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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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*Begins scraping peeling paint, hardened pudding, jell-0, boogers, and other materials of dubious origin*

*Covers couches*

Oops! Sorry, El.

Kiltie renovation!! Cool!

I want a hot tub, and a steam room, and a massage table, and marble tile in the Kiltie kitchen, and hardwood floors, and big bay windows, and a bigger bar, and a pool table, and an archery range, and one pool filled with mojitos and another filled with margaritas, and.....

*Moves couches to center of Kilt*
*Begins paging through glossy magazines found beneath the couch most often used by TCK*
*Wonders how they did that without hurting themselves, and if PETA is aware of it*

*coats kiltie table with batting and terry cloth*

*grabs massage oil*

Who's first?


*donates air hockey table*

Okay, I don't know what Dr. Kim did to fix our test grades, but I'm sure not going to complain about it. The test was supposed to be out of 19 points total, but when grades were posted, it was only out of 15, and I had 13.5. The only thing I can think is that she must have stricken the last two problems completely. They were worth two points each, and they were the ones I totally bombed. If they had been included, I would've had and automatic C, and that's assuming I got everything else totally right, which I know I didn't. God bless teachers who don't want to see all their students fail their first year of teaching. Cheers!

...make that an automatic C.

*does happy dance around the kilt*

*settles down*

*pats surface of kilt massage table*

Isn't anyone going to take me up on my offer? I'm told I have great hands. ;-)

oooh...a massage...

bumble, as long as ya don't use pumkin scented oil, i'll take ya up on your offer. ;)

*donates fooshball table*

s-girl, read my link.

I wouldn't do that to you. :-)

OK, game about YOU on my blog. Victims Volunteers?

bumble - i did. which is why i agreed. :)

*clicks link to KDF's blog*

*glances at picture on upper left of screen*

KDF is so gorgeous. It's not fair to the rest of us. :-)

Aw, thank you, Bumble!

Guess what my daughter said to me recently while she was getting ready for school? I was wearing sweats and an old t-shirt, and the anti-frizz products had worn off sometime around 3 AM, and I hadn't had any coffee yet. Abby looked at me and said "Mom, no offense, but you don't look so good without makeup."


Hope she never sees me. I only wear makeup when I'm obliged to be somebody's maid of honor.

Well, I did wear it when I blind dated and double dated at my best friend's junior prom, but it turned out not to be worth the effort.

...and I want a tennis court, and a pony, and jungle-gym, and garden, and a big cedar to rest and read beneath, and a huge fireplace, and oak accents on the walls and doors, and a closet FULL of boots, and a never-ending supply of anti-frizz serum, and a super-fast computer that can always access the Kilt no matter what, and my very own tattoo artist, and......

Me too me too me too me too me toooooooo!!!

That whole makeup thing got me all nostalgic. I posted a couple of pics from that awful prom on the Y for kicks. I should've put them in the Halloween folder; that was a freaky night. Feel free to point and laugh at the bows on my dress. :-)

i don't own makeup. it ain't worth the time and hassle, imo.

but i want all that stuff that sharon and kay want, too!

...and a coffee maker that serves only insanely strong and fresh coffee (none of that stale stuff like at the gas station, blech), and a permanently installed Twister® board, and cold beverage fountains, and cheeeeeese, and a waterpark, and a portable whipped cream dispenser, and cards to clip on the wheels of our bikes so they sound like motorcycles, and blue rubber bands, and really rockin' speakers for the stereo, and a karaoke machine, and a swing that fits all of us...

Let's see. We're at $842,768.05 so far. I'll throw in the entire $.05.


pssst, Blue, it's the Kilt -- it's free! better get your requests in before we use up all the closet space

psst, KDF, it's the Kilt -- he can build a new closet. :-)

*wakes up to find herself under a large tarp*

*looks around*

*finds a possible suspect* Hmmmph!

I speed heinzed halfway up, so I just want to add ME TOO! to everything all the other posse members want, and
Great name, s'girl. :)

Yipes, thank you, El!

Happy Birthday to Carly! who is lucky to have such an awesome mama. :)

whispers: is it OK if I hide out over here for a while? I think I'm PNG elsewhere.

El, you need me to rough someone up?

Just stumbling through to report that the margarita pool is empty.

And that KDF is gorgeous even without makeup.

