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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*sits with Bumble in the "bookish, (kinda) brainy chicks without tattoos" corner*

*holds sharon's hand*

YAY!! a party at the professor's!


*goes to bed*


*zips in*

I'd like to talk about tattoos. I'm working on a - um - er - project of sorts where a tattoo might be - um - fun, yes, fun.

I'll e-mail you tomorrow sharon. :)


57 smiles?

that's a lot of smiles.

Howdy, Kilties. This time it was a long chain of breadcrumbs to find you guys. Whazzup?

No tattoos for me, thankyouverymuch, but you go right ahead.

*is confused*

kay's gettin a DVD?

*zips in*

Very nice link, s'girl, I think Kathy should do the whole thing!

Good morning, Kilties!

I'll be watching a lot of football today.

Well, I guess I could talk about my *ahem* project here. Hypothetically, of course because that's how lawyers talk, when they say something they really shouldn't be saying, IYKWIM. ;)

So - hypothetically, IF I were thinking about - oh, say, having s*x with a new person in a few months, I was thinking that a small tattoo on one of my - how can I say this - um - ramparts (!) might be cute!

*blushes and zips out*

so what are ya gonna get, El?

hypothetically speaking, of course.

*decides not to get involved in this discussion, having no experience with tattoos or s*x*

*goes to take a shower before work*

whew! i thought she was getting a tattoo

and El - i suggest somethin with a legal theme

like the scales of justice

or maybe lady liberty, with the blindfold, but not much else

oops - not lady liberty

lady justice wears the blindfold

Well, actually (and hypothetically) since this has many meanings (to me at least), I was considering something from here, a baby one, of course. :)

*tosses sock 'o nickels at smartASK*

*snork* at tc's link

*grabs s'girls sock 'o nickels in mid-air*

*throws it at Toto's head for his insulting linky*

Hey s'girl, how was NO yesterday? What all did you do there, that you can talk about? :)

insulting? as if

admit it El - you were a huge fantasy island fan

Interesting what that city's initials spell, ain't it? ;-)

Whoa! Simul with TCK, and all I had on was a towel.


*scurries off to get dressed*


a simul with a towel-clad snugglebug

day's lookin up :)

also, kinda brings new meaning to:

just say NO

double *snork* @ TCK

And Hallelujah! I just called B&BW for my call-in shift; they don't need me tonight. Yaaaay! Now I can catch up on my homework and get some rest before mom and I go see Harvey Reid in Valparaiso tonight. Thank heaven for small blessings.

El, i was there with my mom & dad, brother, 2 sisters, a bro-in-law and a not yet 2 year old niece. so nothin happened of which i cannot speak. :)

we met here, which is right across the street from the Cafe du Monde. i took a picture for Blue, but don't know how to link to it.

then we just mostly wandered the streets, drinkin beer at each place we stopped. :) no, not bars...we had a baby with us, remember? this is new orleans, remember? there's beer at outdoor cafes and such everywhere! and the smell of food everywhere ya go...mmmmm...

lots of stuff was still shut down tho...lots of people are gone now. that part was kinda depressing.

but we had a good time. :)

Wow, you guys have been busy for a Sunday!

KDF--I was trying to find a good kilt tattoo image for you but got distracted when I came across this.

Sorry...it's a sistah thing.

El--ummmmmmmmm.....send me an email anyway because now I want details please!!!

When I got my first tattoo, my mother and I went together. She got a very small outline of a dolphin on her right shoulderblade--very tasteful, very pretty. Just remember to get a size and shape that will accentuate the exisiting shape of your...er...rampart. Men tend to really like the tattoo I have in that particular area because it's curvy (it's a trailing vine with forget-me-nots), and when I wear a shirt open at the neck, they can't tell how far down it goes. It seems to make them REALLY want to find out.


Just cuz.

s-girl~ Didja get any of these?

*wonders if s-girl will know what I'm linking to before she clicks*

no on both counts - i didn't know what it would be, and i've never had bananas foster. :)

I haven't either. I want to someday though. I saw them being made on the food network once; they look tasty.

i've heard that this place has the best.


