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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*raises hand*

i personally have not taken the scenic route. altho i have been known to hug scenery, on occasion. :)

ASK - with whipped cream and nuts?

*grins, too*

and september 24? damn...seems like sooo looooong ago, doesn't it?

hey O, good luck, and i'll be waitin for some venison. :)

an ASK sammich.


So THAT'S what happened - hmmmmm...;)

This is nothing.

Move on. Nothing to see here.


Uncle O, ditto what s-girl said. I only got to eat venison once, but it was tasty.

bumble, it's delicious. trust me. especially when ya get it free, from a friend. :)

**snorks* quietly, so El won't hear*

*zips in*

I thought I heard something!



El, um, ya didn't hear anything. did anybody else hear anything?

i didn't think so.

Chocolate! Yum.
Thanks s'girl. :)

So, anyway, we were talking about what we heard. Sly, what did you think it was?

Pay no attention to the sounds behind the scenery!

eep! I bought shoes today. They were on sale, but I'm still having a hard time with the price. I don't regret it, they look amazing and are comfortable, but I've never paid that much for a pair of shoes.

*dances away in super-fantastic new shoes*

Sarah, they're beautiful. Very classic. I've spent more than that on shoes and felt just terrible about it but I got over it. :)

You'll get used to it. ;)

*Tries to make a scene*
*Makes a cup of tea instead*
*Laments the descent of Sarah J into the shoe abyss, from whence I suspect she will never return*

There, I made a scene after all.

don't feel too bad blue

chicks dig shoes - it was inevitable

Toto's right, Blue!

Amazing, but true....;)

*zips out*

Tumnus~ I seem to have missed out on that particular chick gene. The most expensive pair of shoes I ever got (and I didn't pay for them; mom did) was a $60 pair of Nike tennis shoes. And we returned them the next day because the rubber of the sole started peeling off of the upper the first time I wore them. I've always stuck with cheap shoes since then. Except for the dyeables I bought for my sister's wedding, and I think even those were under $60.

Speaking of which, I need to find a pair for my best friend's wedding, but I'm not having much luck. None of the stores carry dyeable pumps, which is what I want. They're available on the internet, but I'm afraid to buy a shoe without trying it on first when I can't return it; sizes vary too much to be sure of what I'm getting, and I can't afford to waste money on something I can't use.

When I was a kid, on family vacations, a favorite line that always made everybody laugh was, "You watch the road, we'll watch the scenery."

I finally get it. Who knew my family was so much ahead of their time?

*wonders idly if scenic Wichita has fallen*

*sends a bottle of wine and extra whipped cream*

aaawww...how sweet...;)

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

Note to Bumble: You can return ANYTHING you buy on the Internet. I do it all the time. You could buy them UNdyed, and then, if they fit, take them locally to be dyed. :)
/end morning helpful hint

Good morning Kathy!

Seeing any good *ahem* scenery *ahem* today?

What's for breakfast?

Oh, gawd....

El, please do NOT feed me straight lines for breakfast. I get in so much trouble that way.....

oooh...kay's nailin scenery...

Come now; let's not make a scene about it.

pssst, what Bumble said...

come now?? welllll - ok if you insist!


*trying to keep up, but failing*

*yes, it happens to men as they get older*

so if a porn actor/actress was 'chewing the scenery' that would not be a good thing for the co-star?

not if she/he had teeth....;)

...and those multiple takes are murder. Darned good murder, too.

I'm just interrupting my responsibilities and obligations a bit here, so I gotta run. And if you don't hear from me until late this evening, it's because I'm going to see a certain musician who was highly recommended to me by a certain local scene, and who happens to be a high school classmate of a certain professor of English literature. Of this, I am certain.

Will report on it tonight or tomorrow.

*peeks in*

*tiptoes out quietly, so as not to awaken sleeping kilties*

*changes her mind*

*yells "WAKE UP, KILTIES!"*

*grins evilly*

nails scenery to wall



so much for not makin a scene, sharon. ;)

I just can't work under these conditions. I'll be in my trailer.

.......Well?? Isn't anyone going to come with me to improve the conditions under which I can...um...work??

How many people are there to go to their places, ASK?

*takes her place*

Sorry I'm late, director.

The Diva refuses to be on the set and, with a dramatic flourish, sweeps off into her trailer, waiting for the Director to come and grovel and beg her to return.

