest consultin' with a specialist on that sorta thing ...

Unless, of course, consultin' with a "specialist" on that sorta thing is whut makes it glow in the dark ...

Uh-oh ... simul with ssa ... somethin's gonna start lightin' up ...

hmm, hate to leave when we are all gettin' lit, but it is time to turn in.

'night, kilties

What? ASK is leaving early? What exactly are you smokin?

... I guess the question should be what am I smokin?

Because ASK leaving early must/i> be a hylucination.

Don't worry, I'll fix it.

whew...i thought you were goin' all italics on us again, ado!



Just checking in to say goodnight. Gotta get some sleep so's I'll be awake during my test tomorrow. I hear that's key.


Time to set up the CO detector again. I'm gonna go find some pillow myself. Goodnight, Kilties.

Yeah, I'm gone too. See ya lata.

Peace Peoples.

mornin kilties.

are we all ready to face a monday morning?

maybe we could all meet here to help us get started.

Looks good, S-Girl, but I'm gonna need a little time to get there, seeing as how it's in Tokyo. Better start without me.

Looks very inviting, sg, I'm there.

C'mon, Blue, this is the Kilt! We have that space and time nonsense beat, right? Coffee's ready! :)

I guess so, KDF. But, please forgive me, it's Monday, and my senses of space and time are a bit warped.

well at least my sistah kay's gonna be there.

so neener, blue.

*wonders where blue got the pic of his brain before coffee*

All the more reason to make the trip, Blue! And forgive me, but this warpage factor is different than usual? Um... no. :D

*sips Tokyoianese coffee*


Kunichi wa!

eeek! You moved without me! Should I send out notices?

I got a card from meine seastar, but I can't read it. Little help with the translation?

"zum geburtstag die herzlichsten gluckwunsche"

Sarah - "The most heartfelt good luck wishes for your birthday".

Notices? Heck no!..... wait, I'm thinking of a summons. Phew! Never mind....

it is so quiet here at work. i'm all alone, and the phone hasn't even rung once yet.

i just jinxed myself, didn't i...

Have you tried putting it back on the hook?


it rang as soon as i hit post. ;)

I know. Nice chatting with ya.

How did that go through? I can never get it to post chatting

is the anti-spam robot broken?

Sarah, the same thing occurred to me as soon as I posted it. I tried ch@t afterward as a test, and that wouldn't go through. But apparently, chatting is OK.

Robots. Can't live with 'em, can't ch@t with 'em.


this was only a test.

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