I have had bananas foster at that very restaurant in New Orleans, and it (they?) was (were?) indeed delicious. sg, sounds like you had fun. Suggestion regarding your photos... post them on the Y!

Eleanor, I cannot think of a more perfect tattoo for you. Go for it!

Sharon, har!

*hugs all Kilties*

Just saw a Southwest Airlines billboard today at Love Field (where, sadly, I dropped one of those off - no B, not a billboard), which said "Just Say N'Orleans".


Oh, and ASK....beautiful scenery!!

Hmmm. Thinking of having s*x with a new person in a few months...... have you decided on anyone in particular?


Why yes, yes I have as a matter of fact, and it's an RL person - doesn't that just work out nicely? Who even lives here. :)

*zips out with a sore throat*:(

p.s. Who I haven't seen for a few years, but I'm confident IYKWIM. ;)

Ever tried these for a sore throat?

Me neither. But I like the image.


*does the "I finished my huge load of grading" dance*

Okay! Who's got the booooooooooze???

How did I do?

A's for all Kilties!!

(A+'s for those who bring me boooooooooooze!)

*Gives El an extra .15.* Just cuz.

Any of these will in fact lower your grade of English in no time, but since you're the Professah.... Prosit!

Oh, and Hi, Mary Ann!

*cough, cough*

Thank you ASK.

I'm taking my sore throat and going to bed.

*zips out*

*puts comfy blankie over ASK*

*tucks him in*

*fluffs the pillow*

*smooch on the cheek*

G'night, Kilt.

So, I notice that the blog is even more busticated than when I left ... every link now seems to be so that when clickin' on the "back" button ... it returns me to the TOP of the thread, rather than where I wuz when I clicked the link ...

Not that I'm ackshully complainin' or NEthin' ...

Oh, and ... Hi, Kilties ... good to be back, but gotta go to werk ...



*makes a big noise*

Up and at 'em, kilties! If I've gotta get up early and be miserable, I want company. I'll share my breakfast though. :-)

Mornin KILTies!! I think the dust has all settled from my forced exile (remember them? - they had hits with Super Love and Kiss You All Over back in the seventies) so hopefully I can have more KILT exposure in the near future...

OtU - I find that if I accidentally move my mouse over the ad at the top of the page while it is refreshing, the page stays at the top of the screen and doesnt return me to where I left off... just an observation.

*Grabs a slice of French toast from Bumble's plate*

Thanks, Miss B.

Is it still Monday?

Unfortunately, yes.

*wishes it were Friday*

*zips in*

Nothing to say, just wanted to be here. :)

*pounces on El bumbular style*

No time! Can't talk! Gotta run!

*grabs last slice of French toast from Bumble's plate*

Hee hee....is "miss-b-having" some breakfast? That girl can never keep her halo polished, even first thing in the morning!

*tracks KDF with keen, well-honed bumbular senses*


That's what happens when you hang around under the bumbular's tree.

*dashes off to learn more German*

*backtracks to pounce on sharon*

*dashes off to German class again*



Meanie the Blue, I hereby humbly request your assistance. My German teacher is going to Germany over Thanksgiving break and is going to miss a class, and while she's gone, she has given us an assignment. We have to find a German movie; not an American movie dubbed in German, but a German movie, and we have to watch it and write a review. I've got no problem with the assignment, but I’m not sure how to go about finding a German DVD (preferably with English subtitles {and yes, that’s allowed}) that will play on an American DVD player. If I ordered a videotape from Amazon.de, would it play all right in my VCR?

Does Das Boot fit?

Bumble - I would suggest Metropolis produced by Fritz Lang. I find it fairly easy to translate silence from German to English. And if you get the 1984 remastered version, it has a great soundtrack with some kick a$$ music by Queen.

Bumble, I think you wouldn't be able to play it. My son who lives in Amsterdam has a dual-use DVD player thingy so he is able to play U.S. DVDs.

When I ask Amazon to send stuff to him, they always mention the problem so if you order from Germany Amazon, maybe they'll tell you.