I've seen that movie! ;)

informal unscientific poll:

you come home after spendin all week on the road. the sink is full of dirty dishes. do you:

1. start a fight with your spouse, who's been home all week not doing dishes

2. wash the dishes yourself as soon as you arrive

3. there is no 3

4. leave the dishes where they are, cuz they'll be there in the mornin, and who cares about a few dirty dishes anyway?

Toto, I guess that would depend on your mood:
1. want to pick a fight, push two and make disgruntled noises
2. want to chill, push four
3. no three
4. Who wants to fight on Friday night?

I'm startin' to get really tired of this.

*snork* at 3.

you mean there really is a three?

who knoew?

Darned straight there's a 3, and you'll be hearin' from us, very loudly, very soon.

For starters, I am on strike. See how you like your "baseball" now!

We're with you, 3!

Vive le trois!


We need you, 3! They were all just kidding, please come back!

I like third base.

TC--if you pick a fight, you get to have makeup sex. Just sayin'.

We DO need you, 3! I mean...reading about the two little piggies just doesn't have the same punch. Two is company, but...four is, what, a mob? And Gilbert and Sullivan would NEVER have written a song about four or seven or twenty-nine little maids from school....

Some two-card monte, anyone? Hah!!

No three?

Does this mean I get to decide which sister I want to keep and get rid of the other?


*mumbles while trying to swallow the chocolaty goodness*

's not me!

Yeah, but Lord of the Rings and Harper Hall are screwed.

However, I won't be too sad to see the new Star Wars movies, the last two Matrix movies and the third X-men movie go bye-bye. Suuucked.

Moe: Well, Curly, I guess you're outta here.
Curly: What??
Larry: You heard the man!
Curly: Why, I oughta.....
Moe: Go ahead, try somethin' ya moron!
Curly: Woobwoobwoobwoobwoobwoobwoob! *Eye pokes Moe*
Moe: *Puts up single finger to block eye poke. Smacks Larry*
Larry: Hey, what'd I do???
Moe: Maybe you oughta leave!
Curly: Yeah!
Moe: You keep outta this, fathead!
Curly: Who you callin' a fathead, birdbrain?

---ad infinitum---

Mr. Mulvey is a true talent, musically and intellectually, without any signs of conceit or snobbery. Look for his tour schedule and see if he's playing near you. You won't regret it.


Okay, some omissions could be justified, I guess...

BTW, the scenery has email.

the scenery is pouting?

the scenery?


OK, the pouting scenery is also beautiful

just sayin

nite ASK...nite scenery!

g'nite mary ellen

g'nite john boy

g'nite crickets

g'nite kilties

g'mornin tc

g'mornin mary ellen

g'mornin john boy

g'mornin crickets

g'mornin kilties

*wonders how ASK's scenery is today*

hey kilties! i'm headed out for the day.

have a great saturday!

*smooches to all*

G'morning, Kiltlings.

Have an Easy day, S-Girl. Let us know how things are looking around there. I hear the parts that were spared much damage, mostly downtown/tourist areas, are pretty much back in business, but that the surrounding areas are still hurting a lot.

To the rest o' ya, enjoy the local scenery.

I finished watching Blazing Saddles. Strange movie, that.

Good morning, Kilties!

s'girl, don't forget the beignets! ;)

Memo to 3:

In KiltWorld there is no 3.

Even H2G2's trilogy is 5. HAH!

Deal with it. :)


My apologies for being a dork.
Sweetheart :)

Hey, wait. We're expected to apologize for being dorks? This is gonna take a while....

I guess I should have said Super dork. Does that narrow it down a bit, Blue? ;)

Ummmmmmm....nope. Sorry, El. I, for one, refuse to apologize for being a dork, a dweeb, a doofus, nerd, pedant, pundit, oddball, pedagog, bookish, didactic, brainy, abstruse, quixotic.....

....wait a minute. It's suddenly becoming clearer to me why I'm still single....

Maybe abstruse Sharon, but never obtuse! :)

El...that's highly debatable.

Hey, did you guys know that Shakespeare wrote in "a complicated language called Elizabethan"?

I learn so much from my students.

