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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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That cold stethoscope always makes 'em jump.

*joins sistah in Bumble-snorkage*

(tee hee...Bumble said "the girls"!!)

BLUE! Get away from my girls with that stethoscope!!

Sheesh. Men.

Girls Gone Wild!

well, it was better than 'go tell it on the mountains"...


Wish I'd stuck around long enough to enjoy (and realize I was part of) a vital sign check simul. Got my statistics homework done though. Now I can start on the calculus pile. Oh joy! *sigh*

*snork* @ insom

{{{all kilties}}}

So apparently my offer of a hug caused everyone to skedaddle again. I know it's been a long day and my deodorant could probably stand to be refreshed, but I don't think I smell that bad.

*shuffles off to statistics class*

I recently received this via email:

nineteen days I am going to keel over from time released poison.

At first I thought I got an email from Alfred, then I realize they were trying to sell me V!agra and were using this snippet to beat the filters. Even if I was inclined, that lead-in would probably scare me away.

After heinzing, I would like to share a story kind of like Bumble's with "the girls".

I can't remember who this happened to, but this person owned a store and had gone on a trip to California. She got back and was proudly wearing a sweatshirt that advertised the Grand Tetons on the front. And from what I hear, they were well represented. When one of her customers pointed out the similarity and hilarity, she had to run home and change. Apparantly the shirt never saw the light of day again.

*is watching election coverage, nervously biting nails and wondering if imminent immigration is in the cards*

Okay, who's got the boooooooooooooze????

Who are you running from, Sharon? *Passes something smooth*

Welcome back, A-Dude!

did somebody say boooooooooooooze????

i got the booooooooze

and i might be convinced to share :)

what would it take to convince ya?


i could tell ya....

but where would be the fun in that?

Is one allowed to drink on Election Day?

is one allowed to drink on election day?

in my expert opinion, if one doesn't ask (not ASK) permission, one can do pretty much whatever the hell one wants to do :)

ok, if you're not talkin...

*flops down on nearest couch, and cracks open a beer, election day or not*

One is encouraged to drink on election day. It helps with the little lever thingies we get to pull.

Speaking of pulling things... hiya thumper! can I play with your lever later?

Well, if you do you'll be sure to get his vote.

Thanks mtb.

I made him speechless. My birthday is now complete.
*slinks back into her shadows*

i'll share with ASK

as for others, who are not willing to even attempt to convince me....

welll, i'll share with them too, especially if they're cajun goddesses, or willin to play with my lever

I am neither, but I bet I could bum a stiff one.

And no, that has nothing to do with pulling levers. NTTAWWT.

*snork* at ado!

and tc, are you talkin about me, darlin?

*bats eyelashes in a sultry manner*

psst...i thought what happened under my bed elsewhere, stayed elsewhere? ;)

oh, damn

TC....pass the boooooooooooooze, please.

Things aren't going my way election-wise here in Missouri.....BIG shocker there, I know.


But HEY...a wolfie sighting always brightens things up!

Adonis - my booze is your booze - just so long as you stay away from my lever

southerngirl - you are the cajun goddess of which i speak - you can share my booze too - and what happens under your bed, stays under your bed, dustbunnies and all

sharon - you can share my booze too - anytime, regardless of the outcome of missouri elections

and last, but certainly not least, a wolfie sighting is indeed an enlightening experience - and wolfie knows my booze is her booze too

it's a boooooze party!


Ahhhhh.....booooooooooze and good friends.

Thanks, guys.


*waits for pictures of the new tattoo*

and ASK, it's the thought that counts, right?

nuh uh.

*nictitates at ASK*

ASK ... sayin' ... " ... a new tattoo ..." implies there are "old" tattoos ...

How many?

Whut type?


OK, dependin on where them tatoos are, some of us dont necessarily want photos

just sayin

*looks up kilt*

*spies tats*

(except the link doesn't really take me anywhere, ASK)

*imagines tats*

*goes to bed smiling*

So ASK, you're packing it in for the evening?

