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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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The spirit moves me!


And it moves me again!

Thatsh a HECK uffa schpirit!!

And my favorite one-syllable German word is: Quatsch (nonsense). It's so expressive. Not only is what they're telling you nonsense, the word makes it sound like you're squashing it because of how nonsensical it is. :-)

sharon~ What kind of spirit have you got going on over there?

Dunno...just been doing laps in the margarita pool is all....


......what, you thought I was swimming?? Ew. That's downright unhygienic.

guten Morgen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wo ist der Kaffee?

*removes personalized straw from margarita pool, relocates it to coffee cup*

G'morning, friends. Went to Club Passim in Harvard Square last night and watched Peter Mulvey perform his masterful guitar magic. It's just not right for one person to have so much talent.

Blue, he's in Jersey City on 11/10. Go see him if you can -- you won't regret it. You and the Mrs. will love him, and maybe you'll get the chance to ask him -- I didn't because he had a second show to prep for and I didn't get to him in time :( -- about his high school memories of Professor Share Alike!

Private Message to Jeff and Eleanor: I finally caught up. El, no need for more Xanax, I promise. :)

margaritas and xanax?

*plops on nearest couch*

*cranks up the radio*

i'm in!

*zips in*

*clangs bell*

Breakfast is now being served out by the pool!

Additional beverages will also be served.

Sorry he's not hunky, but all the hunky waiters are still sleeping or hung over, or hung....*giggles*

there's hungover and then there's hung over.

Boy, you can say that again! *snork*

Guten Morgen, alle.

Bumble, I hate to tell you this, but the "go swimming" word you're looking for is "baden", but that means that one of your other words is not correct, or, to put it another way, "quatsch!"

El, it can't be said enough

Ah. 10 down, "one (pronoun)" should have been "man" and I had "ein." With that changed, baden fits. Danke!

*sigh*....I had such a crush on Pete in high school. He was sensitive, poetic, talented, adorable, funny...all the good stuff. Glad it was a good show, sistah!

Brrrrr...cold today. Imma gonna go get a warm, fluffy blanket and curl up on the loveseat with a book. And maybe revisit the margarita pool later.


You're right, sly! ;)

*says it again*

*hears echo*

Was it something I said?

Not a conversation I feel completely informed about to join in on.

Blue - what was that, sir?


Hey, what for do you bother me this with?

AAACKKKK! The bird flu! It is upon us!

*fans Blue*

I always knew Blue had fans.

And...it's my day off, so I'm gonna just ignore all those, um, imaginative grammatical constructions there. Pass the mojitos, please.

*Stirs one up for the most kind Professah*

enough for everyone!

it's always about the professor...nobody ever thinks about me...

*slinks off to the couch o' invisibility™*

Wow, thassa lotta mojitos!

*SNORKS* @ southerngirl*

you're so right about the not being able to keep a straight face thing... sorry, southernsistah :)

Wow, thassa lotta mojitos!

that's cuz they're 2 fer 1. ;)

*zips in*

Chargers won!!!!

*sits down on couch o' victory!

how the hell would mary ann know? she's over there on the couch!

I'd toss Mary Ann a coconut bra if I thought it would brighten her mood, but I'm sure she already has one.

Mary Ann died of jealousy because Ginger was always able to stay dressed in a glamorous gown despite being marooned on a tropical island for 3 years, and she (Mary Ann) had only cutoff shorts.

There's nothing you could have done for her.

*observes a moment of silence*

ginger was hot, but mary ann was hotter.

but my lovie was hottest of all.

what a buncha maroons!!!


Indeed, let's differentiate between the Professor and the Professah! I really wouldn't want you to confuse the two of us.

*sits with El on the Couch 'o Victory*

Just cuz.

The Skipper was my one true love.

ohmigod, I've been waiting years to say that!

hey sharon, scooch over...the saints won today, too!

and um, gilligan? TMI, sweetheart, TMI...

Ain't namin' no names, but someone needs to put the sammich down and get a-moderatin'. Just sayin'.


Dayum, Blue....so demanding! Besides...as much as we love and adore you, that sammich sounds WAY too good to just put down.

*nictitates @ Blue*

Hey! I was hungry.

Sweet sistah sammich simul!


A sammich simul? Very nice timing.

I miss sammiches.

NEO!!!! Sit down, sweetie, we'll make ya a nice snack.

simul sistah sammiches?



psst! KDF types in her sleep! Who's gonna break it to her?

Shhhhhhh....sistah's sleeping!


I've always wanted to know how you sistah's got around. Especially when you're bombed.


Never thought of us "sistahs" in that context, but the mental image of this group o' women wearing habits... is... just...



damn, I type in my sleep? what'd I say??

Your "har!" is very, very much in line with my thoughts about you sistahs. The habits to be found in this group do not lend themselves to any known Order.