...and a big comfy couch, and lotsa kitties, and shelves and shelves of good books, and baked apples with raisins and cranberries, and never-ending jello shots, and hot and cold running airplane tickets to all the Kiltie cities, and lotsa hugs and smooches, and a '69 Charger musclecar, and a chandelier to swing from, and....

.....okay, I'll stop now. But it would be cool, no?

Happy b-day Carly!!

{{EL!}} Posse at your back, as always.

Oh, and KDF, about your little blog game responses....?


....and *sniff*

Love you.

still whispering, just in case. Thanks Kathy, but I think it's all under control. Sharon too.


*gets back under tarp*


*refills margarita pool*

*removes makeup*

All that remodeled kilt stuff would indeed be grrrrrreeeeaaaaatt, but all I really need is you people.

And coffee. And, OK, kiltaritas and the pudding pit and plane tickets and whipped cream and jello. And a hot tub.

*climbs under tarp, too*

Augh! The dreaded three-hour comment gap! Get out from under that tarp and start being pervy, people!

Oh wait. Maybe that's what you're doing under there.

*decides not to look*

*Downloads video memory contents from tarpcam*

As you were.

What, no robotic cows in the renovated Kilt? I am quite surprised.

As I was?

*resumes the position*

...of being snuggled in bed watching TV! Sheesh.

Ahem. Attention, blog game moderator. I know it's unlike any of us, but a bit of moderation is needed. Thank you.


Fell asleep during the chick flick.

And I am too wearing pants, Sharon! Pantless movies are next Friday.

*presses post at 11:50 PM -- who knows where this will land*

*comments at 12:00 to see where and when it will land*

Hrm. sharon, get out of there.

Blue, you too.

I do believe the blog game moderator is guzzling wine (SHE said "sip" but, well, we know better, don't we?) and watching a sap...er, I mean a chick-flick tonight. But, if it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure that she's not wearing any pants this fine Friday night.

Well, I'm sure she's guzzling in moderation. I shall refrain from any indiscrete remarks about her watching chick flicks without any pants on (the moderator, not the flicks or the chicks)

BTW, according to my computer, you're time warping again, Sharon.

That's so weeeeeeeeeeird!

(pushes "post" at 12:25 blog time)

FIRST!!! on Saturday (real) morning!!

Why don't we all meet here for breakfast? You'll be able to recognize me because I'll be wearing this!


waffles sound good

do ya spose i can get a screwdriver to go with em tho?

and El - nice coat - did ya kill it yerself?

Hmmmmm. I kind of like this random order posting deal. Seems very kiltonian somehow.

And yes to waffles! (No to pants).

*slips out of jeans*

wait...we are wearing pants today?

*slips back into jeans*

make up your minds, people!

Toto, I'm a city girl/Jewish princess. :)

We let the gentiles do the killing and then we buy at the wholesale furrier! :-)

You like the coat, yes?

yes, very nice - looks warm

oh, and southerngirl - don't put the jeans back on on our account - it's a free kilt - if you wanna be pantsless, we don't mind at all - really, we don't :)

Someone said there are waffles?

*slips back out of jeans*

*feels lots more comfortable*

is it too early for a mojito?

of course not, s'girl, it's Saturday!

We have screwdrivers, bloody mary's and mojitos available. Anc champagne for the sophisticated Kilties!

there are sophisticated kilties?

Someone call me?

*Typing with extended pinkie*

(That's my smallest finger, for you ruffians)

who you callin a ruffian?

typing with extended pinkie?


glad you clarified the whole smallest finger thing blue - no tellin where that woulda gone had you not

Oh, there was plenty of tellin' where it would have gone had I not clarified.

TC, he was probly hopin it would...and ya ruined it for him. ;)

also, ya also almost landed on me there.


Meanie the Blueblood?


*dramatically enters in flowing caftan*

Dahlings! May I have a mimosa, please. The bloody mary's seem to have a tinge of blue today.

If I were not of such noble character, I might have observed a hint of sarcasm in Lady Southerngirl's last remark.

For the Slyeyed Lady.

Take 2 because I have IE7 and I don't know how to use it and closed this out before pushing post.

*zips in*

I said something else but now I can't remember. *sigh*

Even the font is different. You all look like strangers....

Blue - sarcasm? moi?!?

as. if.

psssst - El - we are stranger - stranger than most, anyways

dang! this close again!

no! waffles are murder!

*throws syrup on kilties*

Toto, stranger like this? (She's the leader of the posse, BTW)(small warning)
what your mother taught you?