(heh, heh)

*blows goodnight kisses to all and sundry*

*especially sundry*

*falls asleep on the bed o'blissful slumber*

ASK's assigned karaoke song for the evening:

♪ Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lads
A whale of a tale or two
'Bout the flappin' fish and the girls I've loved
On nights like this with the moon above
A whale of a tale and it's all true
I swear by my tattoo… ♫

(Tee hee...neo said "blows")

(Tee hee...ASK is packing!)

Sorry...it's been a long night. Plus there's the booooooooooooze.


Just thought I'd drop in to say that today is National Punster Day. It's also Harvey Wallbanger Day.

Who wants to throw out the first Pun?

Two maggots were fighting in dead Ernest.

I'd guess that Senator Pun was a Republican suffering from electile dysfunction.


If y'all want politicalpunsterizationalnessismocity ...

I recall a (probably aprocryphal) story about how Eleanor Roosevelt was touring a middle-Eastern area, and, being concerned for human rights, took the opportunity to attempt enlightenment upon the Arabian Ruler ...

ER: Your Highness, when was the last time you had an election?

AR: Ah! Just before bleckfast!

Is that apochryphal of change, or are you just happy to see me?

License to pun. Be where?

*dons leather warrior punstress outfit*

*clears throat*


*opens mouth*


......... ...........

Yeah, I got nothin'. But I'll have some hot-cross-puns for breakfast, listen to some pundits, read up on some punning linguists, and practice my punting to prepare for the day.

Since it's been declared oh, pun season and all....

I don't have any either. I'm apunthetic.

Things are gonna get pretty pungent around here, I see.

*zips in*

*feels sad that she's not good at punning*

But I promise to be a GREAT AUDIENCE!

*sits on Couch o' observation and waits*

It's OK, El. We never grade anyone on their punmanship. We just hope that by the end of the day, you won't disappunted.

*appunts Blue Deputy Warrior Punster status*

*then just punts Blue*

What? I'm very opunionated.

El~ You can be responsible for meting out pun-ishment if we're not punny enough. :-)

scroll down to the Vile Puns section...

i was the runner-up.

*Decides to graciously accept status of Deputy without allowing it dampun his enthusiasm*

Thanks, Insom. I was hoping you would repost that. It's an honor to be in such lofty compuny.

I like it Bumble! ;)

Wow...a veritable compundium of linguistic humor!!

insom~ I googled you and found your school's webpage; nice to have a face to put with the screename. :-) I looked at some of your colloquium links. They gave me a headache, but I got one snork out of it: "Students! Remember, only the speaker will understand everything!" I also found it interesting that they serve snacks at all of them. Is that how you get the students to come? Promising them munchies other than these? ;-)

yeah, bumble, i don't really like that line... i try to keep things on a level so that most attendees will understand most, if not all. of it... the snacks are usually cookies and soda... keeps 'em caffeinated and sugarified through the math!

Always a good idea. On both counts.

*fetches soda and cookies from vending machine*

*sits down and eyes calculus homework warily*

Btw, *snork* @ your vile pun. :-)

*applauds all puns, so far*


*feels like she's doing her part*


*places hands on hips*

*attempts to speak sternly*

ASK, what the heck are you doin here? ;D

private msg to Blue...i'm gonna spend the day in new orleans on saturday, and here's where i'm gonna go first. ya want i should bring ya back a present? ;)

ASK's gettin' punchy.

Mayhap even RUM-punchy.

Just be careful...wouldn't want to have to pay punitive damages or anything.

*waves at punctilious, apparently not very punctual sistah and hands her a punnet of strawberries*

Can any of you play the drums?

This day needs a theme song, and 'tis the season (soon) for: "Pa-rum pun pun pun"

HEY, s'girl!

I don't think that Blue is the only Kiltie who likes beignets! ;)

for El.

and ya don't hafta share, unless ya want to, cuz Blue didn't even respond. :)

I've never eaten beignets, but I may have to start. They look exceedingly tasty.