More like "dis"order?

*apologizes for remarks -- reminds kilties that the post-surgical drugs are still doiiinnnnn a fiiinnneeee job ... begs forgiveness ... whut ever ...*

The Sistahs of the Divine Entropy, devoted to healing the spirit through pursuit of snorking, mojitos, margaritas, and chocolate, and to the earthly practice of transcendant couch and hammock worship.


That explains a whole bunch of stuff ... tnx, Blue ...

KDF~ Something about being asleep. :-)

*SNORK* at sistahs in habits!

we've got lots of interesting, um, habits...but i'm afraid that kind is nowhere to be found. i think they went the way of bumble's halo. :)

I think I know which habits Sistah S-Girl is reefering to.

Amen, Brother Blue. Amen.

hey! i resemble that remark!


*goes back to studying imperatives, flavoring particles, modal verbs and separable-prefix verbs*

My favorite particle flavoring is lemon.

Just saying.

Sharon glaubst Zitrone ist ja super!

*zips in*

Good morning Kilties!

I'm in an excellent mood (so far) today, because not only did the Chargers win yesterday, but in the Fantasy Football League I'm in, I got the HIGHEST SCORE of anyone this week!

*sits down on the Couch o' Multiples*


*multiplies couches*

.....Couch 'o Multiples......

My favorite couch!!


Scores, fantasies, multiples. I suspect neither El nor Sharon were talking football here.

*Tackles couch occupants*

Offensive holding!

Penalty: no beer. :)

*Dumps G@torade bucket over ref*

Bwaha! I believe I aced my German test today. I have duly rewarded myself with chicken lo mein, crab rangoon, and a small frozen custard.

For those of us keeping track (me) this means that my most recent test grades in each class have been as follows: A+ in Calc, A- in Stat and MIS, and if I'm right, A+ in German. This means I get to buy a new DVD as soon as Frau Egel grades the tests and makes it official. Yaaay!

Sorry to go all TCK the IBM on you here, but in case you couldn't tell, I'm very pleased with myself. :-)

*peruses amazon wishlist greedily*

I may even order this. I hear it's good. :-)

Random thought/comment of the day: [YELLOW FOR CAUTION] Bumper testicles are the tackiest and most crass things ever invented. Every time I see them, I want to yank them off whatever vehicle they're dangling from and whack the driver over the head with them.

...and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what a straight A student thinks about. :-)

ok, so i peek in here, and i find that KDF has banned the beer (oh, the humanity) and bumble wants to whack people with testicles.


just another day on the kilt...

Yay for Bumble and good grades. :)

DVD players are really inexpensive these days. I think I paid $40 for mine about 6 months ago.

s-girl~ Not people in general, just people who are gross enough to buy them and hang them off their bumpers. I really hate getting behind those vehicles and having those hideous things swaying before my eyes while I wait for the light to change.

I've never seen them. And I hope I never do.

I'll ask CG about them. I've never even heard of this before...
*puzzled look*

sg, no worries. The penalty is over and done with, and it's beer-thirty. ;)

*covers Bumble in gold stars*

VERY cool, little sistah.

*distributes contraband beer*

....it tastes better this way anyway, dontcha think s-girl??

El, I've just started seeing them around here. To me they say, "Hey, looky here, I'm stoopid!"

... um ... Bumble ... Please (PLEASE) don't take this personally, but I've got a minor problem with some links here on the kilt, and ... if memory serves (why should it, it never has before ...) several/many/most are your links ...

Whut happens is, I click the link, then when I click return (to the blog) it does NOT return me to the spot where I wuz, but merely to the top of the thread ...

I'm thinkin' it's gotta be the IBM ... merely ... puzzled ... (and minorly inconvenienced, but don't worry about it ...)

BTW, OTOH and WOWSER! -- Just got my "COMPLETE MONTY PYTHON" in today's mail ... now, to figger out how to get the time to even open them, let alone watch NE of them ...

i've never seen those things either. i'm glad. :)

sharon - yes.

*grabs a contraband beer, and takes a chug*

and O. the U, that's been happening to me, too, but not just with bumble's links...with all of them. :(

O. the U~ Yeah, what southerngirl said. It's happening to me too, with all the links. It seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon, but I have no knowledge of what precipitated it.

El & s-girl~ Be grateful you've never seen them. They are the most awful automobile accoutrements I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes upon. I first saw them while driving with my sister in Illinois. They caught my eye, but at first I couldn't figure out what they were; I thought they were some strange part of the car. After further inspection, I pointed to them and said, "Is that..." My sister, in a tone dripping with disgust, replied "Yes." Nothing more was said about it. I've seen them a couple of times since, and once today, which is why I happened to bring it up. I am now aware that they come in at least three colors: black, silver, and flesh. I so wish I wasn't aware of that fact.