Also, I have the phone number for talking to a live Amazon human being, so if you want it, e-mail me. :)

Coast~ Amazon has Metropolis, but it's in English. I did find a few German movies with the American disc formatting; ntsc, region 1, etc., some of which my teacher had mentioned in class.

Rosenstrasse, Nowhere in Africa, In July, Good Bye, Lenin!, The Princess and the Warrior (I'm getting too lazy to link all of these), Run Lola Run, Beyond Silence, and on and on it goes. So I have more accessible options than I thought; I just need to pick. :-)

Have any of you seen any of those?

El~ Thanks. It looks like I'll be able to find something in the proper format on American Amazon easily enough; I just didn't realize we had so many imported movies available to us. I'll have to pay more attention to that in the future.

Videos produced for German players (likely what's available on Amazon.de) use a different electronic conversion system (known as PAL) than in the USA, where the NTSC conversion system is used. You would need to make sure the tape you order is an NTSC version, or you would need to use a PAL player if you got a PAL tape.

Das Boot would "fit" (har!) your needs, I believe, if it's available in German with English subtitles.

Metropolis is one of my all-time favorites, CR, and I saw the restored, Queen-soundtracked version in a Dallas theatre many years ago. Awesome, but I doubt Bumble's teacher would be pleased.

Another great German silent is The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a surrealist masterpiece. Again, not the right thing for this assignment, though.

Here's one on DVD from plain old Am@zon.com that might fit your needs: Nowhere In Africa. I know nothing about this one, though.

I found that one too; Nowhere in Africa. It was one of the ones she mentioned in class.

I was looking at this. Romantic comedic drama is my favorite genre, so I might go with that. But I'll browse Amazon a little more when I get home. Right now I need to grab some lunch and catch up on my calculus homework. Thanks for all the tips, everybody.

I'll look at Das Boot, too. At first I didn't realize it was a movie; I thought sly was just making a joke. :-)

I should half apologize Bumble - I didnt make it clear that Metropolis is a silent film (the "English" that Am@z0n lists is most likely just the subtitles - which you said are legal)

Blue - that film definately ranks as my all time favorite silent film (like I have seen a slew of them) - I DID have to laugh when the remastered Rock N Roll Redub came out though... it was billed as one of the first "colorized" movies. Their idea of colorization at the time was tinting the entire screen.

Oh. Well, unfortunately a silent film won't work. I have to "list words and phrases I understood" as part of the review. I doubt body language will cut much Senf.

CR - if you're into the surreal, the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is worth seeing for all its abstract expressionist glory. I had to snork at a recent review I saw of a new remake, where the reviewer joked that it was made at a time when Germany was experiencing a severe shortage of right angles.

Incidentally, the remake of that film is a bizarre twist (of an already bizarre film) on colorization - they added actors using voices into the original film backgrounds!


A silent German movie for a class that's teaching you how to speak German!?!?!?!?

*is silent with KDF*


oh, sorry.


*re-reads previous comment*

is silent with KDF?!?

*hee har snork*

yeah, like that would ever happen.

*nictitates at KDF*

Wasnt there a song by the Tremeloes a few (well more than a few) years back called Silence is German?

Das stimmt nicht. Ich weiss besser.

...that silence is German, I mean. Not that the song exists. I've never heard of it, but that means very little; there are lots of songs I'm unaware of. I've just known some very talkative Germans; that's all. :-)

I've known entirely too many silent Germans in my life. Or at least silent on particular things of interest to me.

kay, i prefer to say, "manger mes écrevisses!"

*silently blinks back*

*hugs blue, just cuz*

ok, what i wanted to say before was that i just came across this quote by our very own Blog:

“The Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, "people without lives." We don't care. We have each other.... "


Happy Birthday Ash!

ASK, you can tell her to be grateful i didn't sing those words. ;)

and on that note, i'm goin home.

later kilties!

This is perhaps a little late, but my favorite German movie is "Mostly Martha". "Metropolis" also completely rocks, as does "Das Boot", which gives me claustrophobia even though I don't suffer from the condition.