I'm drooling....:)

thx, s'girl!

Serious apologies to my beignet-buddy, S-Girl, for not responding to her most kind and generous offer, and I do appreciate her thinking of me.

I love the beignets, but I especially love the coffee from Cafe DuMonde. Hearty and flavorful. I could drink cup after cup of the stuff.

Have a great day in N.O., and I hope it's not too grim where you're going.

And if you ever go to New Orleans with Blue, make sure you plan for many, many, many pitstops along the way home.

ASK~ Do you swear by your tattoo? :-)

ok, Blue, i'll bring ya back some of this. :)

*prepares for pit stops*

Yer a fine Cajun lass, S-Girl. I am humbly grateful.

*Crosses legs*

(Note to Bumble, please check your email.)

OK - NO Heinzing... no reviews... no recounts... no reminders of political advertising AT ALL... the last three months of my life did not really happen. Anyone who sez differently will have to live with my blood on their hands.

HI KILTIES!!! Sorry I've been gone for so long, but RL dictated I actually pay attention to work for awhile... The bonus will be nice but all in all it was almost enuff to make me swear off voting... it WAS enuff to make me swear a LOT though!!

The Raven returns! (Oops, sorry, poor choice of words there).

Hey, look - the Kilt still fits him. Excellent.

I swore off swearing a few months back, but my swore off done wore off.

*zips in*

*waves hi to Coast*

S'girl has beignets - maybe she'll give you one if you ask nice!

*tackles CR*

Good to see you again! Quoth anything lately?

hiya guys! hey, Coast!

*waves to CR and luvs him a beignet*

Blue, you're welcome. and share with El. :)

also, i see that in spite of the lovely scenery which should be occupying his full attention, ASK still finds time to be a smartASK. ;P

and KDF, you can eye my beignets all ya want to. you can even eat my crawfish. ;)

oh, and Bumble...Quoth anything lately?


What's mine is El's, any time, any place. We share anything and everything - coffee, beignets, fungi, .....

You and El share a fun guy? Meanie, anything you want to tell us?

There is a fungus amongus.

To be honest my bathroom is getting retiled for that very reason.

Anything I may have quoth in the last few months is pro'lly not for sensitive ears, and certainly cant be used against me in court.


Glad you're back.

Alfred~ You should get decorative tiles with little violets on them. I've got those spaced out in my shower with regular cream colored ones. Quite pretty. Which I'm sure is the look you're going for. ;-)

i read that as "my bathroom is being retitled..."

how about 'poopatorium'?

Alfred - and I'm sure Bumble sells them at Bath an Body Works! ;)

Nah. We sell a lot of junk, but no bathroom tiles. Yet.

I've spaced out in the shower before... not Bumbles shower, but in A shower.


*tackles Coast*

*smooches Coast*

I am SO very glad to see you back here. You were very sorely missed.

ASK--tell the...er...scenery "HI" for me.


sharon, as it happens, i just spoke to the scenery.

huh. who knew scenery could talk? ;)

*wonders what "scenery" just became a euphemism for*

What's between common to El and myself, stays that way.

*Waves to the scenery*



The phrase, "Taking the scenic route" will never be the same for me again.


sorry, but scenery...as a euphemism...

omg, *snork*

sharon - likewise. :)

hmmmmm - tempted to Heinz, but nothing exists before Nov 7th so it would be pointless

*waves hi to scenery*

*wonders how the "weather" is*

Did everyone take the scenic route???

Ummmm......okay, that was NOT a euphemism for anything...

*zips in*

Well, I took the scenic route to the Starbucks but the only thing I saw was a cop with a radar gun - eeekkkk! Fortunately I hadn't built up any speed yet. And this was on a narrow winding 2 lane road!

With whipped cream??

*nictitates and grins*

Hi, CR ... good to see ya ... gotta run ... goin' huntin' ... talk @y'all & the rest of the bloglits in a day or six ... dependin' on success and/or whether the motel has highspeed ...

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