I am well. I am writing this from my college so no big remarks.
Booger fart booger = would this make a new system of communication?
The new house is great. my roomates are also two of my best friends. So we jsut hang out and play videogames. I am all moved in now. My computer was the last to be set up. It is a glory to behold. i should make a game about a robotic cow and let them play it.

Well I hope that soon you will have better messsages from me.

PS. The new neighborhood is really tough. My roomate spent a good 2 hours dodgint these guys trying to kill him. he is very thankful for games of Rambo now.

I hereby apologize to Bumble and sg and all the rest of humanity for the ignorant and blatant lack of taste or good sense flaunted by persons (?) who seem to think that a displaying a represention of maleness on a motor vehicle is humorous, cute or witty ...

And I mean that sincerely ... we should keep that sort of thing here on the blog, where it belongs ...

(Sorry, couldn't resist that last part ...)

And ... the other dealie I get with quite a few links is that it kicks back to somewhere just above/prior to where the link was ... and the thread ends there ... so ... gotta go back out and start all over with the thread, from the beginning ...

(Neither of these is all the time ... merely enuf to be annoying ...)

OtheU~ Unless you have them (on your car), you're not required to apologize. You have no influence on the imbeciles who do that sort of thing. I'm sure none of your former students have any (on their cars). :-)

Trick or treat!

Awww shoot, that was last week, wasn't it?


OK, Bumble, I'm smilin' and chucklin' (at your perceptiveness and understainding nature) ... HOWever, there wuz one (former student -- altho "student" is somewhut of a misnomer ... merely sayin' ...) who wuz quite a "social misfit" ... last I ever heard of him, he'd just been released from the state penal system (for the second time) ... now, him ... he might be one who'd do this ... tho ... I'm sorry, hate to say it, but ... I don't think he had the mental potential to see the "joke" (if such "joke" exists) of the whole concept of this ... um ... ... stupidity ...

Merely sayin' this part to indicate the whole "Oh, the Humanity" nature of the real world ... there's some perty dumb ones out there, and even (especially) moi ownself has hadda deal with 'em ...

Tnx for havin' a rational perspective on life ...

do I get to choose?

Sorry I missed you all tonight - catch ya next time.

d@mn - I missed a Mary Ann v. Ginger conversation?

Have I ever mentioned having an affinity for rum?


Well, consider it mentioned.

I have a few other affinities, but I think you know about all of those.

Well, goodnight, Uncle.

OtheU~ You win some, you lose some. I sat in many a class alongside morons and/or jerks who were beyond the realm of reason and influence. I'm sure you were an excellent teacher, regardless of what a handful of your students may or may not have turned out to be.

Besides, for every hard case pain-in-the-butt kid you had passing through your classroom doors, there had to be at least one or two gems (like me!) who made it all worthwhile, yes?

*smiles a sunny smile*

*hugs all kilties*

*climbs into bed*

*sadly sets alarm*

If wishes were hours, I could sleep in tomorrow.



Ooh! Speaking of teachers, simul with ASK!

I don't know about you, but I learned a few things. ;-)

Oh, yes, Bumble ... many gems became part of my life forevermore ... once they were in my class (swimming, English, Psych, US History, Theatre Production, Drama, Speech ... whut ever ...) they're mine ... an integral part of the weave of the Kilt of Life fer moi ownself ... even George, mentioned above ... the "handful" you suggest included an actual number of about ... three ... in an approximate overall total of somethin' like 28 years of some variety of attemptin' to teach somethin' to somebuddy's kids ...

Tnx fer bein' one of them whut coulda been one of them, Bumble ...

and ...

ASK - sorry about the failure to acknowledge last nite ... really tired, and barely staggered off to bed about the time y'all wuz postin' ... (still gettin' ready for huntin' season, dental appointment AND election day today, Notary Sojac task tomorrow (Wednesday) and target practice with the bow & arrows and sort and pack and cook and take meds [NOTE: Good stuff almost gone ... only antibiotics remain, after today's noon dosage of happy pill.] and ... put air in tires, gas up ... OH! And werk three more days, somewhere in there ... all by 1600 hours -- 4 p.m. MDT -- on Thursday ...)



My bad.

Good morning, all.

Alfred, congratulations on the new home and new setup. Welcome back. Keep your eyes open and wear your camoflauge.

*Does a U-ectomy on the above*

Nothing since 9:52? It's been nearly four hours! Where are all the snork-tastic comments? I need some laughs, people! Okay, I'll get the ball rolling. It may not roll far (this isn't that funny) so somebody'll have to give it a kick for me.

We got in new red aprons at work to wear during the holidays. They say different things on the front: "Fa-la-la-la-spa," "Happy Spalidays," etc. The one getting the biggest laughs says, "Joy to the girls," because when the aprons are worn, the text falls right across... the girls. :-)

*Checks in for vital signs*

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