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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*Sends vibes from the ethereal non-internetted beyond*
I hope to have the internet arranged soon at my house.
To quote one SarahJ

Yo, Alfred! Was just wondering whether this was an especially busy time for Mormons, as we haven't heard much from you or Sarah (YAYY!) J.

I am not entirely certain. I noticed the lack as well. Thanksgiving is a big family thing. And Mormons do have big families.
I think it is because Sarah has a dating life again. Yay for her. She is also prepping for a mission. Which has to be tough. Lots of questions to ask and be asked.
-note the sisters of the church can go on missions but is not as expected as it is for the brothers.-
And I have no internet at my house. Just some new stuff in our lives at the same time.

sheesh, i'm not even here and i'm gettin shushed.


Hey, at least I remembered you enough to shush you. That's progress, right?

*thwacks Blue, on behalf of mary ann*

Owww!! Those coconut shells are dangerous, man!

For southerngirl

KDF - we'll take that as a good report.

Oops. Well, better late than never. She can use 'em later. Just not on me. :-)

Hooray for sharon!

...and simul with Herr Blue.

Bumble - We'll take that as a bad omen.

Only 44 1/2 hours till I get to CA!!


*falls over, asleep*

Blue~ Warum? ;-)

*pulls blanket over Sarah*

*SNORK* at Bumble. ya know i'd never use that on you!

YAY for Sharon!! if in fact we're takin that she didn't blow as a good report.

I'm taking it as a yay!

Oh, so Sharon did not go to the interview leathered and booted? Well, there'll be time for that once she's there changing the culture from the inside.

Bumble, I was referring to the sock o' nickels you were offering S-Girl because I understood it as something that was destined for the upside of my own head. No way do I regard a simul as any kind of bad omen.


*pounces upon and hugs Blue*

*Basks in the privileges of Kiltiehood*

*pounces upon and hugs Bumble, who's pouncing upon and hugging Blue*

*takes careful aim*

*pounces on ASK & KDF, dragging Blue and s-girl along*

Kiltie pile!

whoo hoo! being dragged into a kiltie pile is FUN!

*Pretends that he needs to be dragged, just for appearance's sake*

hey, anybody thirsty?

YAY! A pyramid has its advantages, too.


*changes into pjs*

*sets alarm*

*crawls into bed*

G'night, kilties! Bis morgens.

Private message to resident Deutsch tutor: Bis morgen, oder bis morgens?

hmm. I DO travel near KC whenever I go home... *wonders*

*notes that she missed kiltie pile/pyramid*

The starbucks mocha mint or whatever they call it tastes like peppermint schnapps. In a good way.

Umm... there was more but I can't 'member.

*tucks self in on the futon of... of... the futon of fall asleep*

Cranberry bread for breakfast (the local teachers' organization/union had a bake sale ...) ... and Hawaiian coffee ... merely sayin' ...

*pounces on neo on the Futon of Fall Asleep™*

time to wake up, girlfriend!


mornin kilties - anybody up for a road trip?

sg - from your link ... No (area code) or other ID, but I'd've guessed Alaska, from the name ... so I googled it ... yep ...

HOWever, if their breakfasts (and synonym rolls) are "world famous" ... how is it that I never heard of them ... ? ... until now ... merely ... askin' ...

There's always a place in our piles and pyramids for a Neophyte.

Guten Morgen, alle. Bumble, it's bis morgen.

Talkeetna --> eel at tank

Just coffee for me, thanks.

*sticks gold star on O. the U's forehead*

*finds herself buried beneath a pile of kilties*

hey, how am i supposed to get to work now?



*flips on the lamp and ducks back under the covers to do German homework*

Just how does one flip on a duck?

It's a duck-shaped LAMP, Blue, obviously!

Hey, Kilties. Thanks for all the vibes yesterday (and I SAW what you guys wrote about my "blowing" you know!). In fact, the interview went so well that now I'm really, really worried that they're going to offer it to me, because now I'm really really unsure whether or not I want it.

As you can probably tell, I'm a tad conflicted.