That's great sharon. I'd save that one for the book. ;)


*is glad he wasn't an English major*

sharon, some guys think bookish, brainy chicks with tattoos are hot

just sayin

sharon, I'm still shaking my head at this one....

These are college students, right?

When did they go from speaking Elizabethan to Victorian?

OK, i just asked my 17 year old daughter blue's question

she said, with all seriousness:

um....during the dark ages?

Blue--about three hundred years later, by way of Jamesian, Charlesian, Cromwellian, a return to Charlesian and Jamesian, Williamandmaryan, Anneian, MANY dialects of Georgian, and Williamsian, which is a pidgeon form of the aforementioned Williamandmaryan.

.....okay, I warned you about the "nerd" thing, right??

TC--next time you find an unmarried, straight guy in my age bracket who thinks bookish, brainy chicks with tattoos are hot, send him my way. 'Kay?

And *SNORK!* @ TCKette's response! Which is doubly hilarious since Victoria actually came after the time period known as the enLIGHTenment. HAR!!

And hey...I just heard that ASK is taking his scene on the road! Woo HOOOOO!! NEW ROAD!!!

sharon - will do

and regarding the non-bookish, non-tattooed TCKette, neither English not history are her strong suits - she can, however, give me goosebumps when she plays her very expensive flute, which she seems to be doing during pretty much every waking moment (often instead of doing homework or studying for English or history tests)

Dang...I envy people who can play things like flutes. The only goosebumps I can raise with an instrument are the result of producing sounds akin to scraping nails across a blackboard.

And them ain't the good kinda goosebumps.

yeah, i know what ya mean

if only the radio counted as a musical instrument - i can play one a those

I had a midlife crisis and decided to take clarinet lessons. I learned to play Jingle Bells, then stopped and went to law school instead...

one of my few smart decisions....


Do I gotta apologize for not agreeing with you on that?

Or should it be

Must needs I perchance offer...oh, to heck with it.

(Sorry for the delay - on the road with no access to anything but scenery today)

Hey! ASK can speak Elizabethan!!

Who knew?

*grins because of kindness*

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day
Thou art more lovely and more temperate

Sharon, I did that from memory. Is it right?
*waits for grade*

Sharon, forgive my ignorance, but weren't there at least brief periods where the dominant languages were Draconian, Orwellian, Kudzu, Scallion, Curmudgeon, Snafu and Kiltic?

... and LadyJaneGreyian (for 9 days)...

*wallpapers the Kilt in gold stars*

And an extra A+ for El!!

Blue--Kiltic is a very specialized language, spoken today only by an exceptionally brilliant and diverse population of the world. It's pretty much incomprehensible to everyone else.


*sticks an extra gold star on insom's nose*



Just with Kilties.

hello kilties!

It's pretty much incomprehensible to everyone else.

And thank goodness for that, say I. ;)

When I was in law school you could get an extra .15 for something or other (class participation, I think) and in my Crim. Procedure Class I got a 4.0 and the prof gave me the extra .15 - ergo, 4.15 -yay, you'd think, right? Wrong.

Someone higher up than my prof took away the .15 because - something like (still painful), since 4.0 is "perfect" how can you add anything to it??? WTD?

I complained a lot, but to no avail. When I saw the A+ it made me think of that incident. ;)

In my Business Law class the prof gave one A+ to the person with the highest overall score at the end. No one else could get an A+; only an A.

some guys think bookish, brainy chicks with tattoos are hot

just sayin

Posted by: TCK | 02:46 PM on November 11, 2006

Does this mean I'll have to get a tattoo to get a guy?!?


some guys think bookish, brainy chicks without tattoos are hot too

just sayin

*sighs with relief*

Send them my way if you see them. I'll make do with you until then. :-)

*tackles TCK*

you'll make do with me?


i feel so special

Please clean up after all the do-making, would you? A clean Kilt is a happy Kilt.

Thanks, and good night, young Kilties.

Ummmmm....Bumble, what's the ingredient list you'll need for "making do"?

I'll be getting another tattoo soon--a dragon. Who wants to come out here and hold my hand? We can have a Kiltie tattoo party--drinks and snacks at my house!

..........What, no one? You mean to tell me yer all afraid of a little needle?? Sheesh. Well, we can do it on the kilt (yes, I know, I said "do it")--along with thwaps and tight hugs, tattoos don't hurt here.

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