*saunters in*

What....? You never heard of a sophisticated badass before??

*is hit with faceful of syrup*

*licks lips*

Mmmmmmmm....yummy! I think I'll go slaughter me a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

El - my mom taught me to stay away from gals like you

she's since given up on me, of course

but i thought you were the leader of the posse?

gee, Toto I don't understand the question...

2+2 = ???

Off-topic for a moment:

Sharon, you teach, English Lit, right? Do you teach graduate-level classes?

OK, back on topic, which, from El's last post, is remedial math.


OK, i dont do math - not even remedial math

i've got a calculator for that, and if i cant figger it out, i've got a secretary to explain it to me

if she cant explain it to me (which happens, a lot, and it's nowhere near her fault), she just does it for me, with an *eyeroll*, and maybe a *hairflip* (she thinks i dont see it)

i don't do english lit either, but if i ever need to, you know i'll be askin my secretary to be explainin it to me


Yes and from time to time. I mostly teach undergraduates, but I HAVE taught classes with graduate students in them. But I don't teach graduate seminars.

Whyfor you ask?

So ..... NEbuddy doin' medium-good drugs today?

I had oral surgery about two hours ago ... went with the general anesthesia, and it's still impedin' my steady and "normal" capability to function ...

the thot processes there ownselfs are also wobbly ... among other things, this means that I, too, am wonderin' why sly wants to know if ssa teaches grad students ... but in another 15 seconds or so ... my interests may change ...

Icebag attached to jaw, insecure seating and/or movement, lack of thots that stay on one subject for more than a few seconds ... these drugs are doin' a perty fair job ...

Problem is ... droolage on the front of my clothes and person ... clear liquids only for "diet" ... at least until the dope wears off ... and hunger/thirst ... NPO since mindnite and actually din't start with much pokin' and problin' until about 11:45 a.m. local time ... HONGRY & TURSTY! ... chicken broth, ginger ale, & wonderin' when I can start thinkin' about solid food ...

Tnx for bein' here guys ... helps me keep an anchor of perspective in my time of drug and pain-induced euphoriaisticismness ...

hey O, pass some of that good stuff around, will ya?

and even tho ya can't have solid foods, at least ya can still have beer!

merely sayin...

*changes name*

Sharon, CYE

OK, I got a pony here for a Professah .... Sharlik? Where d'ya wannim?

Hmmm ... fell asleep (in the computer chair) while enjoyin' them medications ... a little chicken broth and ginger ale ... time to go look fer beer ...

Sorry lady sg -- I'm keepin' this stuff fer moi ownself ...

Becides which already ... it's mostly gone, now ... mere traces of inanity and/or stupidity that are not attributable to normal consciousness status of brain area fer this zip code ...

When I get to the Vicodin, tho ... I'll letcha know ... might be able to share a bit of that ...

Woo HOOOOOOO! I got a pony AND an email!

*sniff*...I feel so....so loved...

That's 'cause you are.


*loud POPing sound as wise-assiness explodes under the force of genuine sentiment*

........*smooch*.....Thank you, Bumble.

.....poping sound???




A poping sound would be

in nome del padre il figlio e lo spirito santo

actually, these days, it might be more

im Namen des Vaters der Sohn und der heilige Geist

hmmmm...except for a strange poping sound, the kilt seems to be awfully quiet tonite.

It's just that it's a night for solemn reflection and spirituality.

*Dashes off to find some spirits*

*reflects solemnly on a German crossword puzzle*

I didn't realize that a crossword puzzle was possible in a language with words that are thirteen syllables, minimum.

It's a full page in the newspaper, Blue! ;)

German one syllable words:

Sie, mit, dass, denn, weil, wer, wo, was, aus, bei, nach, noch, zeit, von, zu, durch, Tür, Bild, nein, eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, acht, neun, um, auf, vor, Eis, Hund, Bank, Geld, Huhn, Post, Hemd, usw...

Need I go on? I've got lots of homework to do, und Ich bin müde. :-)

No thank you Bumble. We can find all the 13 syllable ones by ourselves. :-)

You just go back to studying, sweetie.

Hilf mir, Blau!

15 across: To go swimming. bi_en.



All done with the puzzle except for 15 across; that's the only one I couldn't get. To go swimming ought to be "schwimmen gehen," but the space forms "bi_en," and I know my other words are right. Humph.

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