Anyhoo, they said they'd get back to me at the beginning of December, so there's not much point in fretting about it until then.

{{neo!}} Let me know next time you pass close to KC, and we'll meet up!

Thank you for the enLIGHTenment, Sharon.

s-girl, may I borrow your nickel sock please?

*Grabs hardhat*

*passes nickel sock to Bumble*

sorry, Blue, but the posse's gotta stick together, ya know.

*hugs sharon, just cuz*

We need one of these around here. :-)

*heads to the laboratory to develop naughty male kiltie-seeking hat-piercing nickels*

i don't know what we need, Bumble, but i was forbidden to see it. :)

*zips in*

Good morning, Kilties!

private message to sharon: you want it. I have spoken ;)



The link was a sign that said "Hardhats and protective boots must be worn when entering this area."

I can't take anymore of this thwacking and nickel-socking....

*hugs Meanie and leaves Schnitzel at his feet*

*retreats to a safe distance*

I wish there were a good German restaurant in Kokomo. I'd like a Schnitzel.

*goes to Pastarrific instead*

We used to have a great German restaurant here that made a wonderful wienerschnitzel, like this, except theirs had a poached egg on top. I tried to duplicate it at home once, but it wasn't nearly as good.

El - they call that a Jägerschnitzel (Hunter's cutlet).

Much appreciated Bumble! *Looks in fridge for appropriate side dish.*

Pastarrific: silly name, but good food & low prices. I'll probably go back sometime.

*thus sated, regretfully tears self away from the kilt to go do calculus homework*


*also sighs*

Just cuz.

KDF--Yes. *guzzles cider* Yes, yes, yes (got any more?), yes yes yes.

*takes sock 'o nickles...winds up.........*

*thwacks self (not Self) for being such a doofus*

There. I feel better.

*speed heinzes*

so there have been sleeping and waking kilties, piles, and food. YAY! for food!!

*digs leftover home-made (from scratch, natch') pizza from fridge*

Who's excited for Thanksgiving?!?

ME! YAY! for going to CA for 10 days (even if two of them are spent in Fresno, blah) !!!!

so...anybody gonna be in tennessee next week?

sharon!!! you time traveled!


Always happy to help a sistah, sharon! ;)

Gawd...I thwack myself and NO ONE has a pervie response??

I'm SO disappointed.

psst...El...thanks for clearing that up!!

*does the I Got Posted Twice In A Row Happy Dance*

sharon - c'mon... "Yes, yes, yes (got any more?), yes yes yes...*thwacks self...*" doesnt really invoke pervie... more like pity. If you have to ask yourself if there is more... wellllll....
*SMOOCH* Glad the interview went well - well, well enuff to make ya debate whether ya want the gig!

*runs off to the secondary gig*

Lovely. Now I'm a doofus and pathetic.

*goes to bury head under pillow until things get better*

*or until Kilties bring multitudes of alcoholic beverages*

How did my post, which was in response to sharon's post of 6:53p.m.,get posted before hers, IYKWIM!!!

*very confused*

*sounds of muffled noises coming out from beneath a large pillow*


Went several days without the "return to top of thread" result when clickin' a link and then hittin' "return" ... went back to prior spot every time ...

Until today ... now they ALL go back to the top of the thread ...

WTG, ssa, on the interview dealie ... hope your decision-makin' time (when it arrives) isn't too stressful ...

*reaches out a hand...*

*grabs a cider....*

*drags it under the pillow*

*flicks off lights*

*puts a jar of lightning bugs under sharon's pillow*

See them glow? Aren't they pretty? Cheer up!

Hey! The kilt ate my post! It was there for a second, then it disappeared! Grr...

...and then it came back. I refreshed twice and even opened a new window. WTD is up with that? Weird.

*buries head in pudding pit*

*reaches out hand....*

*grabs jar of lightning bugs...*

*drags them into pudding*

*pulls sharon out of the pudding pit*

*hoses her down*

*dries her off*

*wraps her up in a fluffy robe warmed in the dryer*

*plunks her in front of a fire with her cider and a good book*

There! All better. :-)

*activates force field over pudding pit in the nick of time*

*levitates back to the main floor of the kilt on a grav unit*

*puts sharon back in her cozy chair*

I believe I distinctly heard the doofus lady ask for a multitude.