Silence.......from the posse.........*SNORK!!!!!*

Wish me luck, Kilties...I have a job interview tomorrow. So you might not hear from me until Wednesday, depending on how traumatic it is!

CR - tnx 4 the tip ... I'll watch whut I'm doin' the next time I click on a link ...

Bloggin' fer me the next several days will be sporadic ... if at all ... I've got critters hangin' in the garage that need werk, gotta go back out to huntin' territory next weekend (won a new rifle @ the smoker on Friday nite, but gotta go pick it up from the dealer ... also see if I can correct some errors in my huntin' activities of last weekend) and I've gotta finish editin' the Ireland pix for showin' off @ Thanksgivin' ... I know my sister-in-law expects a slide show, so I gotta get it all done ... besides werkin' and gettin' packed to leave for SoCal or wherever ... I'll not have a lot of time to waste spend on frivolity important stuff like keepin' up with the blog and the Kilties ...

Sorry ... but RL sometimes gets in the way of my time off ...

sharon~ Mostly Martha was the one I was thinking about getting. I think that seals it; that'll be the one.


Sorry. That was insensitive of me. Name my punishment, and I will comply.


*sings birthday songs...*

Posted by: KDF

*grins wickedly*

*slams shut cover on video camera*

*hides camera*

♫ oh kaaay... ♫

next karaoke nite? you're on, sistah!

Kiltie camera caught Kay's karaoke.

I like alliteration.

Kathy, while celebrating Ashleigh's birthday by eating ice cream in her honor, is also singing In Your Honor to Ashleigh. ;)

*adds Happy Birthday wishes*

Thanks for the set up Kath! ;)

*zips out*


A very happy birthday to Ashleigh, and tell her to upgrade to a boyfriend with more megs of memory. :-)

Happy B-Day, Ashleigh ... I have a daughter with a birthday in a few days ... she wuz once as young as you are ... with (I believe) as many hopes and dreams for the future ... enjoy!

A good night signoff, but not without a "Herzliches Geburtstagswunsch für Ashleigh"!

...and a "Best of Luck" für, er, for Sharon.

A VERY happy belated b-day for Ashleigh...from yet another person she doesn't know!

*stocks the doghouse with crappy snacks, like Funyuns and week-old stale popcorn in preparation for Ash's forgetful boyfriend*

YAYYY!!! Bumble picked my movie! NEENER NEENER NEE.....er....*cough cough*....I mean, that's nice, Bumble. Hope you enjoy it.

Okay...I need my "I have an interview tomorrow and need to NOT have bags under my eyes big enough to carry my spare change" sleep. Take care, Kilties, and I'll let you know how it goes when I know.

Hugs and smooches!

Good luck 2day sharon!! *SMOOCH*

Mornin KILTies! tryin to be enerrgetic, but I think I woul drather be in bed.

Likewise, a good morning to the Kiltoids.

I would rather be energetic in bed, but that's not an option at this particular moment.

*zips in*

I'll have a cup Kathy, even though French roast is what I normally drink, but I like the Christmas cups they use.

And have I mentioned the mint chocolate brownies that they have for the holidays?

Beyond yummy!

Allow me to describe it.

It's triangle shaped, a long triangle, and the top layer is regular chocolate brownie with some type of teeeny cubes on it that are chocolate color on the top and white-ish on the bottom.
The middle layer is green mint cream.
The bottom layer is more chocolate brownie. ;)

if kay brings soup and sandwiches, and we can watch DVDs on El's big-screen tv, y'all can both have all my chocolate. :)

Have any of you tried these yet? They're fabulous.

They taste a lot like peppermint bark, if you've ever had that around the holidays. Quite tasty.

I don't care for the flavor of mint, so I'll bring an alternative source of chocolate yumminess.

(Last post before heading out to KC....waves to all Kilties and many smooches for the well-wishes)


Good luck! They'll be idiots not to hire you, but I wouldn't mention that in the interview. :-)

*sends positive vibes Sharon's way*


I like your vibes sly - way cool!

Found some more vibes for the Professah.

You shush, Mary Ann.

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