Bumble, those force fields are tricky, and they especially wreak havoc with posts. Use them sparingly.

*Turns field off and sticks foot out in front of KDF as she passes pit.*

*Wipes ensuing splash off of glasses*

*throws fruit cocktail into the jello pit in spite of the sign*


The first time I ever road on an airplane (I think I was around 7 at the time), the flight attendant announced that cocktails could be purchased for $3.00, or something like that. Never having been exposed to the term cocktail without fruit in front of it, I assumed we were talking Dole, not Smirnoff. Mom was quite appalled when I asked if she'd buy me a cocktail. :-)

*wanders into the kilt, and grabs a brew*

*takes a big chug and...*

*...slips on pineapple chunk and...*

*...slides into pudding pit*

damn. i should know by now to pay more attention to where i'm walking around here.


Due to repeated complaints from tenants on the lower floors, all pouncing and/or tackling activities are henceforth restricted to the pudding and Jell-0™ pit areas until further corruption notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

WTG, Blue! That's what I'm talkin' about!

*looks innocently at Bumble*

*also looks innocently at Bumble*

KDF, that was convincing, wasn't it?

*climbs out of the pudding pit, stepping carefully around random fruit chunks*

*heads for the showers*

g'nite kilties...see y'all tomorrow.

*sits in shock, eyes brimming with tears*

But... I thought you guys liked being tackled and pounced on! I...

*sobs against the shoulder of sharon's fuzzy robe*

Like it?! We DEMAND it! But, we've got to respect our neighbors' rights and fulfill our flying body contact urges where it will not disturb them.

The pit is free at the moment, BTW....

tries again to sweep up bold html tags

tries again to sweep up open bold html tags

Oh. No worries then; I had the Kilt soundproofed.

*tackles Blue*

*tosses broom into corner and leaves*

Sly is being very concise tonight.

What bold html tags?

*is puzzled*

Holy simuls, Blueman!

Sure you wouldn't like to eat and shoot before you go, Sly?

Careful, Bea Wonder, it might be a bold trap by one of those sly computer masterminds....

*dresses up like an open liquor bottle hoping to be dragged under a pillow*

Bumble, there were bold tags in Firefox.

*replaces broom with gun, picks up an apple and exits*

Is this your cousin, CR?


Thanx Blue - now I gotta go change my pants... I just pi$$&d myself laughin!!!

TMI, CR. :-)

*peeks out from under pillow*

G'night, Kilties.

*smooches* for Bumble for taking care of me.

*grabs open liquor bottle*

*wonders when they started making liquor bottles with long hair*

*shrugs and burrows back under pillow*

I wanted to start the brew, but I think I could use a little help....

Hang on a few moments. I'm still working on a few details.

Almost got it.... Nah, not quite there yet. But getting close....

Wake up, Kilt!!!

An eerie, restless silence hung over the Kilt. Save for myself, there seemed to be no one about. I poked around the couches, the hammocks, even the shadows. Nothing. Not a soul, not even a note. I went down to the pit, only to find an undisturbed pool of glistening kiwi banana Jell-0 and an unopened can of aerosol whipped cream.

Back up on the main floor, I decided to take a look around the kitchen. That's when I saw it. A fog-shrouded swirl of crackling energy, silently drawing a bead on me. I started to back away, but it was too late. The mysterious entity engulfed me in an instant, and I knew there was no turning back. Falling and rising like a storm-tossed buoy, I found myself spinning in a vortex of color and sound, barely recognizable as voices from a distance. After what seemed like one lifetime and seventeen dimensions, it all stopped with an ear-splitting crack.

When I dared to open my eyes, I realized that I had been transported to a tribunal on an alien world.

*refuses to wake up for something as icky as coffee no matter how much work went into it*

*pulls covers over head*

*zips in*
*peeks out from under warm, fuzzy blankie*
Who's yelling? I don't smell coffee.

*zips back under blankie til coffee is ready*


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